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*Jewish, and Christian, women could cover up. Except for a very, very, very, very few, they will not cover up.

*E. Green was fired from New York State service for allegedly saying three words not said. The three alleged words were: "Faggot," "Fag," and "Abortionist." This firee still wonders what was so funny about such false accusations which caused the two Civil Service Employee Association (CSEA) representatives to laugh so much.

*Mr Stephen A Crain, CSEA Local 1000 Deputy Counsel, False Accuser, Reputation Thief, stated in 2008 CE, a claim of E Green's case having "no merit." All CSEA members beware: CSEA cares for CSEA / AFSCME cares for AFSCME. Forced to pay dues for years and years, then, theft of services when help is not provided. All CSEA/AFSCME government workers have my deepest sympathies. This accusee maintains a continuing open ongoing request to CSEA to fulfill its duties to provide assistance.

07 29 2008 CE (Posted 10 17 2008 CE)

*In this opinion, the Unity.org President, (member organizations' Presidents, Presidentresses and Miss/Mrs. Michaela Saunders, Guest Columnistress), are vile racist against the Poynter Institute's Mr. Romenesko's, Journalist, and their headline editor, and the Tribune Companies, and their Mr. Timothy Knight, Publisher of Newsday, and Newsday's Mr. Dennis Grabhorn's, President, (Local 406 of the Graphic Communications Conference/International Brotherhood of Teamsters) because of Unity.org's, and Unity. Org's Miss/Mrs. Michaela Saunders, Guest Columnistress, racist comment about Mr. Dennis Grabhorn's allegedly white racist comment, about and allegedly against Native Americans.

((Officials, and groups, alleging:

Miss/Mrs. Karen Lincoln Michel, Unity: Journalists Of Color, Inc., unityjournalists.org, Presidentress
Miss/Mrs. Onica N. Makwakwa, Unity: Journalists Of Color, Inc., unityjournalists.org, Executive Directoress
Miss/Mrs. Jeanne Mariani-Belding, Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA), aaja.org, Presidentress
Miss/Mrs. Barbara Ciara, National Association Of Black Journalists, (NABJ), nabj.org, Presidentress
Mr. Rafael Olmeda, National Association Of Hispanic Journalists, (NAHJ), nahj.org, President
Miss/Mrs. Cristina Azocar, Native American Journalists Association, (NAJA), naja.org, Presidentress

Miss/Mrs. Michaela Saunders, Unity: Journalists Of Color, Inc., unityjournalists.org, Special Unity Column, 03 22 2008 CE, "So Many Newsgatherers Not Enough News Judgement"; (Education Reporteress, Omaha World-Herald Education Reporteress, Omaha World-Herald, self-described as Eastern Cherokee, Ottawa and British-American.) ))

Previous and prior to the 1960's one could hear the expression, "Too many chiefs, not enough 'Injuns.'" Some Native Americans complained about such throughout the 60's and 70's. Thus, the (allegedly) racist word "Injun" was to be cleared out, and upgraded, to the word "Indian." (Some began to use the words, "Native American.") The accusations make no sense because the (allegedly) racist word was not used, having already been cleansed out.

(Posted) 11 05 2008 CE (I do not tell people who to vote for.) I do suggest people vote. I do state an issue. If one votes for someone who is pro-abortion-child-murder, then one will be sent to Hell with him. (For some Catholics, if spared from Hell and judged to Purgatory, be prepared for a standard number of years, which for some, would be additional years added to the sentence.) Good luck.

March 17 2009 CE
Watch Out For:

*As in "We are only paying you back for millions of years of oppression." How Femi-nazis, never consider thousands of (creationist) years of loving (as fathers, brothers, uncles, and cousins), and never consider thousands of (creationist) years of defending and, in many cases, dying for, such mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, nieces, cousins, wives, fiances, and girlfriends. Then, these bigoted, haters of men, accuse this writer, (in writing, in state hearings), of hatred of women/misogyny. These are the second definition of the five letter "b" word, which is, "mean woman."

As proven by history,

As proven by history,

As proven by Leftist-Sociali-commies,

As proven by Rightist-Sociali-nazis and demagogues,

As proven by demagogues,

As there is no proof of any such event as "Inter-Species-Evolution,"
Evoluti-nazis. (There is only proof of creationist, Intra-Species "evolution"/change.)

As proven by the claim to be so caring Liberals,

As in Frontal-Lobotomy,


Now let the "socialist liberals" claim, to this writer, how "nice" they claim to be, as this writer proves their bigotry, their cruelty, their depravity, their horrible-ness, their extreme hypocrisy, their lowlife-ness and their misogyny/self-hatred. This writer knows, such claim only they have rights, as they grant no rights to others.

This writer has a surprise for such. It called this writer's Right to Free Speech, and this writer's, (for today's using the phrase) Judeo-Christian Right to Religion.

(For example, because the Feminist Devil Secretary, at the New York State agency this writer is no longer employed at, can forcibly edit this writer's correct, "Miss/Mrs." to the hateful-of-men term, "Ms." The Feminist Devils always presume criticism of Feminist Devils is alleged hatred of all, repeat "all," women. The Feminist Devils always presume and claim to speak for all feminists, repeat "all," feminists, therefore also implying they speak for all women. About thirty percent of women are smart enough not to be Feminist Devils. Same for the male Feminist Devils. This writer does and will discriminate against hateful Feminists, which the Feminist devils will hatefully claim is hatred of all, repeat, "all" women.)

(Other examples are for another article. The list is long, very long, because everything Feminist is a Big Lie. As a liberal once claimed this writer was "stupid," this writer states everything, repeat "everything" Feminist is stupid.)

Everett Green Sinner Orthodox Former-Feminist

(Mr Rush Limbaugh, Radio Talk Show Host, claims to be the inventor of the phrase "Femi-nazi.")

(Mr Michael Savage, Radio Talk Show Host, claims to be the inventor of the phrase "Homo-nazi." This writer is sorry about informing Mr Savage, this writer was using the phrase previous to Mr Savage's 2008 CE radio broadcast.)

This writer, (except for the phrase "Femi-nazi"), claims to be the inventor of the other above listed phrases.

Please remember, this writer, except in a report-title printed in upper-case, only uses a capital, upper-case "N" when referring to actual Rightist-Socialist, a.k.a. National Socialist Workers Party, and certain neo-nazis, who list themselves as members of a group self-entitled as, and using the word "Nazi" with a capital, uppercase "N."

For all others, this writer, except in a report-title printed in upper-case, uses only the not-capitalized, lower-case "n." As the above listed are not, repeat "not," necessarily official Nazis, but rather nazi-like, as in similar to nazis.

Brought To You By: Everett Green .Sinner .Orthodox .Former-Feminist

Copyright 2009 CE

1-12 Posted 04 09 2009 CE
November 20 2008 CE


Terrence McNally wrote the play, "Corpus Christi," portraying the Jesus character as a homosexual having been crucified as "King Of The Queers." Terrance McNally portrays the Virgin Mother Mary character as an insatiable sexual maniac. The theatre company which produced the play was supported by grants from the U.S. federal agency, the National Endowment For The Arts (NEA). Beware of the play's 2008 CE so-called "'Revival Tour.'"

Terrence McNally, if still a homosexual, needs to seek the assistance of the Parents and Friends of Ex-Homosexuals (pfox.org). (When the former homosexuals, former sodomites, speak at college campuses, the homosexuals throw tomatoes at the former homosexuals.)

04 07 2009 CE

Update: 10 03 2010 CE: Information in regards to Pizza is now deleted.  

04 07 2009 CE

Update: 10 03 2010 CE: Information in regards to Fried Chicken is now deleted.
03 23 2009 CE

*This writer writes this account: A woman, who claimed to be, Jewish and Roman Catholic, repeatedly spoke as a pro-abortion-child-murder (feminist) and as a pro-homosexualism (pro-butch-woman and pro-effeminate-man). After hearing repeated quoted Scripture, she shouted, "Take your Bible and go to Hell with it."

03 23 2009 CE

*This writer coins the word: Marxi-dent.

(A "Marxi-dent" is not, repeat "not," a type of toothpaste.) Beware of Marxi-dents.

Also coined: Marxi-senator, Marxi-represenitive, Marxi-govenor, Marxi-supervisor and Marxi-mayor.

This writer also coins the word: As history proves, Pacifi-nazi.

O3 23 2009 CE

*This writer invents this phrase: (As previously posted on a paper newspaper's internet web site): In case of seeing the (paganism) bumper sticker, "Love animals: Don't eat them." Please consider, (considering Jewish Law (a.k.a. kosher), and (also considering avoiding certain red meats high in cholesterol), "Love plants: Don't eat them."

03 28 2009 CE

*This writer invents this translation: All feminism translates into two words: "Bow Down." One knows who they are. One knows how they are.

The best reactions are to say any of the following, "Wife," "Mother," "Housewife," "Stay At Home Mom," "Miss, Mrs, or Miss/Mrs," "Home-school," "No," "Judeo-Christian Rights," and "Men's Rights."

April 05 2009 CE

*CSEA = bad.

NYS Affirmation Action = bad.

NYS Office of Employee Relations (OER) = bad.

NYS Office Of Courts Administration (OCA) = bad.

Maybe, repeat "maybe," it's time to throw the above government employees in the Hudson River? (Because this writer does not know if they can, or can not, swim, maybe, repeat "maybe," they should only be thrown in at the Patroon Park Boat Launch Shoreline where the water is only no more than two inches deep?) (Maybe, repeat "maybe," such two inches shall constitute enough river water to get the point across?) Such shall be called the Everett Green Tea Party.

This writer also reserves the right to stand at Eagle Street and Washington Avenue, across the street from the Statue of Lafayette, at Arcadia Park, and burn-in-effigy all, repeat "all," of the previously listed CSEA and government officials. (However, such is cost prohibitive due to effigy production costs and the likely disapproval by the Fire Chief and Public Works Chief, even if many fire extinguishers and a cleaning crew were

This writer spits on, repeat "spits on," the NYS Affirmative Action Office, the NYS OER Office, the NYS OCA "Judge" Keegan's Albany Court, the NYS OCA "County Attorney" Heidi's and "Judge" Cardona's Albany Family Court, the NYS OCA "Hearing Officer" Shamlian's Rensselaer Family Court and especially (in this writer's case only) the NYS OCA "Judge" Teresi's Supreme Court.

11 20 2008 CE

*This writer will refer to the so-called organization, as the National Organization of Some Women, with emphasis on the word "Some." Such is actually a very, very tiny organization of many repeated lies about men.

04 07 2009 CE

*This writer invents the phrase, (using an Arizona newspaper approved last three words of the phrase), "Excrement Covered Male Sex Organ." In other words, "Excrement Covered Male Sex Organ Rights?" This writer invents the phrase, "Excrement Covered Nozzle." In other words, "Excrement Covered Nozzle Rights?" The judiciary is "Excrement Court."

04 09 2009 CE

*What the detractors hate the most is the Culture of Americanism, created by the early European-American, Male, Christian, Heterosexual, Meat-eating, Rifle-owning, Creationist, Church-attending, Praying, Patriots, who wrote the Declaration Of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, and their descendants. Such is what they hate the most.

All they say is: "Oh, the White Man." "Oh, that Bad Man." "Oh, the Christians." "Them Bad Heterosexuals." "Don't eat meat." "Don't own a rifle and pistol." "They don't believe we descended from monkeys." "Them Bad Pastors." "Them Stupid (Christian) Prayers." "Them Stupid Patriots."

If it is not listed in the above first paragraph, the detractors immediately put such at the forefront in the mainstream news media, in their efforts to destroy.

04 09 2009 CE

*Paul Greenburg, NY State So-Called Affirmative Action Officer (NYS AAO), Keith Kissee, NYS AAO, Claude Nelson, NYS AAO, Artis Reed, NYS HRO, Merton Simpson, NYS AAO, Who are you calling a bigot, Bigot?

04 21 2009 CE
Everett Green invents from the phrase, the name: For Philosophical Purposes Only: "For Mr Phil P Only."

08 01 2009 CE
A quote: "How did one get AIDS?"

10 16 2009 CE
E. Green is a fan of Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Jeffrey Kuhner, Oliver North, Bernard Goldberg, Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin.



November 01 2009 CE  

Re: George Goodwin, Superintendent, Lansingburgh High School
    Angela Bergin, Principal, LHS
    Frank Macri, Vice Principal, LHS
    Matthew Whalen, Senior Student, LHS
    (District Office, 576 Fifth Avenue, Troy NY 12180, 518 233 6850, Fax 
     518 235 7436.  
    (Victor DeBonis, Matthew Whalen's Attorney)

E. Green comments:

The, according to the news media, "one and one-half inch" toy scout camping tool, in question, just does not seem to qualify to be placed in the category of Switchblade Knife, Military Knife, Survival Knife, Historical Knife, and/or Kitchen Knife.  It is certainly not a Bowie Knife.  

Did any of the administrators who made the decision, carry any golf clubs, repeat the word "clubs," in their motor vehicles.  A Three Wood, Five Wood, Five Iron, or Seven Iron up side the head would surely hurt some.  

Maybe all World War Two, (the few who are left with us), Korean War, Vietnam War, Grenada War, Panama War, Iraq War One, Iraq War Two, Afganistan War, and Somali Pirate War veterans should be surveyed for their determination of the matter?  

Maybe one should consider the type of determination Meriwether Lewis and William Clark would have made?  Maybe one should consider the determination Sacajawea would have made?  Maybe one should consider the determination Colonel James "Jim" Bowie would have made?  

Such a small matter does not an Eric Harris Of Columbine make.  

Maybe the administrators should all be suspended for twenty days, and be required to attend Suspension Class with a tutor for one and one-half hours per weekday for a repeated viewing of the Crocodile Dundee One movie segment, (wherein occurs the following quote)?  

    [Dundee is threatened by a mugger with a switchblade]  
    Sue Charlton: "Mick, give him your wallet."  
    Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee: "What for?"  
    Sue Charlton: "He's got a knife."  
    Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee: [chuckling] "That's not a knife."  
    Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee: [Dundee draws a large Bowie knife]  
    Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee: "*That's* a knife."  (Notation: 1)  

The title of this article is, "And They Call It A Knife."  Please, if one desires, pronounce the word "knife" with an Australian Queensland dialect accent: "noife."  

Maybe decisions should not be made by, most likely, pacifi-nazies and effeminized men?  Maybe such do not care for borders, language, and culture?  Such are as like Michael Savage, Radio Show Host, said, "Liberalism is a mental disorder."  (Notation: 2)  

This reminds one of Joel Turtel's, pro-voucher-for-the-child, school-choice-for-the-parent, book, "Public Schools, Public Menace."  (Notation: 3)  

This, also, reminds one of: There will be no Nativity Scene at the Lansingburgh High School this year, (not necessarily because of the erroneous federal U.S. Supreme Court decisions eliminating any not-student led, stating of the Lord, the Word, and Prayer in the public schools), but rather for the fact the Court could not find three wise men, (neither in Washington D.C.), nor in the school stupid-stration.  They were, however, able to find one for the part of the stable donkey/a.k.a. the jackass.  (Notation: 4)


1): Motion Picture, "Crocodile Dundee" (One), 1986 CE, Paramount.  

2): Michael Savage, Radio Show Host, "The Savage Nation," various broadcasts 2009 CE, TRN.  

3): Joel Turtel, Author, "Public Schools, Public Menace," 2005 CE, Liberty Books.

4): Source of humor joke: Unable to locate.  

(Brought to you by E. Green.)

November 22 2009 CE  (Posted November 25 2009 CE)  

Re: Joseph P. Dragone, Ph. D., Superintendent, Ballston Spa High School

    (James A. Murphy III, District Attorney, Saratoga County
     Office Of The Saratoga County District Attorney
     25 West High Street
     Ballston Spa, N.Y. 12020
     518 885 2263, Fax 518 884 8627)

    (New York State Police)

    (Clifton Park Town Court)

    Daniel Burger, Student, B.S.H.S., Age 17

    (District Office, 70 Malta Avenue, Ballston Spa, N.Y. 12020 1599, 
     518 884 7195 Ext 310, Fax 518 885 3201, jdragone@bscsd .org)

E. Green comments: The, according to the news media, November 15th prank "weapon," was a few firecrackers in the school cafeteria, with a few students, some time before school started.  

A source states no one "panicked," it was not as if "Columbine" was happening again, though the news media claim the Superintendent and the DA stated such panic occurred.  

The superintendent suspended the student pending a school hearing.  

The D.A. charged the student with a felony, Criminal Possession Of A Weapon, and a misdemeanor, Second Degree Reckless Endangerment.  

The student was jailed pending posting $10T cash bail, or $20T bond.  

Did any of the administrators who made the decision, (to call in the NYS Police), determine if there was only a measly few firecrackers, or a package of a dozen firecrackers, or rather a half-brick, or a few dozen M-60's/M-80's/M-88's/M-98's, or maybe even a roll of 500/roll of 1,000?  Obviously not.  

If the "panic" claim of the Superintendent and D.A. is true, why can't the students tell the difference between the sound of firecrackers and the sound of gunshots?  

Maybe all World War Two, (the few who are left with us), Korean War, Vietnam War, Grenada War, Panama War, Iraq War One, Iraq War Two, Afganistan War, and Somali Pirate War veterans should be surveyed for their determination of the matter?  

The D.A. should have adamantly refused to involve his office in such a small matter.  
The N.Y.S. Police should have flatly refused to arrest the student for such a small matter.  The New York State government is extremely corrupt.  

Such a small matter does not an Eric Harris Of Columbine make.  

One person said someone's "eye" could have been put out.  

Such reminds one of Miss/Mrs Jean Shepard's book, and screenplay, "A Christmas Story," (wherein occurs the following quotes): 

(Peter Billingsley, Actor, plays the character, 9 year old Ralph "Ralphee" Parker.  After Ralphee asks his mother for a BB gun for Christmas):  
Mrs. Parker: "No, you'll shoot your eye out."

(After Ralphee writes a paper about getting a BB gun for Christmas, his teacher, Miss Shields, not only degrades him with a mere C+, she also writes on his paper, "You'll shoot your eye out.")

(After Ralphee asks Santa for a BB gun for Christmas): 
Shopping Mall Santa: "You'll shoot your eye out, kid."  (Notation: 01)   

Maybe the superintendent and DA should be suspended pending a hearing concerning their stupid-stration?  Their disciplinary punishment could be to attend suspension class, (for the same length of time as the student is suspended), with the monitoring tutor ensuring such watch repeatedly the above listed scenes from "A Christmas Story."  

The title of this article is, "No BB Gun For The Superintendent, Nor The D.A., For Christmas."  

Maybe decisions should not be made by, most likely, pacifi-nazies and effeminized men?  Maybe such do not care for borders, language, and culture?  Such are as like Michael Savage, Radio Show Host, said, "Liberalism is a mental disorder."  (Notation: 02)  

This reminds one of Joel Turtel's, pro-voucher-for-the-child, school-choice-for-the-parent, book, "Public Schools, Public Menace."  (Notation: 03)  

The Sub-title of this article is: "Over-punishment, Banishment And Double, Repeat 'Double,' Malicious Prosecution."  

Is this not the same D.A. who over-prosecuted the Saratoga High School Graduation Prankster's graduation prank?  Is this not the same DA about who, this week, the news media claimed stated a mere semi-automatic, hunting rifle, seized in a search, was an "assault rifle," though the police had not yet completed the process of examining whether, or not, the semi-automatic had been converted to an automatic assault rifle?  One can not depend upon a morally bankrupt news media to question such decisions.  Maybe the Saratoga County Board Of Supervisors would be able to rein in such D.A.'s decisions?  

Sub-title Two of this article is: "The Stalinist-Behaving Superintendent."  Maybe Sub-title Three of this article should be: "The Stalinist-Behaving D.A.?"  

Maybe, repeat "maybe," Daniel should consider, taking the G.E.D. test, and, upon passing, enlisting in the US Army to train up as a demolitions expert.  

(This commentator is unable to resist re-using this item of humor): This, also, reminds one of: There will be no Nativity Scene at the Ballston Spa High School this year, (not necessarily because of the erroneous federal U.S. Supreme Court decisions eliminating any not-student led, stating of the Lord, the Word, and Prayer in the public schools), but rather for the fact the Court could not find three wise men, (neither in Washington D.C.), nor in the school stupid-stration.  They were, however, able to find one for the part of the stable donkey/a.k.a. the jackass.  (Notation: 04)


01): "A Christmas Story," 1988, Christmas Tree Films & Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer (M.G.M.).  

02): Michael Savage, Radio Show Host, "The Savage Nation," various broadcasts 2009 C.E., T.R.N.  

03): Joel Turtel, Author, "Public Schools, Public Menace," 2005 C.E., Liberty Books.

04): Source of humor joke: Unable to locate.  

(Brought to you by E. Green.)
1) Posted March 17 2010 CE

01 06 2010 CE

For Years And Years: First Come, First Serve

The rule of, "First come, first serve," has served as ethically and morally correct for years and years under Judeo-Cristianity.  Such was and is in the line at the bank or credit union, at the school and college lunch line, at the gasoline station pump and register, at the coffee shop, donut shop, bakery, at the fast burger, pizza, or chicken place, and even by appointment at the doctor's and dentist's office.  Even most government offices, first come, first served, or even take a number has served, just like at the deli, grocery register, and the store, box store, and book store register.  

The same was always used at the immigration visa office, until under the Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, W. Bush, and Obama administrations, where the National Democrats (ND's) and the Republicans-In-Name-Only (RINO's) have turned the world upside down with a hatred of Judeo-Christian ethics and morality by instituting a rebellion against the federal U.S. Immigration Law by declaring an allowance of the rule of "Butting In Line," allowing the "First come, last served"/"Last come, first served" policy: treating anyone who butts-in-the-visa-application-"line" as fair and acceptable, or else, said ND's and RINO's will accuse, and maliciously take to court, while falsely accusing the Judeo-Christians of being "un-loving," "un-compassionate," and above all "racist."  

The strongest of denunciations on the above anti-Judeo-Christian ND's and RINO's bigotry.  Such bigotry is also practiced by "The Race"/"La Raza" and the American Civil Liberties Union/Acutally Leftist-Socialist Communist Dastards.  

This writer has taken the appropriate action.  

End Of First Come, First Serve

E. Green
2) Posted March 17 2010 CE

01 06 2010 CE

Mr Obama, Mr Schumer, Miss/Mrs Gillibrand, Mr Tonko, Mr Breslin, and Mr Canastrari:

Messrs. and Madam: 

In Regards To: National Security:

1) The foreign combatant attackers, Guantanamo Bay prisoners, need to remain at Guantanamo Bay, or similar.  

2) The foreign combatant attackers, are only entitled to a military tribunal trial, with the military tribunal supplied legal representation.  

3) In other words, these are not, repeat "not," docile U.S. citizens entitled to a U.S. citizen's civilian court.  

End Of National Security

E. Green

3) Posted March 17 2010 CE

01 08 2010 CE

Title: Shania "Ruins" Country And Western 

Shania Twain "ruined" the country music industry by deliberately ignoring the manager/producer directed request to never appear in performances, nor public, in bare-belly.  As soon as Shania appeared on MTV in her bare-bellied videos, some of the other Nashville girls, for reasons of competition to sell albums, wanted to do the same.  

To her credit, Dolly Parton, has never, repeat "never," appeared bare-bellied.  

The rush to perform bare-bellied thus began, and, (except for a few self-respecting girls), Country and Western music has never been the same since.  

Shame on Shania.  Shame.  

At least, to her credit, Gretchen Wilson sang about leaving the "Christmas lights on all year long."

Sources: Televised biographical music documentaries.  

End Of "Ruins"

E. Green

4) Posted March 17 CE

01 06 2010 CE

Title: K.O.C.G.

The 1990's football bowl half-time comeback, staged by Michael Jackson, (M.J.), featured the first time this writer witnessed a singer performing with the Self-Croch-Grab (SCG) maneuver.  This most disgusting, obnoxious move was repeated throughout the otherwise usual dancing and singing which had made M.J. so popular.  The comeback was most successful for M.J.  

Recently, viewing a show showing a clip of Marshall Mathers, (M.M.). also known as (a.k.a.) Eminem, at the, (if memory serves this writer correctly), 2001 CE Year, Music Television (MTV) Awards ceremony, entertaining while performing the M.J. initiated Self-Croch-Grab behavior at least eleven, if not twenty-one, times, before this writer lost count.  

For eight years, this writer, was employed as a caseworker at the New York State Office Of Developmental Disabilities.  Occasionally, one may have had to politely inform a client, advising such client, to not croch-grab oneself in public.  

In 2009 CE, M.J. is dead, but M.M., and specifically, the male dancers, in  Lady Gaga's video album, "The Fame," the song "Love Game," and, as seen recently on a television channel, the female singer, Rihanna, need to please refrain from undermining the work, (of teaching appropriate behavior), of tens upon tens, and dozens upon dozens, and hundreds upon hundreds, of their fans, who work in the associations, residences and day programs of the developmentally disabled.  Everyone knows someone who is currently, or in the past, has been employed, working with the disabled.  

The singers/dancers, managers and producers may consider this request, please.  

To her credit, the singer Maria Carey has never, repeat "never," resorted to such behavior.  Thus, the entire music industry is not infected with the undermining.  

M.J., The King Of Croch-Grabbing, (K.O.C.G.) is dead.  It is sad he died before he could correct such behavior.


1) 1990's football bowl half-time comeback performance of M.J.  

2) The male dancers of Lady Gaga's video album, "The Fame," the song "Love Game."  

3) (If memory serves correctly), MTV Music Awards 2001 CE Year.  

4) Rihanna on cable television.  

5) Maria Carey on cable television.

End Of The K.O.C.G.
Update: 05 02 2010 CE: To her credit, Lady Gaga seems to have corrected and edited matters, as no, repeat the word "no," such behavior is exhibited in the video, "Telephone"/"The Fame Monster."  (This writer wishes one could say as much for two of the dancers and Beyonce.)
Source: Video: "Telephone"/"The Fame Monster." 

End Of Update 

E. Green

5) Posted March 17 2010 CE

March 08 2010 CE

Title: R.N.I.T.B.

First paper-printed, on O1 27 and paper-mailed on 01 29 2010 CE, was E Green's invention of the phrase, "Richard's-nickname-in-the-buttocks."  For example, one could say, "For fifty years now the U.S. has been invaded by an attack by the 'Richard's-nickname-in-the-buttocks,' (and phrase invented on March 08), with their 'Richard's-nickname-in-the-buttocks-mania.'"

End Of R.N.I.T.B.

E. Green

6) Posted March 17 2010 CE

March 08 2010 CE

Title: Bill Gates Scholarship Policy Practices Hateful Bigotry Against European-Americans

Such self-hatred is inappropriate.  

In other words, poor European-Americans, need not apply.  

Shame on Bill Gates.  Shame.

End Of "Scholarship"

E. Green
7) Posted March 17 2010 CE

March 08 2010 CE

Title: "'The Doctors' Endorses 'Medical' Marijuana"

The March 05 2010 CE episode of "The Doctors" caves-in-to and endorses "'medical' marijuana."  

Hey, Docs.  May I have "my" "medical" heroin now please?

"The Doctors" need to stop the political-correctness immediately.  

Dr. Michael Savage is correct: "Liberalism is a mental disorder."  

E. Green
8) Posted March 17 2010 CE 

March 08 2010 CE

The Berrigan brothers (two Roman Catholic priests) pacifists, the Amish pacifists, the Mennonite pacifists, the First Methodist pacifists, and the First Presbyterian pacifists, need to stop lying.  Jesus Of Nazareth gave no, repeat "no," instruction against self-defense.  

E. Green

9) Posted March 17 2010 CE

March 17 2010 CE

The Albany School District Board Of Directors pays their superintendent, as per 2008 CE, $ 170,000 per year.  The media reports the Albany School District drop out rate is atrocious.  

The taxpayers are getting royally, repeat "royally," robbed.  

Shame on the Albany School Board.  Shame.

The Cohoes School Board has paid their superintendent $ 102,000 per year.  The media has reported an atrocious drop out rate.

Again, the taxpayers are being robbed.  

Shame on the Cohoes School Board.  Shame. 

E. Green

10) Posted 03 25 2010 CE

This writer has been banned from, (previously the NY State DTF, including the NYS Department Of Civil Service Re-Employment Roster), and for some months now banned from "The Record" daily newspaper, Troy, NY, "Reader Comments."  Jim Murphy, Publisher, at "The Record" claims to be looking for "enlightened" and "smarter" bloggers.  It must have been this writer's verbal quote of Dr. Savage's statement, "Liberalism is a mental disorder."  

E. Green
Written May 05 2009 CE  Posted December 10 2009 CE

(Wanda Willingham, (who happens to be African-American), previously called WGY Radio, the Al Roney Show, complaining about "gun violence," and wanting to take away the Second Amendment right to own bullets.)  

This commentator and listener called in to the WGY 810 AM November 13 2009 CE, Al Roney (News Talk) Show's "Free Speech Friday" with the following.  

This commentator stated (paraphrased): On April 19 1775 CE the British Redcoats were out to destroy the allegedly "rebel" stores at Lexington and were on the lookout to arrest Massachusetts Provincial Congress President John Hancock and Massachusetts Provincial Congressman John Adams.  Alarm Lampman/Lamplighter, Alarm Rider and Signalman, Paul Revere sent warning.  

At Lexington, Lexington Militia Commander Captain John Parker served.  

Later at Bloody Curve, Woburn Militia Commander Major Loaomi Baldwin served.  

Later at North Bridge in Concord, Militia Commander Colonel James Barret, 
Militia Commander Major John Buttrick and Militia Commander Ebenezer Learned served.  

Later during the Redcoats retreat, Massachusetts Provincial Congressman and Militia Commander (and Physician) Dr Joseph Warren served.

The more elite serving in the militia were called the Minutemen, who were credited with firing the "Shot heard 'round the world.'"

Peter Salem, Minuteman, (Black) Freeman, served at the battles of Lexington and Concord.  

Wanda Willingham should study about Peter Salem, Minuteman.  Peter Salem is probably, looking down from Heaven right now, shaking his head in disbelief about Wanda Willingturkey's wanting to take away his bullets.  

Thanks to all these militiamen who fought for this writer's right to speak on "The 'Free Speech Friday' Show."

Brought To You By: E. Green  Sinner  Ultra-Orthodox
Copyright January 01 2009 CE  E. Green

Written January 01 2009 CE  (Posted December 10 2009 CE)

The photograph: Allied Western Front, Europe: December 1944.  On the ground is a wintertime one to three inches of snow.  The Allied Forces U.S. Army, (or Army Airborne, or National Guard) soldier is hand-loading an artillery cartridge shell into an artillery piece, (most likely the Allied Forces U.S. Army's 75 mm Howitzer field cannon), the cartridge bearing the hand-written, chalked, (or hand-painted) words, "Merry Christmas, Adolf."  

If the words, "Merry Christmas," are good enough for those soldiers, (and the photographer), then the words, "Merry Christmas," are good enough for this writer.  

Thus, go ahead - say "Merry Christmas" - all one, with gumption, well pleases, this Christmastime.  ((Our boys earned the right for us.  And please remember, they earned it the, (adjective deleted), hard way.))  

Is there a CEO out there with enough understanding of veterans beliefs, or a veteran who happens to be a CEO who will grant permission, and even order, his Judeo-Christian employees to say "Merry Christmas" all they, (again adjective deleted), well please?  It is a right to free speech, (and to Hell with the Politically-Correct detractors who claim to be offended).   

May the Lord bless all who can hear, and understand, the above words.  

Brought To You By: E. Green  Sinner  Ultra-Orthodox
Copyright January 01 2009 CE  E. Green  
Footnote: Photo Credit: "World War Two" (multi-volume set, black and white photographs), Time-Life Books.  (As best as memory serves.  If in error, my apologies to the copyright holder.)

More "Too Many Chiefs, And Not Enough Indians"
02 17 2010 CE  All federal and state agencies are now "Too many chiefs and not enough Indians."  Second, there are too many highly, overpaid chiefs.  Not a one should be paid over $ 50,000 per year.  It's supposed to be public service, repeat the words "public service."  They are stealing from the taxpayers.  They are robbing the taxpayers. 
Brought To You By: E. Green  Sinner  Ultra-Orthodox
Copyright January 01 2009 CE  E. Green

11) Written: March 29 2010 CE  Posted: 04 30 2010 CE

Title: "In Their Own Words"

Quote, repeat the word, "quote:"

(Beginning Of Quote:)

(Catalogue Item #) "93859:"
"'Lancelot And The Lord Of The Distant Isles' 
 'Or The Book Of Galehaut Reyold'"  

(by) "Patricia Terry & Samuel N. Rosenberg
Judith Jaidinger, illus. (Publisher:) Godine"   

"Barely Mentioned in Malory's 'Le Morte d'Arthur' or in 'The Once and Future King' is a character who earlier figured prominently in French literature of Lancelot, Guenevere, and King Arthur; Galehaut complicates and deepens the romantic themes of the tale, turning the familiar love triangle into a square. Galehaut was a king himself, a noble leader who had the strength to defeat Arthur, yet yielded to him because he had fallen in love with Arthur's champion Lancelot. This moving retelling mines various sources of the Lancelot stories, rescuing from oblivion the first truly tragic figure in French literature."  

((From: "'Daedalus Books' 'Winter 2010' Catalogue, Page 25, (9645 Gerwig Lane, PO Box 6000, Columbia, Maryland 21045 6000, (Retail Price $) "26.95" (Daedalus Price $) "4.98," "(226/2006)," 800 395 2665, salebooks .com "))

(End Of Quote.)

Commentary: First, such are the Pro-Sodomite-Perverts own words.  

Second, Sodomite Perverted/Homosexualized History is, an extreme form of, Revisionist History.

Third, if the Sodomite Perverts and the Pro-Sodomite-Perversion people want such excremental, homosexual perversion in the military, then Dr. Savage was most correct when saying, "Liberalism is a mental disorder."  

Fourth: How is excrement "romantic?"  

Fifth: How is excrement "love?"

Copyright 2010 CE
Everett Green  Sinner  Ultra-Orthodox
12) Written: March 29 2010 CE  Posted: 04 30 2010 CE

Liberal, "D" as in David, dastards, (such is not the word this writer would rather use), in New York State, expect one to sign away one's right to one's Judeo-Christian religion, and expect one to sign away one's right to one's belief in heterosexualism, in order to counsel drug addicts as a Certified Alcohol And Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC).  How dare one tell the homosexual pervert to also recover from homosexuality?  Our love is falsely labelled "bigotry" and "hatred."  

Shame on the NYS Legislature.  Shame.  

Shame on the NYS Office Of Alcoholism And Substance Abuse.  Shame.  

Copyright 2010 CE
Everett Green  Sinner  Ultra-Orthodox
13) Written: March 30-April 30 2010 CE  Posted: 04 30 2010 CE

To: Congregation For The Causes Of The Saints

Re: Graces and Favors Granted

This writer has received many, many graces and favors through the intercession of Blessed Venerable Kateri Tekakwitha, Lily Of The Mohawks.  

Copyright 2010 CE
Everett Green  Sinner  Ultra-Orthodox

Appendix One:
Kateri Tekakwitha, Lily Of The Mohawks

The National Shrine Of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha (RCC)
Conventual Franciscan Friars 
3628 State Highway Route 5
PO Box 627
Fonda (Town Of Mohawk) NY 12068
518 853 3646
Office@KateriShrine .com

Appendix Two:
(Reminder: International Postage Please) 
Congregation For The Causes Of The Saints
00120 Vatican City State

Phone: +39.06.69885720
Fax: +39.06.69885720

14) Written: March 31 2010 CE  Posted: 04 30 2010 CE

The (National And State Level) Capital "D" Democrats And The Republicans-In-Name-Only (RINO's) Continue To Not Listen

After the, 1973 C.E., U.S. Supreme Court decision in Roe vs. Wade, (in which the majority of the justices "bowed" down to the Feminist Devils desires to murder their unwanted children by abortion-child-murder), there was a large spike in the number of tornadoes in the U.S.  

After the, 2010 C.E., U.S. Congress (House Of Representatives and Senate) electronic votes of majority approval and President Obama's signature approval of the so-called "Health-Care" bill, (actually the Health-Care/Obama-Care/Castro-Care/Actually-No-Care-For-The-Unwanted-Pre-Born-By-Abortion-Child-Murder Bill), there was a spike in the floods in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, like has not been seen in one hundred years.  

Yet the (national and state level) capital "D" Democrats and the RINO's continue to not listen to the Lord.    

(Meanwhile, one does not have to take this writer's word for such, because such is on record at the both the National Weather Service and The Weather Channel.)  

Copyright 2010 CE
Everett Green  Sinner  Ultra-Orthodox


1) The phrase "Castro-Care" was first heard as phrase invented by Dr. Michael Savage, the Michael Savage (Radio) Show.  

2) National Weather Service

3) The Weather Channel ( .com )
15) Written: April 03-19 2010 CE  Posted: 04 30 2010 CE

Watervliet: All-American City?

A source informed this writer about a resident of the City Of Watervliet NY ticketed by a city official for an outrageous fine/fee/"tax" for the alleged "crime" of putting the garbage curbside one afternoon/evening/"day" early, in other words, too "early."  

This writer: "Was the resident a chronic, habitual offender?"  

Source: "No."  

This writer: "Was the resident a repeat offender?"  

Source: "No."  

This writer: "What did the judge decide?"  

Source: "An outrageous fine."  

Source: "Then the resident received another ticket, when the new tenant put the garbage out one "day" "early."  

This writer: "Whose work is this?"  

Source: "The city official."  

This writer: "What is the city official's name -- Joseph Stalin?"  

This writer: "What is the city administrator's name -- Joseph Stalin?"  

This writer: "What is the judge's name -- Joseph Stalin?"  

Source: (Smiles upon hearing the above questions.)  

Commentary: What kind of city officer official does not choose to nullify such first, so-called "offense" ticket -- Joseph Stalin?

What kind of city administrator does not choose to nullify such first, so-called "offense" ticket -- Joseph Stalin?

What kind of NY State Judge does not choose to nullify such first, so-called "offense" ticket -- Joseph Stalin?  

It must be: Though the city was once called an All-American City, so also exist them three "Little Stalins."  The three officials must have never properly learned about democracy, and/or, all too often greed, and/or power, corrupt.  Such three officials may have forgotten about said democracy.  

Shame on the city officer official.  Shame.  

Shame on the city administrator.  Shame.  

Shame on the judge.  Shame.  

Copyright 2010 CE
Everett Green  Sinner  Ultra-Orthodox
16) Written: April 04-30 2010 CE  Posted: 04 30 2010 CE

The 2010 CE Year Census

The form asks one to specify a race.  There is one line to list an other, unlisted race.  

A caller to a conservative radio talk show claimed to be wanting to list his race as "American."  Another, caller to the same show, wanted to list his race as "Human."  

This citizen wanted to answer the question with the following answers: 

A) Other race: Judeo-Christian.  

The "reporters" in the secular media consistently and constantly claim Mohammadans as a race and an ethnic group.  Such is the "reporters" double standard, as said lowlife "reporters" in the secular media do not claim Judeo-Christians are a race and an ethic group.  

B) Other race: Neanderthal.  

In the 1990's, a lowlife in the secular media wrote an article in which conservatives were referred to as "paleolithic conservatives."  Such accusation is a reference to Neanderthals and cavemen.  At a church, a so-called politically-correct man referred to conservatives as "stupid."  

C) Other race: Throwback.  

This citizen is described as a "Throwback," for the so-called politically-correct to consider just how "throwback" are this writer's Judeo-Christian values.  Thus, the accusation of this citizen's roots as definitely "Throwback."  

Shame on all lowlife "reporters" in the secular media.  Shame.  

Copyright 2010 CE
Everett Green  Sinner  Ultra-Orthodox
17) Written: April 04-30 2010 CE  Posted: 04 30 2010 CE

The Alumni Newsletter
Subtitle: No Dues For The "Politically-Correct" Online Alumni Newsletter/Hate Crime and Hate Speech
   Against Conservatives  

For the first fifteen years this alumni did not not know a high school alumni association existed.  Then, the efforts of a handful of individuals ensured the every-fifth-year multi-class reunion.  Thus, this alumni decides to send in all past due dues.  

However, the face of Political-Correctness kept showing its hatred of European-Americans, its hatred of men, its hatred of Judeo-Christians, and its hatred of heterosexuals.  

Then, the official online newsletter began, staffed by the "Reporter."  

The newsletter of August 01 2009 CE, shows the (self-awarding-industry) "reporter," quoting St. Paul in the Book Of Galatians, Chapter 03 Verse 28, as a justification for the appointment of the feminist supremist as deacon, and pastor/priest in the military services, by using President James Carter's notice of severing ties with the Southern Baptist Convention.  Such is not, repeat "not," what the verse means.  Said Bible verse, (or any other Bible verse), is clearly not adequate as a justification to ordain the feminist supremist as deacon, nor as priest.  Yet said Bible verse is used to trick many into such justification.  Mostly all reporters  in the United States are expected to reject Judeo-Christian religion, unless such is the extremely benign form called Liberal-Judeo-Christianity, also known as "Liberation-Theology."  Such is the effeminized man.  

Even worse is when the professional "reporter" constantly prints cartoons hatefully putting down conservatives as small-hearted.  

The "reporter" printed (November 03 and December 05 2009 CE) jokes claiming Rush Limbaugh was, in more words or less, a (white) racist.  In fact, the primary employee at the Excellence In Broadcasting network is an African-American.  Thus the "reporter" who claims racism is an evil, is a hypocrite, and self-hating European-American whose humor echoes the intense Black bigotry and Black racism of Al Sharpton, Hater Of European-Americans,  Black Supremacist, and Jesse Jackson, Hater Of European-Americans, Black Supremacist.  

The "reporter" calls the signing of the so-called "Health Care" bills "Historic."  Praise of baby-killing-abortion-child-murder, socialism and a tax-and-spend policy is most atrocious.  

Then the "reporter" expressed support for the pacifist, and Lenin's "useful idiot," Michael Moore.  Such is the effeminized man.  

Then the "reporter" expressed support for refuse-to-go-to-a-recovery-from-sodomite-perversion-program-sodomite-perversion.  Such is the effeminized man.  

Then, on April 21 2010 CE, the "reporter" expressed support for Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm," by saying, "By far, the best show on television."  What's so "best" about Larry David's Liberal-bigotry-against-Judeo-Christians-and Catholic-Judeo-Christians, by urinating on a print of Jesus Of Nazareth?  Thus, Larry David perpetrated a hate crime against a fellow Jew, (because Jesus Of Nazareth was Jewish.  Larry David perpetrated a hate crime against Judeo-Christians and Catholic-Judeo-Christians.  Said behavior proves Larry David is a lowlife.  (Do not trust the four, repeat the word "four," rotten-liberal-"Politicaly-Correct"-Judaism: Larry David, Mark Potok, Abraham Foxman and James Carvelle.)  

Enough of the Political Correctness.  

The "reporter" as a European-American is self-hating, as a man, is self-hating, as a Christian is self-hating, and as a heterosexual is self-hating.  The "reporter" is repeated hate crimes against European-Americans, repeated hate crimes against men, repeated hate crimes against Judeo-Christians, and repeated hate crimes against heterosexuals.  

This writer is most thankful this writer did not send in the past-due dues.   

This writer would rather tell the alumni association to relegate the "Political Correctness" to where such "Political Correctness" belongs.  

Such are the Affirmative-Acti-devils and Affirmative-Acti-nazies.  

The "reporter" calls conservatives "stupid," "morons" and "hypocrites."  
Maybe the "reporter" is stupid, moronic and hypocritical?  

Shame on the "reporter."  Shame.  

Copyright 2010 CE
Everett Green  Sinner  Ultra-Orthodox
18) Written: April 12-30 2010 CE  Posted: 04 30 2010 CE

"You (European-Americans) Have A History"

On the Fall/Winter 2009 CE and the Winter/Spring 2010 CE Fox News, Juan Williams, a Public Broadcasting Service reporter, who happens to be some type of Hispanic-American or African-American, stated to his European-American interviewer, "You have a history," meaning, of course, "You (referring to all European-Americans) have a history (of racism)."  

On April 10-11 2010 CE, Nell Irwin Painter, a Professor, who happens to be African-American, appeared on C-Span Two's Book TV, for her so-called "book," "The History Of White People," (admittedly a book limited to only European-Americans in the United States), during the question and answer period, stated to a European-American questioner, "You have a history," meaning of course, "You (the White Race) have a history (of racism)."  

Juan Williams, Reporter, and Nell Irvin Painter, Professor, are most vile, hateful hypocrites.  The Hispanics have a very long history of owning slaves.  The Africans have a very long history of owning slaves.  

Juan Williams has obviously, grossly failed to attain the minimum standard of journalism.  

Nell Irvin Painter has obviously, grossly failed to attain the minimum standard of academics.  

Copyright 2010 CE
Everett Green  Sinner  Ultra-Orthodox

19) Written: April 30 2010 CE  Posted: 04 30 2010 CE

Definition of "Lowlife" 

"Lowlife": War on European-Americans.  
                    War on men.  
                    War on Judeo-Christians.  
                    War on heterosexuals.  
                    War on fiscal prudence in government.  
                    Believes, as told to this writer, the Socialist Big Lie: "Everyone is treated equally under  

Reference: Everyone was not, repeat the word "not," treated equally under A. Hitler, N. Lenin, J. Stalin, Mao Tse-tong, Pol Pot and Fidel Castro.  

Copyright 2010 CE
Everett Green  Sinner  Ultra-Orthodox
20) Written: May 21 2010 CE  Posted: 05 21 2010 CE

Re: Illegal Immigrants

The African-racists and the Hispanic-racists are the "D"-as-in-David-dastards, (not the word this writer would rather use), which are being lowlife scum towards all, repeat the word "all," European-Americans, treating the European-Americans as less than equal.  

The majority of federal Democrats and RINO's care more about federal felons/(illegal immigrants) than legal citizens.  The pro-lawless steal, repeat the word "steal," the civil rights of legal citizens, (which this writer calls "citizens' rights"), in order to create a fantasy world of so-called-"illegal-'immigrant-rights.'"  

Such reminds this writer, there was a television series called "Law And Order," then a first derivative series called "Law And Order: Special Victims Unit," then a second derivative series called "Law And Order: Criminal Intent."  

What America needs now is a third derivative series, called "Law And Order: Deportation."  (Or called "Law And Order: Deport 'em.")

Shame on the lawless, illegal immigrants, and their lawless, aiders and abetters.  Shame.  

Copyright 2010 CE
Everett Green  Sinner  Ultra-Orthodox

21) Written: May 21 2010 CE  Posted: 05 21 2010 CE

Re: Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is commonly referred to as a conservative, and a conservative Republican.  In 2010 CE, Mrs. Palin was interviewed by Human Events (.com) magazine.  When asked, in more words or less, who she looks to as a role model, Mrs. Palin replied, "Susan B. Anthony."  

Susan B. Anthony, (though pro-life against abortion), was a strict and staunch radical-feminist-hater-of-men.  

Obviously, Mrs. Palin is not conservative.  

Someone in her family, (direct family, or in-law), (or one of her colleagues), should sit down with Mrs. Palin to explain to her the extreme error of such way.  

Shame on Mrs. Sarah Palin.  Shame.  

Copyright 2010 CE
Everett Green  Sinner  Ultra-Orthodox

22) Written: May 21 2010 CE  Posted: 05 21 2010 CE

Re: Fox News

A) Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck are called conservative. During the past few months, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Glen Beck have used the radical-feminist-haters-of-men word, "Congresswoman."  

Obviously, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck are not conservative.  

Shame on Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Glen Beck.  Shame.  

B) During the past few months, the Fox News, Scroll Bar news has stated, Mohammadanism "forbids the use of images."  Such statement speaks as if all forbid.  Only some, repeat the word "some," forbid "the use of images."  

Fox News should not have defended, nor limited itself, to the pro-Sunni-supremacy and the Sunni-hatred-towards-Shiites/the Sunni-bigotry-against-Shiites.  Then, the same Sunni pushes hatred toward the Roman Catholic Christians by forbidding the Roman Catholics from displaying prints of "The Sacred Heart Of Jesus" and "The Sacred Heart Of Mary."  

Shame on Fox News.  Shame.  
Copyright 2010 CE
Everett Green  Sinner  Ultra-Orthodox
3) Written: July 08 2010 CE  Posted: July 08 2010 CE

Per the government official who ordered the robbery of this citizen's rights.  

The official has not learned the principals this nation was founded upon.  

A) This citizen shall find out which, (agency and/or), official, gave the order.  

B) This citizen shall inform said official, "(Said official) does not know how to run the place."  

C) This citizen shall inform said official, "What goes around comes around."  

D) Also, this citizen has taken the appropriate action.  

(P.S. Giving credit where credit is due: For steps "B" and "C" above: E Green learned these statements from a very intelligent New York State employee, Miss Donna Warren.  Thank you Miss Donna.)  

((P.S. If the official lies, the official will be told, "Grow up."  (Giving credit where credit is due: E Green learned said statement from a New York State employee: Michael Weber.  Thank you Mr Weber.) ))

Copyright 2010 CE
Everett Green  Sinner  Ultra-Orthodox

09 09 2010 CE

Re: Terry Jones, Dove World Outreach Center, Gainesville, Florida

Everett Green of everettgreen.com, Page Two, states the DWOC plans for 09 11 2010 CE 6:00 PM-9:00 PM will only impede Judeo-Christian religious/spiritual conversion efforts.  
Copyright 2010 CE
Everett Green  Sinner  Ultra-Orthodox
03 28 2012 CE

In this opinion, (speaking for self), if, repeat the word "if," Casino Gambling is forced upon New York State, then, repeat the word "then," everyone (who has been a resident for eighteen years) should get a check.  In other words, a check for everyone, (who has been a resident of New York State for eighteen years).  

Most likely, the New York State Government will be, as usual, too greedy, repeat the word "greedy," to do such.  

Everett Green  Sinner  Orthodox
March 28 2012 CE
The gang life leads to two of three places, the hospital, the prison, and the cemetery.  
Everett Green  Sinner  Orthodox
Posted 04 13 2012 CE
(This, White Paper, was ignored by the "Times Union," Albany (Colonie), N.Y. daily newspaper, and was ignored by "The Record," daily newspaper, Troy, N.Y.)
White Paper 

Re: United Oil Recovery And The Cousin

For example, on April 23rd, (during the days of Passover), (and on Dark Saturday), at Saratoga Street, Alexander Street, Central Avenue, Hawk Street, Lark Street, and as far north two miles to Canvas Street, Mohawk Street, Van Rensselear Street, Pine Street, and among other streets, the hazardous chlorine laden smoke from the United Oil Recovery (a.k.a. Norlite) "Frankenstacks" was again repeatedly assaulting and pummelling the residents and visitors to Cohoes.  Witnesses are aplenty.  The witnesses could be the residents of downtown Cohoes, who had any of their windows open, and/or home and car air conditioners on outside air settings, who visited any of the downtown businesses said day, including also the attendees, on Dark Saturday, of the event being held at the Knights Of Columbus Hall (on Remsen Street), and the attendees, on Dark Saturday, the overflow crowd, at the, (what seems to be the Vineyard Church), soup kitchen), held at the United Church Of Cohoes facility at Mohawk and Pine Streets.  

The above April 26th example, is indicative of the hazardous chlorine assault situation, which has occurred regularly since the ninety thousand dollar, so-intended-as-punitive, fine.  The hazardous chlorine was officially reported as early as September of 2010 CE.    

Years ago, the U.S. (Federal) Agency For Toxic Substances And Disease Registry (A.F.T.S.A.D.) recommended the Norlite site should be studied.  

The U.S. (Federal) Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.), emission regulations, so-called "standards," has not, repeat the word "not," prevented decades upon decades of hazardous waste poisoning assaults, repeat the words "decades upon decades of hazardous waste poisoning assaults," upon the Norlite workers, and resident neighbors in the cities, towns and villages.  

(According to the "Times Union," a Politically-Correct-Hate-Mongers' daily newspaper), the two hundred and fifty acres, since 1995, are owned by United Oil Recovery (U.O.R.), Meriden, Connecticut, a privately owned, ("D"-as-in-Daniel-dastard, not the word this writer would rather use), company which owns seven hazard waste (HW) collection centers in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  U.O.R. is paid by companies in Ohio, Maine, Maryland and Delaware to take in and process hazardous waste.  (According to "The Record," Troy, N.Y., also a Polically-Correct-Hate-Mongers' daily newspaper), the U.O.R. operates two hazardous waste burning kilns.  The Metroland, also a Politically-Correct-Hate-Mongers' weekly newspaper, has also reported about the Norlite.  

U.O.R.'s local address is: 
628 S. Saratoga St., 
Cohoes, N.Y. 12047.  

Where are the public condemnations by this area's U.S. (Federal) Congressmen, N.Y. State Legislators, and Albany County Legislators?  

Where is the U.S. (Federal) Marshall to arrest the Norlite's owner for multiple felony counts of assault-with-a-chlorine-weapon?  Where is the U.S. Attorney General to prosecute the above listed owner-dastard?  

Where is the N.Y.S. Superintendent Of The State Police to arrest the Norlite owner-dastard for multiple felony counts of assault-with-a-chlorine-weapon?  Where is the N.Y.S. Department Of Law's Attorney General to prosecute the above listed owner-dastard?  

Where is the Albany County Sheriff to arrest the Norlite owner-dastard for multiple felony counts of assault-with-a-chlorine-weapon?  Where is the Albany County District Attorney to prosecute the above listed owner-dastard?  

Where is the joint County Sheriff and local Town Of Colonie/Maplewood, Town Of Green Island, Village Of Green Island, City Of Watervliet, police arrest for multiple felony counts of assault-with-a-chlorine-weapon?  

Where is the N.Y.S. D.E.C. Police arrest for multiple felony counts of assault-with-a-chlorine-weapon?  

The A.F.T.S.A.D. should have collected some scientific data while in the area.  The N.Y.S. D.E.C. had placed, (in a less-than-ideal location), an Un-Manned-Data-Collection-Station (UMDCS) in the area.  Where are the angel-like, and/or shyster, attorneys for the former employees, (or residents)?  Can not these attorneys obtain, (even if necessary, by a Freedom Of Information Law request), a copy of any data collected by the A.F.T.S.A.D. staff, and a copy of the data collected by the N.Y.S. D.E.C. UMDCS?  

A newspaper has reported Harvard University is studying, (e.g. hair sample studies) the residents neighboring the cement plant in Ravena, N.Y.  A newspaper has also reported the N.Y.S. Department Of Health (D.O.H.), received a grant from the U.S. Center For Disease Control (C.D.C.), to urine-uranium test the former employees, and to research the health records of the past, and remaining, resident neighbors, within 1.2 miles, of the former National Lead Industries (NL), the former (so-called "spent") uranium ammunition manufacturing plant.  

Resident neighbor victims of the Norlite hazardous waste chlorine assaults are certainly wondering where are their health tests?  

This citizen continues to hope the State University Of New York At Albany's Life Science Center's scientists, (e.g. biologists and chemists), have instituted a study, or studies, of the Norlite hazardous chlorine assault victims.  

This citizen would like to know where are the outcries from the priests and pastors of Cohoes?  (This is to also mention Colonie/Maplewood, Green Island, and Watervliet.)  

If the N.Y.S. D.E.C. commissioner and permits regulator really cared about the majority of residents involved, they would pull the permit.  

If the N.Y.S. D.E.C. commissioner and division of permits regulator implemented the principal of "Doing Unto Others ... ," the hazardous waste burning permit(s) would be immediately pulled, (along with a possible explanation about the previous commissioners and permits regulators mistaken gross negligence via incompetence and ignorance).  Reference: "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them ... ."  St. Matthew 07:12 (King James Version: KJV)  

If the N.Y.S. D.E.C. commissioner and division of permits regulator implemented the principal of "Love They Neighbor ... ," the hazardous waste burning permit(s) would also be immediately pulled, with the same possible, as listed above, explanation.  Reference: " ... Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself."  St Matthew 19:19 (KJV)  

Years ago, the A.N.S.W.E.R.S. garbage burning plant on Sheridan Avenue in Albany, N.Y., emitted pollutants which assaulted the predominantly African-American residential neighbors' area known as Arbor Hill.  After a few months, numerous reports of the pollution assaults appeared in the local newspaper.  Then, the words, "Environmental Racism," appeared in the local newspaper.  Within days, repeat the words "within days," the plant was shut down, repeat the words "shut down."  The shut down was permanent.  The concept of burning the garbage as an alternative to the landfill was originally purported as a good idea.  The plant was reported as N.Y. State run.  

The Norlite's residential neighbors are a predominantly European-American.  (Though some residents are African-Americans, some residents are Hispanics and some are others, the numbers are not such wherein one could claim the area to be "primarily" such.)  Thus, there is Environmental Racism against European-Americans, yet in a Politically-Correct-Hate-Mongering atmosphere like today's society, such Evil Racism is not only allowed, such is considered normal.  (The proof of the discrimination is as stated, and is hereby submitted.)  Shame on the Norlite.  Shame.  Shame on the N.Y.S. D.E.C..  Shame.  

This citizen has for years, upon years, referred to Cohoes, especially the downtown of Cohoes, (encompassing especially Mohawk, Remsen, Main, Congress and Lancaster Streets), as a "white ghetto."  Such only adds further proof to the above submitted proof of racial discrimination.  If the Norlite's 
residential neighbors were predominantly African-American, Hispanic-American, or Asian-American, such situation would surely go the way of the A.N.S.W.E.R.S. garbage refuse burning plant, and go such way with great haste.  

Also, don't worry, the affirma-acti-nazies-(lowercase "n") will see to it the discrimination against the European-Americans continues to occur.  

Of course, if this citizen could in any way prove the Norlite's residential neighbors were primarily of any other so-called special-interest-group (S.I.G.), (e.g. Feminists Or Homosexuals), the permit would also stand a good chance of cancellation.  ((Though this citizen has forgotten the priest's name, in the 1990's, the television media reported a priest in France stated, (paraphrased), "All they care about are Feminists and Homosexuals."  Such is also an excellent description of New York State and the state's government.))  This citizen doubts seriously if two locally known male homosexuals, and the only one, repeat the word "one," allegedly, female homosexuals' owned bar and sandwich shop on Oneida Street, (if such is still in existence), would count as enough homosexuals to claim as "primarily."  

The N.Y.S. D.E.C. Commissioner Joe Martens, 
((Division Of Environmental Permits (D.O.E.P.) )), 
625 Broadway, 
Albany, N.Y. 12233 1011, 
518 402 8545)), 
needs to, and should, immediately pull the hazardous waste processing permit(s).  

Information referrenced: 
The N.Y.S. D.O.H. Commissioner Nirav R. Shah, M.D., M.P.H., 
((Corning Tower, 
(So-Called "Empire State") Plaza, 
Albany. N.Y. 12237
518 474 2011)), 
needs to, and should, institute studies of the Norlite's workers, past and present, and Norlite's area residents.  

Open Question: Can the N.Y.S. D.E.C. Commissioner and the Division of Permits Director simply pull the permit(s)?  

Obviously not, as the above care immensely, upon immensely, more for the Norlite owner than for the resident neighbors.  

Morally speaking, the past, and present, D.E.C. commissioners', directors' and owner's assaultive behavior brings a curse, if not multiple curses, upon themselves.  Obviously, such don't seem to understand the principal of, "What goes around, comes around."  

If the D.E.C. commissioner, and/or director, would appoint this citizen to the position of an assistant commissioner, or a division of permits assistant director, the permit(s) would be pulled within one hour.  (This writer will serve for the one hour, for the base pay of one dollar U.S..)  In other words, this citizen will withdraw the permit and cite the mistake made by the previous commissioners and directors.  

If the commissioner and director refuse to make the above listed appointment, then the governor will be the only official remaining to appoint this writer as N.Y.S. D.E.C. assistant commissioner.  (The same terms would still apply: One hour, for one dollar U.S..)  

Proposal: If this citizen owned the Norlite, which this citizen does not own, yet when filing a multiple redress of grievance one generally should, if reasonable, state possible alternatives or solutions.  This citizen would divide the two hundred and fifty acres as follows: 1) Fifty acres for, not one, but two separate eighteen hole golf courses, with shared club house, 2) Obtain a N.Y.S. D.E.C. permit for a small dam to create a fifty acre lake at the open-pit quarry, 3) Obtain a N.Y.S. D.E.C. permit to contain and fence the fifty acres of current (kiln area) brown ground, which leaves one hundred acres to be develop as, A) two five hundred thousand dollar homes, B) four four hundred thousand dollar homes, C) eight three hundred thousand dollar homes, with A, B, and C having use of a two acre swimming pool and weight-room recreation building, and D) the remaining seventy-four acres of one hundred fourty-eight two hundred thousand dollar homes.  

Alternate proposal: (If this citizen owned the, located in Cohoes, part of Norlite zoned as industrial, this citizen would ask), why isn't the property being sold or leased to, for example, the Ford Company, instead of the the Ford factory being built in Brazil?  (Information about the factory being built in Brazil, was claimed recently on talk radio.)  

This citizen also proposes lyrics: The lyrics are based upon the following line from: 
"Lyrics by Dolly Parton: 
'Jolene Jolene Jolene Jolene
Please don't take him even though you can.'"

This Citizen's Proposed Lyrics, (parody): 
"Norlite Norlite Norlite Norlite
Please don't take my health even though you can."  

Also proposed lyrics: 
"Norlite Norlite Norlite Norlite
Please don't take my lungs even though you can."

Further proposed lyrics: (As Norlite is most likely burning a hazardous waste known as "toluene"): 
"Toluene Toluene Toluene Toluene
Please don't take my health even though you can."  

"Toluene Toluene Toluene Toluene
Please don't take my lungs even though you con."  

Does the Norlite employ, or even have, electrostatic precipitators (EP), before, or in, any of the Frankenstacks?  If so, where is their waste water treatment plant?  It certainly seems like no EP's, nor any waste water treatment plant, exist, due to the extremely urine-poor, (the word "urine" is not the word this citizen would rather use), so-called burning-up-to-temperature so-intended air purifying process.  

This citizen claims to, previously, be the inventor of the phrase "Frankenstacks."  

This citizen claims to be the inventor of the full and complete phrase "leftist-socialist-communist-environmetalist-monger."  

This citizen claims to be the inventor of the phrase "urine-poor," (the word 'urine' is not the word this citizen would rather use)."  

The first alternate title of this white paper is: "It Smells Like World War One Around Here."  

The second alternate title of this white paper is: "The Chloride Is So Thick It Tastes Like World War One Around Here."  

The first subtitle of this white paper is: "The Norlite Is Corrupt."  (Any company's spokesman who tells a newspaper reporter, the smoke does not reach down to the resident neighbors, is grossly misrepresenting.  This citizen suggests the company spokesman should change his name to Mr. Lying His Carcass Off.)  

The second subtitle of this white paper is: "The N.Y.S. D.E.C. (a.k.a. The State) Is Corrupt."  The resident neighbors are condemned, by permits issuance, to the extremely merciless, assaultive abusive chemicals.  

This citizen claims to be the inventor of the name, "Mr. Lying His Carcass Off."  

The third subtitle of this white paper is: "Pull The Permits."  

Concluding Statement: If said residents the city were primarily Jews, the assaultive gassing of the residents would surely be stopped immediately.  Please note the fact: Some of the chemicals (cyanides) released in the smoke are cousins, and distant cousins, to Zyklon-B (hydrogen cyanide/hydrocyanic acid, an cleaning agent and an insecticide).  Please also note the fact: The merciless gassing of residents is done with "State" permission.  In other words the State is the dictator, repeat the word "dictator," to the residents.  

Addendum Number One: 

This citizen is an old-fashioned conservationist, repeat the word "conservationist."  This conservationist has stated this opinion.  This conservationist is not, repeat the word "not," a leftist-socialist-communist-environmentalism-monger.  This citizen is writing for one's self.  

Addendum Number Two: 

This citizen has no connection with the Ford Motor Company.  

Addendum Number Three: 

This white paper should, repeat the word "should," be posted on the website, everettgreen.com (Page Two.)  

Addendum Number Four: 

This white paper has also stated a redress of grievance: N.Y.S. D.E.C. is bad.  

Copyright 2011 CE  Everett Green
06 18 2011 CE
Written By: 
Everett Green  Conservation Writer  Sinner  Orthodox

Posted 04 13 2012 CE

February 10, 2012 CE

Re: Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday

Lincoln's Birthday is Sunday, February 12th.  
Lincoln's Birthday can be and may be observed on Monday, February 13th.  

Washington's Birthday is Wednesday, February 22nd.  
Washington's Birthday, used to be observed on Monday, February 20th, or on Wednesday, February 22nd, and/or on Monday, February 27th.  

((The original Congressional theft, repeat the word "theft," (such was the word "theft" as in "rob, "robbed,""steal," and "stolen," of Lincoln's Birthday and its Observance and Washington's Birthday and its Observance, was, and never will be, compensated by a so-called Presidents' Day, nor an, nor any, observance of a so-called Presidents' Day Observed.))  

At least one local government agency is observing Lincoln's Birthday on Monday, February 13th, 2012 CE.  

In this listener's opinion, if this listener was a show host, (which this listener is not), this listener would say the words, "Lincoln's Birthday this Sunday," and "Lincoln's Birthday Observed this Monday,"  at least an equal number of times as the words "Martin Luther King, Jr. Day," were said.  Also, because Mr. Lincoln was clearly, repeat the word "clearly," and by far, repeat the words, "by far," the greater man, this listener would say the above listed words clearly, and by far, a much greater number of times than the other words, also above listed, were said.  

Then, this listener would do the same again on Washington's Birthday, and Washington's Birthday Observed, also because Mr. Washington was clearly, repeat the word "clearly," and by far, repeat the words, "by far," also a greater man, this listener would say the above listed words clearly, and by far, a much greater number of times than the other words, also above listed, were said.  

In fact, this listener, is going to say such words, to whomever, (relatives, friends, acquaintances, bank clerks, retail clerks, store clerks, co-volunteers at volunteer work, etc.), on said days.  

Such will be this listener's, (and this victim-of-a-theft, repeat the words "victim-of-a-theft"), way of saying-without-saying, "To Hell with the liberal/Politically-Correct/leftist/socialist/communists devils."  A theft is a theft.  Restoration is restoration.  


Everett Green  Sinner  Orthodox

P.S. May the Lord bless the board of (agreeing) directors, and the agency director, who, after decades of Congressional robbery of this citizen, gave and returned to this citizen a government agency which re-legitimatizes Mr. Lincoln's Birthday.  

P.P.S. It's about, (severe and profound victimization driven adjectives and phrases deleted), time.  

P.P.P.S.: In case of this listener's detractors, this listener did not, repeat the word "not," say "better man."   

P.P.P.P.S.: (02 13 2012 CE Addition to this letter: The government agency is the City Of Cohoes Public Library.)    

(Added for internet post):
P.P.P.P.P./s: "Greater" in the above listed report means greater in accomplishment, as in having attained the presidency of the United States of America.  

Posted 04 13 2012 CE

February 28 2012 CE (Revised from the second 02 21 issue.)  

In this citizen's opinion.  This citizen is speaking for himself.  

Re: Cohoes School Superintendent: 

1980's Superintendent's salary:  $ 80,000 per year.  
1990's Superintendent's salary: $ 102,000 per year.  
2010 Superintendent's salary:   $ 151,424 per year.  
2012 Superintendent's salary:   $ 157,481 per year.  

Most people in Cohoes don't earn one-fourth of the 1980's salary.  

In one year, in the 1980's, no textbooks were less than ten years old.  The  superintendent had stolen from the funds for new textbooks to give funds for the superintendents and administrators salaries.  

In 2012, Cohoes school students are sharing one textbook between two students.  The superintendent has stolen from the funds for one textbook for each student to give funds for the, (see above listed increases in salary), superintendent's and other administrators salaries.  

The sources of information for the salaries are the Times Union (Albany N.Y.) and The Record (Troy N.Y.) newspapers.  

This citizen has already found four over-qualified people who are willing to do the job for $ 35,000 per year, and this citizen is being over-generous.  

Where are the impeachments of the superintendents?  

Can one imagine the stealing from their own students, not to mention the stealing from the students parents, the stealing from the citizens, and the stealing from the taxpayers?  

Students, parents, citizens and taxpayers need to break out the torches and pitchforks against the superintendent pillager and plunderer.  

To really save funds, it's time for one superintendent for the entire state of New York.   

Did the reader of this report get a $ 6,057 raise this recession year, or as the above listed, any time in the past thirty years?  

E Green 

Posted 04 13 2012 CE  (Revised 06 06 2012 CE)  (Typographical errors corrected 06 05 2012 CE.)

03 28 2012 CE

In this opinion, speaking for self, Wafaa Bilal, So-Called Artist, has hated Christians as per his own words, since Bush Jr. and the Coalition allegedly killed his brother.  

Wafaa came to America to the University of New Mexico, Albequerque.  For his senior year art project, Wafaa thanked America for the opportunity to live in the U.S., by taking a cross, wrapping an American flag around the cross, stuffing such cross-with-flag-package inside a prophylactic, then stuffing such stuffed prophylactic inside a larger cross the so-called artist constructed of wooden packing crates.  At night, someone had entered the university art museum and destroyed said art project and one other student's, unrelated in theme, art project.  Such was reported by the University Police to the local newspaper, the Albequerque Journal.  The university police chief reported the investigating officer was so upset about the desecration of Christian symbols, the officer was unable to complete his written report in a timely manner.  

Such art was an expression of Wafaa's anti-Christian bigotry, Wafaa's hate crime against Judeo-Christianity.  

Wafaa went on to be an art teacher at a Chicago art school.  He also implanted a radio transmitting device under the skin on the back of his head recently, which is the fashion of a few so-called artists, (like the past art trends of painting with animal excrement, and the trend of painting with one's own blood).  Wafaa is an expert at getting in the newspapers.  

Wafaa's 2012 leftist explanation is Wafaa simply reversed a video game theme to portray a video game terrorist taking shots at President G.W. Bush.  Such reversing was only the method of the video project.  President George W. Bush is an avowed Christian.  The higher, and ultimate, purpose of the so-called art video was to express Wafaa's anti-Christian bigotry against George W. Bush.  
The claim of reversing the theme of the video game is only a latent 
function of the anti-Christian-bigotry-goal of the project. 

The City Of Troy has agreed to an out-of-court settlement to be allegedly by the City Council as a donation to the leftist-socialist-communist-Sanctuary-For-Independent-Media.  

The Troy attorney seems to have forgotten, the so-called artist could have spoken by requested parade permit at a rally outside the city hall, behind the City Hall, at the Uncle Sam Statue park, or at the liberal church, (Christ Church United Methodist, 35 State Street, Troy, N.Y. 12180), which, according to the news media, immediately offered the Sanctuary and the artist the use of its facility as an alternate location to speak.  

Has the Wafaa, "D" as in David, dastard, not the word this writer would rather use, ever offered an apology to the Christians?  The matter is really Wafaa's methods of Wafaa's hatred against Judeo-Christians.  Such is how Wafaa thanks the United States for freedom from Sadam Hussein's trying to force Wafaa to major in geology at the University of Baghdad, when Wafaa wanted to major in art.  

In fact, Wafaa's brother killed himself by picking up an AK-47 and shooting at Coalition Forces.  

Shame on the City Of Troy lawyer.  Shame.  

Shame on Wafaa.  Shame.  

Shame on the leftist-socialist-communist-Sanctuary-For-Independent-Media.  Shame.  

Double, and triple, shame on the United Methodist Church leader.  Shame.  Shame.  Shame. 
04 13 2012 CE  (Updated 04 27 2012 CE) (Revised 05 29 2012 CE)

Re: Dave Ostrovoski, President
Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP
Toronto, Canada (Maybe associated with:)
Richard Legault, CEO
Ben Vaughan, President Chief Operating Officer
200 Donald Lynch Blvd., Suite 300
Marlborough, MA 01752
Brookfield Power .com
508 251 7650

In this opinion, speaking for self, Brookfield Power is allegedly to give 113 acres of land to the "Great Spirit" Mohawks.  The "Great Spirit" Mohawks do not know exactly where their sage allegedly fell in to the Mohawk River.  

Brookfield Power, (possibly also a Canadian company owned or a Canadian company subsidiary), is traitors to the U.S.  Was a any consideration given to the Congress, the U.S. Department Of State, The U.S. Department Of The Interior?    

In this opinion, Brookfield Power is traitors to Judeo-Christianity and the New Israel.  

In this opinion, speaking for self, the "Great Spirit" Mohawks/(Great Spirit religion Mohawks) hate Judeo-Christianity so much, they refer to Judeo-Christianity as "The Religion."  All persons of all races who are knowledgeable about Red Racism, and Red Racist Hypocrites, know such is simply Red Racist Code, and a shortened form, for the words, "The White Man's Religion."  

(The following paragraph was updated to these three paragraphs on 04 27 2012 CE.)  

The claim of land hungary colonists is from the Times Union's, daily newspaper, Albany N.Y. report about Doug George-Kanentiio, Akwesasne Mohawk,  Native American Journalists Association Co-Founder, "Iroquois on Fire" Author, Hiawatha Institute for Indigenous Knowledge Vice-President.  
Is not such the pot calling the kettle black, (as one knows the "Great Spirit" Mohawks committed merciless attacks while allied with and siding with the British King in the American Revolutionary War)?  Noted here is the extreme, intense and profound hypocrisy of the "Great Spirit" Mohawk.  

This writer sees the "Great Spirit" Mohawk says the European-American must pay for his ancestors alleged, and claimed, past "crimes," yet the Mohawk-American does not have to pay for his ancestors past crimes.  

It seems a "Great Spirit" Mohawk follower, or followers, of the sage of peace, committed the murders of Father Issac Jogues and the other Jesuit martyrs.  

Shame on Brookfield Power.  Shame.  

Shame on the "Great Spirit" Mohawks.  Shame.  

P.S.: Recently, other Mohawks of the Roman Catholic persuasion, in other words, Catholic Mohawks, and Catholics of other races, have been most pleased with the Vatican's (February 2012 CE) stated possible promotion of Blessed Kateri Tekawitha to the status of Saint.  

P.P.S.: The above report is not a reference to Evangelical (Christian) Mohawks and Catholic Mohawks.  

P.P.P.S.: Where are the protests of Al Sharpton, Black Racist Hypocrite, and other Black Racist hypocrites, about the Red Racists getting a reparation of 113 acres, and no "acres," (nor "mule"), for the Black Racists?  Where are the Hispanic "Brown" Racists asking for their allegedly "equal" and allegedly "fair" share?  Where are the Asian "Yellow" Racists asking for their allegedly "equal" and allegedly "fair" share?  Has not Brookfield Power favored only one race for special treatment and favor with reparations, and this opinion does emphasize the words "favored," "only," "one," "race," "special," "treatment," and "reparation."  

Shame on Al Sharpton, Black Racist Hypocrite.  Shame.  

04 23 2012 CE


Red-Racists:                113 acres
Black-Racists:                 0 acres
Yellow-Racists:               0 acres
Hispanic-Supremists:   0 acres  

One might ask, "Where's Al Sharpton, Black-Racist-Hypocrite?"  "Where's 'The Race'/La Raza?"  

Everett Green  Sinner  Orthodox

04 30 2012 CE  07:36 Hrs.  

Red-Racists:               110 acres
Black-Racists:                 0 acres
Yellow-Racists:               0 acres
Hispanic-Supremists:   0 acres

Everett Green  Sinner  Orthodox
04 13 2012 CE  (Revised 04 23 2012 CE) (Typographical error corrected 06 05.)

St. Patrick's
In this opinion, speaking for self, the 04 13, 2012 CE, "The Record" daily newspaper of Troy, N.Y. stated, " ... the vacant St. Patrick's property ... ."  The St. Patrick's is not a vacant property.  Such is a building which served as the priest's quarters, and four other buildings.  

Is St. Patrick's on the National Historic Register?  

Is St. Patrick's on the N.Y.S. Historic Registry?  

Is the internationally known organ, still in the church?  Organists, organ lovers, and organ music lovers, worldwide may desire to know.  

If St. Patrick's was a synagogue (of Judaism), or a temple (of Buddhism), or a place of worship of any other religion, would demolition be considered, or even spoken of?  One, repeat the word "one," answer to said question is this writer's answer, "It's Open Season on Christians, and it's Open Season on Catholics."  
Where are the Catholic-Christians and Other-Christians with the anti-Catholic
and anti-Christian bigotry charges against the demolishers?  
If this writer's memory serves correctly, this is a large parish which spent years and years building up an impressive large belfry bell collection, only then to be set upon by a very, very bad war, (World War Two).  Such parishioners, then sacrificed their expensive and precious bell collection to donate said bells to U.S. Defense Department's metal recycling efforts, to help put an end to Adolf.  In said belfry, the now  visual silence of the space once occupied by the bells is reflected against the varied winds passing through the stone structure.  Hitler's evil behavior caused the emptiness of the belfry.  A picture of the belfry should be shown to all residents of the city of Watervliet.  The St. Patrick's parishioners should be commended for their patriotism in committing such an immense sacrifice in their donation towards the "war effort."  The bells may very well have been manufactured in nearby Troy, N.Y.  Some of these parishioners are still living.  The descendants of said parishioners should be most pleased with the patriotism of their predecessors and ancestors.                                                                           

It's time for the "Fraken-Chopper" and "Franken-Nigro-Property" to be confronted with "pitchforks and torches," "pitchforks and torches."  

Where are the historic organizations protests of the demolition? 

Where are the arts organizations, asking for the church building to be saved, at the least, as an arts center, like the building at at the corner of Madison Avenue and Grand Street in Albany, N.Y.? 

Shame on the supposed-to-be-Judaism, repeat the words "supposed-to-be- Judaism," owners of the Pricechopper family.  Shame.  

Shame on "The Record's," "vacant."  A structure, repeat the word "structure," with a front lawn does not an empty property make.  Such is the usual leftist-liberal-anti-Christian-and-anti-Catholic bigotry of the leftist-liberal editor of The Record.   

Shame on "The Record."  Shame.  

04 23 2012 CE


After lifting his hands from the keys, an organist, (and organ collector), commented about the excellent acoustics.  The building has value in the acoustics alone.  

The Fraken-Chopper and Fraken-Nigro-Property may want to consider an alternate property, probably way larger, for sale, behind the elementary school, on Crabapple Lane?  The property is only a few blocks, repeat the word "blocks," from St. Patrick's.  Some of said property may extend into Maplewood.  

Rex Smith, Leftist-Socialist-Times-Union-Editor, and Claims-To-Be-a-Catholic, in his daily newspaper's editor's web log, has stated his favoritism to demolition, claiming, (paraphrase), who has, or where is, the rehabilitation money coming from.  As he is also known, "T Rex," as a good leftist-socialist, has generally never met a public K-12 school budget, he didn't like, yet there is all of a sudden a shortage of money for a church.

The T Rex probably has read "The Record," daily newspaper, (in Troy, New York), which has recently printed a report about the nine million dollar bequeath to Russell Sage College's library.  

A caller to a talk radio show on Talk 1300 A.M., this week said, "Write to the Vatican to keep St. Patrick's."  

Also, it is possible this writer may now be accused of anti-semitism, false though such would be.  
(End of Appendix)   

04 27 2012 CE 

Appendix Two

The belfry referenced above, is the second story empty belfry, directly above the main entrance.  The "Metroland," weekly newspaper of Albany, N.Y. reports a belfry with a large bell.  There seems to be two belfries.  

Jared Golub is the president of the Pricechopper grocery store, planned tenant of Nigro Properties.  
(End of Appendix Two)

06 06 2012 CE  00:10 Hrs.

In this opinion, speaking for self, the ruined apple, cheery and pear crops in New York State is a reduced tax revenue punishment by the Lord against the N.Y.S. governor and legislature for the approval and passage of Sodomite-Pervert-So-Called-Marriage based upon a claim of Execrement-Covered-Ding-Dong-So-Called-Rights.  

It is sad the heterosexual orchard owners and their families are the innocent victims.  

Shame on Governor Andrew Cuomo.  Shame.  

Shame on the N.Y.S. Legislature.  Shame. 
Posted 06 20 2012 CE  Approximately 12:20 Hrs.  (Typographical errors corrected 07 01 2012 CE.)
06 19 2012 CE

Addendum To The Terrorist-Artist
or The Leftist-Socialist-Communist-Tax-And-Spend-Spoiled-Rotten-Sixties-Brats

In this writer's opinion, speaking for self, and Redress of Grievance, according to "The Record," a leftist-varmint-daily-newspaper in Troy, N.Y., the Sanctuary For Independent Media, (which should actually be called the Sanctuary For Leftist-Socialist-Communist Media), claimed The terrorist-artist's right to free speech was snuffed out by the Troy city code enforcement officer, Mr. Murch.  

If memory serves correctly, Mr. Murch had given the leftist-socialist-communist-comrades almost a full year to fix the violations.  The leftist-socialist-commies, (a few of the members may be conned-ones/fooled-ones), had been fixing the violations, one-by-one as funding came in.  They had not yet fixed the front double-doors.  Such doors were standard thick church style doors.  

(A picture, in "The Record," of the leftist-socialist-commie-comrades gathered to hear their terrorist-artist-dear-leader after the re-opening showed an attendance of approximately forty.)  

It seems that Mr. Murch, known as a conservative, had to consider if the main entrance/exit doors had not yet been fixed to operating standards, then Mr. Murch, showed great concern for the leftist-socialist-commie-comrades by saving up to forty of their lives from a horrible death by fire and/or a horrible death by smoke inhalation, by dropping the hammer about the doors remaining un-repaired, in violation of the city code.    

A short couple weeks later, a protest by conservatives protesting the terrorist-artist-comrade's speech, and protesting the comrade's claim of free speech snuffing, took place at the front of the Sanctuary.  Counting the front entrance porch, the lengthy wheelchair ramp, the front steps, the walkway, and the sidewalk, there were at least forty people outside the commie building.  (Some of the people on the porch and wheelchair ramp may have been the Sanctuary's comrades.)  Some were inviting protestors inside to tour the Sanctuary's commie-land.  One comrade was inviting the protesters in by shouting.  He could be easily heard out to the sidewalk.  

What this writer finds most important is the fact, the day of the closing, the terrorist-artist-comrade-dear-leader could have simply spoken from the front porch to forty comrades gathered on the front porch, the front steps, the wheelchair ramp, the walkway, and the sidewalk.  (Such would have been exactly just like the above mentioned comrade who invited in the protesters).  Not even a bullhorn would have been necessary, yet many know how easily leftist-socialist-commies can obtain a bullhorn.  

Also, the commie comrades could have asked Mr. Murch to contact the mayor for immediate permission to have the speech that very evening in front of the (now no longer there) city hall, or on the lawn behind the (no longer there) city hall, or even at the Uncle Sam statue area.  

The city of Troy had a right to protect the lives of its citizens, even if such citizens were leftist-socialist-Marxist-commies.  

Therefore, the claim of free speech snuffing out is totally a fabrication, prevarication, equivocation, and an outright lie, by the Sanctuary's comrades and their leftist-socialist-communist-comrades at the Civil Liberties Union.  The Civil Liberties Union should be called the Commie Civil Liberties Union, (because many know how much they hate, repeat the word "hate," Christian crosses and/or any mere mention of Christianity).  

Thus, the Troy city attorney was extremely, grossly erroneous, in throwing in the towel to the commie, "d" as in dummy, dastards.  

Meanwhile, the Times Union," a leftist-varmint-daily-newspaper in Albany, N.Y. and "The Record," leftist-varmint-daily-newspaper in Troy, N.Y. never did state the Leftist-Socialist-Terrorist-Artist-Dear-Leader's bigoted anti-Christian and anti-American-flag antics previously perpetrated at the University of Albuquerque.  (The antics were also anti-Judaism because Jesus of Nazareth was Jewish.)  

Thus, the dear leader practiced his anti-Christian bigotry against President G. W. Bush.  The dear leader practiced his Judaism-cide and Christianity-cide.  

So also did the Sanctuary practice its anti-Christian bigotry against President G. W. Bush.  The Sanctuary practiced their Judaism-cide and Christianity-cide.  

The Civil Liberties Union practiced its anti-Christian bigotry against President G. W. Bush.  The C.L.U. practiced its Judaism-cide and Christianity-cide.  

Shame on Wafaa Bilal.  Shame.  

Shame on the Sancturary.  Shame.  

Shame on the C.L.U.  Shame.  


Inventor Of Phrase: This writer is the inventor of the phrases, leftist-varmint, leftist-socialist-spoiled-rotten-sixties-brats, and leftist-socialist-communist-spoiled-rotten-sixties-brats.  

Greedy Communist Tax And Spend City: This writer has tended to avoid, repeat the word "avoid," Troy, since the late 1990's/2000's because the then city government decided to leftist-socialist-tax-and-spend by Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) against the two large colleges, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute and the Russell Sage Colleges, and then upped the matter by taxing the poor nuns of Saint Mary's Hospital and the (then separate) Samaritan Hospital.  A (most likely previous officials) government city-(state) could not have been any more greedy leftist-socialist-communist-tax-and-spend-pigs than taxing a hospital.  Such seems to be another way the communists practice a hatred against Christians by taxing nuns trying to take care of the poor.  

Shame on the Troy City-(state) government for such.  Shame.  

Truly Should Be Unbelievable:  This writer happened to notice, at a cost of millions, the City of Troy built a new city hall by the Monument Square.  Such city hall was recently torn down.  Now the taxpayers must rent a building for the city hall (the previously Verizon building, and plans are soon for renting the Hedley Building).  

However, the City of Albany has a stone city hall, (except for a, if memory serves correctly, 1980's addition), for decades upon decades, built and paid for.  The City of Cohoes has a stone city hall which, for decades upon decades, has been build and paid for.  Something was grossly wrong with the building of such previous city hall.  Highlighted is the poor situation of the taxpayers of Troy who must bear the burden of the sacrifice of paying for a city hall from scratch, rather than like the taxpayers of Albany and Cohoes, which have only the greatly lesser sacrifice of general maintenance and repair.  Instead of paying the leftist-socialist-communist-tax-an-spend-anti-Judaism-and-anti-Christian-bigots like the Sanctuary For (Communist) Independent Media, maybe, repeat the word "maybe," the Troy should build a stone city hall like Albany and Cohoes.  Them poor taxpayers of Troy.  

Maybe this writer should actually stop avoiding Troy, to rather so more shopping in Troy to help Troy's economy.  (Of course, keeping in mind, the help can never be much because of what the New-York-State-Leftist-Socialist-Communist-Public-Employee-So-Called-Union-Bigots-and-the-New-York-State's-So-Called-Affirmative-Action-Bigots did to this former public employee's career.  (The Lord will repay them morally bankrupt scum-buckets.)  

Inventor Of The Phrase: This writer is also inventor of the phrase, (originally for New York State government), unqualified and/or incompetent so-called-affirmative-action appointees, "Affirmative-Action-Specials," and this writer does say what needs to be said, "Affirmative-Action-Specials."  

Please notice, this writer is actually pro-(so-called)-bean-counting, yet only if the beans are qualified, repeat the word "qualified," beans.  This writer abhors, not the person, yet rather the incompetence, repeat the word "incompetence," of the unqualified beans.  

(Remember, as reported in a daily newspaper, the 1980's-1990's Silicon Alley incident, when, finally, one European-American company owner told the You-Will-Hire-Employ-Unqualified-Beans-Or-We'll-Call-You-"Racist"-Dictator-And-Racist-Crusader Jesse Jackson Sr., Hypocrite, (paraphrased), "If you send me a qualified person, I will hire him."  So what did the Jesse Jackson Sr. do?  Rather than return to his office and immediately post a notice of an equal employment opportunity at a technical company available on the Jesse Sr.'s website, by e-mail, and by bulletin board, Jesse Sr., the Hypocrite, immediately ran to the leftist-media to falsely-accuse the European-American businessman of racism by calling the innocent, repeat the word "innocent," man a "Racist," meaning of course White-Racist.  Shame on Jesse Sr.  Shame.)  

(End of "Terrorist-Artist")
Posted 06 26 2012 CE  (Typographical errors corrected 07 01 2012 CE.)

06 26 2012 CE 14:27 Hrs.

The African-American-Version-Of-Nazism

In this writer's opinion, and speaking for self, the recent Rainbow PUSH organization's, headed by Jesse L. Jackson Sr., statement threatening protests over the Adidis JS Roundhouse Mid designed by Jeremy Scott, Designer alleged, repeat the word "alleged," used claims of " ... slave shoes ... " and " ... profit by ... our enslaved past."  
The organization describes itself as "progressive."  

Jesse L. Jackson Sr., The-African-American-Version-Of-Nazism, Hypocrite, Slanderer, Libeler, Spit-In-The-"White"-Man's-Soup, clearly and perfectly fits the following quote,  (actually written in a "Human Events" 06 25 2012 CE report by Daniel J. Flynn, Reporter, (about the homosexualism-addicts), "Haters give themselves away by obsessing over the supposed hatefulness of the people they hate."  

The New York Times', 06 20 2012 CE, Austin Considine reported, the "stuffed toy" "My Pet Monster" was the "inspiration," and the Adidis' Facebook page had " ... more than 38 thousand likes through Wednesday, ... . "  

Each sneaker is plastic-chained to the ankle.  The ankles are at no time plastic-"chained" to each other.  

Can anyone state a slave owner would have chained sneakers to a slave?  

Previous to the canvas rubber-soled sneaker, were only sandals, shoes, boots, moccasins and mukluks.  Slavery was outlawed in 1865 CE.  Rubber-soled canvas sneakers were invented in 1917 CE .  Could anyone honestly state a slave owner would have purchased sneakers for, and plastic chained such, to a slave?  

If sneakers had been invented earlier, would a slave owner have chained sneakers to a slave to enable the slave to escape quieter, faster and quicker?  Running away would certainly have been faster in sneakers.  Such shows the Jackson Sr. accusations are hateful lies.  

A certain percentage of high priced sneakers are stolen by European-Americans, African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans and Native-Americans.  Jackson Sr. seems to need to cover-up any stealing of such by the African-American percentage, by inventing an entire company of slave-owners.  

Europeans, (and therefore European-Americans), also have a history of having been slaves.  Many Europeans were taken as slaves to Rome.  The Jackson, Sr., Obviously-A-History-Jackcarcass, implies Africans and African-Americans own slavery.  

Many upon many Africans owned slaves.  Slavery is still practiced by some Africans today.  

This writer believes both Adidis and Jeremy Scott, should immediately sue, (for, at the least, expenses incurred), the Rainbow PUSH .Org for libel.  Such would be similar to the lawsuit against Alton H. Maddox, Jr., C. Vernon Mason, Al Sharpton, and Tawana Brawley, by Stephen A. Pagones.  

This writer would rather listen to Jesse Lee Peterson any day.  

Jackson Sr.'s continued bearing of a false witness against European-Americans does more to set back African-American relations with European-Americans than ever.  Jackson Sr.'s, as usual, extortionist hate crimes against European-Americans know no bounds.  Shame on Jackson Sr..  Shame.  

(End of: "The African-American Version Of Nazism")  
July 09 2012 CE
The Lord's Punishment Again
In this writer's opinion, and speaking for self, the current mid-west corn belt, and larger, massive-record-setting drought is a punishment by the Lord, especially to the federal, state, and public schools, government tax and fee income, and especially for, at the least, 
the individual leftist-socialist-commie-greed of private company CEO's, 
the leftist-socialist-commie-tax-and-spend greed of federal, state, and public school, government CEO's, 
and other sins of a sinful nation.  
Shame on the practitioners of such -isms.  Shame.  

July 09 2012 CE
The Feminist Devil Again
In this writer's opinion, and speaking for self, New York state Legislative Senator Martin Golden, a Republican in a Brooklyn district, held etiquette classes for women to assist such with job interviews.  Amid a so-called "uproar," said the, 07 08 2012 CE, Times Union, local leftist-socialist-communist daily newspaper, (though such Editorial Board finally opposed a proposed legislative pay raise with a suggested pay cut - following this writer's criticism of the TUEB's leftist-socialist-communist 50 years of tax and spend, and recent quote's on so-called-conservative-yet-really-liberal-talk-radio of John F. Kennedy's famous statement, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,"), the senator cancelled the classes.  
Said classes should be reinstated immediately for the approximately-thirty-percent-of-women-who-do-not-give-in-to-the-Feminist-Devil.  Such women have a right to their free speech.  The Times Union Editorial Board (TUEB) referred to "what century" the senator was in, and to the senator's alleged-"sexism."  The TUEB, of course sees no-Feminist-Devil's-female-"sexism."  The jackboot, and this writer does mean, "jackboot"-feminist-Little-Adolf's and jackboot-feminist-Little-Hitler's have spoken.  Note, how the feminist-devils have suppressed the free speech rights of the senator, the senator's trainers, and the class participents.  Such is also parallel to how the same feminist devils claim a right-to-choose-to-murder-tiny-embryo-fetal-female-babies-by-abortion-child-murder by throwing the same style "uproars" when the same thirty-percent, or more, of women try to say such murdering should cease.  
Shame on the feminist-devils.  Shame.  
Written 07 22 2012 CE
Posted 07 23 2012 CE
Accursed Ones
If, repeat the word "if," this writer purchases a radio-controlled robot dog.  Then, one takes said robot dog to the machine shop where it is upgraded mechanically to remotely deposit liquid and solid materials.  Then the magazines are filled with lemonade and dark chocolate respectively.  Later the robot dog is sent to the pubic sidewalk and neighbors lawns to deposit said lemonade and chocolate.  Given the above facts, would not this robot-dog owner hear great complaints from the neighbors, neighbors landlord and/or, if a local ordinance against such, the local police?  
The answer, of course, is surely.  This robot-dog owner could even be charged with harassment, criminal mischief and possibly a public health violation.  
Has this writer not just described many, many real dog owners, who abuse the living daylights out of their neighbors?  Of course.  
Also, and even worse, is if one asks said owners if they are practitioners of Judaism or Christianity, many would readily answer they were of Judaism or Christianity.     
Shame on said morally bankrupt dog owners.  Shame.  
Especially shame if said dog owners claim, repeat the word "claim," to be of Judaism or Christianity.  In this writer's opinion, and speaking for self, such dog-owners are truly accursed individuals.  (Such behavior brings accursedness upon themselves.)  
Posted 07 26 2012 CE 12:16 Hrs.
Written 07 25 and 26 2012 CE 11:30 Hrs.

In this writer's opinion, and speaking for self, the Greek hellenic Olympic Committee's Administrators have booted a team member only a few days before the 2012 C.E. Summer Games in London, England.  Miss/Mrs. Paraskevi (Voula) Papachristou, Olympic Team Jumper was denied her free speech rights from home.  This writer is not necessarily referencing "Workplace Rights to Free Speech," rather free speech rights from home.  

The voting in favor of jackboot intolerance, the Greek Committee Administrators, Little Hitlers/Little Stalins caved in to the leftist Little Hitlers/Little Stalins who cried "racism."  

A mere reference to an ethnic group is racism?  

A mere commentary is racism?  

All jokes are racism?  

Many say North Africans, e.g.: Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisians, Libyans, Egyptians, and Ethiopians, are Caucasian.    

Thus one commented about other Caucasians.         

Shame on the Leftist Little Stalins.  Shame.  

Shame on the voting in favor of jackboot intolerance Greek Committee Administrators.  Shame.  

Should not all the statisticians in Greece who count numbers of claimed, repeat the word "claimed," so-called, repeat the word "so-called," "minorities" also be jackbooted?      

The dictator lost the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany, but the dictator has posthumously won in Greece in 2012 C.E. via the Greek Olympic committee's suppression of free speech.  Such is unbelievable.  Such is for sure.  

As usual the hateful-totally-careless-liberal-ruputation-thieves-and-ruiners-of-other-peoples-lives have done it again.  

One may have a right to redress of grievance lawsuit against a Greek Olympic Committee administrators?


Posted: 08 06 2012 C.E. at 13:31 Hrs.
Written: 08 05 2012 C.E.

New And Improved Robot Dog

In my opinion, and speaking for self, if, repeat the word "if," the purchased robot dog, previously machine shop upgraded to deposit "apple juice" and "chocolate" on neighbors' sidewalks, lawns and children's play areas, yet now could also be upgraded to be equipped with a five-eights to three-quarter inch thick, and two to two and one-half inch long, vice-grip style steel jaws fashioned with fitted steel teeth.  If one robot dog owner then radio-controlled the robot dog with the vice-grip jaws to not only deposit the germs and bacteria from the "apple juice" and chocolate" deposited on the neighbors' and children's lawns, yet also can terrorize the neighbors with the threat of serious physical injuries to themselves and their children, such as crushed foot bones, crushed chin bones, crushed hand bones and crushed forearm bones.  
And the possibility exists of a controlled robot dog getting an electronic virus or worm malfunction and going robot pack animal wild.  

It is time for many to start to, as the famous Judaism, (and Christian), teachers said, "Do to others as one wishes to be done by."  

Who would want to own a real dog who can also potentially get a biological virus or other biological brain malfunction, worm or otherwise, and go pack animal, ferociously wild on people and children, as has happened with e.g. Pit Bull Terrier terrorists and Doberman Pinscher terrorists?  

Also sadly opposite the reputation imparted by some Hollywood movies, Dalmatian dogs are potentially not good, repeat the words "not good," with children, as proven by Dalmatian dog terrorists.  

Copyright 2012 CE

Posted 03 11 2013 C.E.

Re: St. Patrick's Church

Statement: The property along Crabapple Lane is "For Lease."  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E.

12 18 2012 C.E.

(Addressee deleted.)

Re: N.Y. State Thruway

Dear Sir: 


[From: "Thruway Overtime Offers Road Of Gold," by Chris Churchill, The Advocate, Published 10:25 p.m., Saturday, December 01, 2012 C.E. 

Quote: "One hundred and fifty-nine Thruway employees earned more than $100.000.  Many of those workers, not surprisingly, worked in the Thruway's administrative offices."]  


In this citizen's opinion, this citizen says, "Too many highly-overpaid chiefs, and not enough Indians."  "The Thruway administrators' highly over-paid salaries are an 'excessive-welfare program' one can cut."  


This citizen repeats the words, "Too many highly-overpaid chiefs, and not enough Indians."  




Everett Green

℅ D.P. Pendragon

24 Saratoga Springs

Cohoes, N.Y. 12047


Further, though not stated in the letter: Shame on the N.Y. State Thruway administrators.  Shame.  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E.

Week of: 12 17 2012 C.E.

Re: N.Y. Post Reporters and the Invasion of the Connecticut School

Three letters up-loaded to the N.Y. Post, daily newspaper, all said (paraphrased): In this citizen's opinion, as per the reports (about the shooting at the Connecticut school), the reporters are ef-feminized men and girly-men.  

The third letter also contained a quote from the famous World War One song: 

"Praise the Lord, 

Pass the ammunition, 

And we'll all live free."

Shame on the N.Y. Post reporters.  Shame.  


P.S.: The famous World War One song is copyrighted.  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E.

Week of: 01 01 2013 C.E.

Re; The Times Union and the Invasion of the Connecticut School

In this citizen's opinion, three calls to the Times Union, daily newspaper, (Albany/Colonie, N.Y.) stating the T.U. Editorial Board's and Reporters' (except one reporter), are ef-feminized men and girly-men.  As, since 1975, pro-abortion-murder-of-a-child baby-killers who publish a list of people killed by people using guns, thus as hypocrites, blame the guns, not the people.  Also noted was the fact no determination is stated whether or not the people were National Rifle Association members, nor determination is stated of the numerous people's on the list gang affiliation, nor which people listed possessed illegally owned guns.  Also stated was the T.U.'s Editorial Board's and reporters' hypocrites' support of homosexuals' unhealthy behavior of playing with their-excrement-covered-ding-dongs and excrement-covered-behinds, causing H.i.V.-A.I.D.S., a form of suicide/murder-of-one's-self, and stated was Mr. Jay Jochnowitz's, (Editorial Board member), hypocrite's support of seniors'-euthanasia-murder-of-one's-self.  

This citizen reminded such editors and reporters, "Thou shall not murder."  

Further, though not stated in the calls: Shame on the T.U. Editorial Board and reporters.  Shame.  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E.

01 2013 C.E.

Re: The Mis-Translation: "Thou Shall Not Kill"

(About the common mis-translation - "Thou shall not kill,"), on the talk radio media, Dr. Savage stated, "It's, 'Thou shall not murder.'"  

This fan of Dr. Savage appreciates Dr. Savage's statement.  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E.

01 2013 C.E.

Re: A Direct Quote of Osama Bin Laden

Documentary: "The Terror Matrix: Bin Laden's First Strike," The Military Channel, Time Warner Cable's (TWC) Channel Number 210  

"May 1988" [C.E.], "Ten weeks before the attacks on the two [U.S.] American embassies in Africa, John Miller, American Journalist," … "near the Afganistan, Pakistan border," … "interviews Bin Laden, who had just issued the Holy War Edict declaring war against America and its allies."  

"May 26 1988" [C.E.]


Documentary Narrator: "Bin Laden had demanded a list of Miller's questions in advance."  … 


Miller: "Mr. Bin Laden, you have issued a fatwa [Holy War edict] calling on Muslims to kill Americans where they can, when they can."  "Is that directed against all Americans?"  


Bin Laden: "The worst thieves in the world today and the worst terrorists are the Americans."  

"We do not differentiate between the military and civilians."   "As far as we are concerned, they are all targets."  


Narrator: "The interview over, Miller turns to [Al] Zwahiri and asks him when America might expect Bin Laden's War to begin."  


Miller: "'Oh', he said, 'You will see the results of this fatwa [Declaration of Holy War] in the next several weeks.'"  "I remember walking away from that saying - that's a little unusual."  "Usually they make a threat, from a terrorist group, they don't put a time limit on it."  "They don't fore-shadow that much."  "And here - they're trying to tell us - something is about to happen."  


Narrator: "Nairobi, Kenya."  …  


Narrator: "Dar [es] Salaam, Tanzania."  …  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E.

01 05 2013 C.E.

Re: The Feminist-Ignorant, Feminist-Foolish

01 05 2013 C.E.

In this citizen's opinion, stated is, "Thirty percent of women are not ignorant enough, nor foolish enough, to believe the feminist devil."  

Shame on the seventy percent of women who are feminists.  Shame.  

Shame also on the male feminists.  Shame.  

Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E. 

01 05 2013 C.E.

Re: Nazism in Native-American, Nazism in Black, Nazism in Hispanic, Nazism in Asian-American, Nazism in Feminism, Nazism in Homosexualism


In this citizen's opinion, stated is, as reported in the media, U.S. Congressional Representative Alan Greyson, (who happens to be a Democrat), from Florida, stated on the Al Sharpton, Black-Racist-Bigot-Hypocrite-Hate-Crime-Against-European-Americans-and-Asian-Americans, show on the leftist-socialist-Marxist-commmunist television news station of MSNBC, about referring to conservatives as "legislative terrorists," stated John Boehner, Republican from Ohio, was a "chief with no Indians."  


Where is the red-racist-hypocrite-hate-crime-bigot-against-European-Americans Michaela Saunders, who falsely accused and treated Mr. Grabhorn as if he had said the word "Injuns" rather than the actual word used "Indians?"  Where is Miss/Mrs. Saunders now to claim the same about Greyson?  Where is Michaela Saunders, the same as she falsely-accused Mr. Grabhorn of "reducing Native-Americans to a cliche,." with such same accusation?  Only in the fantasies of the mind of a leftist-liberal can a people be reduced to "a cliche."  The leftist-liberal has to invent a r-a-a-a-cist in order to set themselves up as the great defenders against said invented racism.  


What's good for the goose is good for the gander, yet not now in America where the leftist-liberal, lowlife-like newsmen have one set of rules for leftist-liberals and a second, more strict, set of rules for conservatives.  


Where are Michaela Saunders' like-minded hate-crime friends at the nazism-in-African-American-National-Association-of-Black-Journalists (NABJ), the nazism-in-hispanic-National-Association-of-Hispanic-Journalists (NAHJ), the nazism-in-asian-Asian-American-Journalists-Association (AAJA), the nazism-in-Native-American-Native-American-Journalists-Association (NAJA), and the combined nazism-in-African-American,-Hispanic-American,-Asian-American-and-Native-American,-Unity,-Journalists-of-Color-Inc. to claim the same about Greyson?  


Or is it, as usual with leftist-socialist-Marxist-communist-"liberals," yet again, one set of rules for the "liberals-the-true-bigots" and a different set of rules for those (conservatives) constantly accused of the bigotry alleged?  


And please don't forget the shenanigans of the hate-crime haters-of-men nazism-in-feminists-Association-for-Women-Journalists (AWJ) hypocrites, and the hate-crime haters-of-heterosexuals nazism-in-homosexualism-National-Lesbian-and-Homosexual-Journalists-Association hypocrites.  


Bottom line, not a peep out of the true bigots listed above.  Not a peep.  Not a peep.  


However, such need to heed this citizen's repetition of the statement, "What goes around, comes around."  


Again, "What goes around, comes around." 


Yet again, "What goes around, comes around."  


Shame on the black-racist, Hispanic-racist, Asian-racist, red-racist, feminist, and homosexual hypocrites.  Shame.  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E.

01 06 2013 C.E.

Nazism in Native-American


In this citizen's opinion, recently, in the media, the hate-crime, nazism-in-Native-American, hypocrite-Native-American-racists cried and cried, about the fashion show with Karlie Kloss, Model, at Victoria's Secret, who wore an allegedly Native-American headdress.  The alleged headdress was obviously only a Native-American Style headdress.  Such is little different from fashion worn at the Las Vegas casino's choreographed shows.  The red-racists falsely accuse again.  Miss/Mrs. Kloss simultaneously, seemed to wear a Native American Style turquoise Dine Navajo Squash Blossom necklace.  (Such is considered by some to be a religious symbol.)  Numerous Native-American jewelers have sold Native-American religious symbols in their jewelry products for decades.  Such previous is certainly nothing new, nor necessarily outlawed by Native-Americans, (unless a Native-American racist bigot feels the need to falsely accuse to invent a bigot so said false-accuser can claim to be against r-a-a-a-cism, (such are not so far removed from the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. want-to-be-s).  


This citizen does not see any Egyptian-Americans crying r-a-a-a-cism about the use, on ever so many commercial-culture necklaces, bracelets and rings, of the ancient religious symbol of the, familiar to many, looped-cross of the ancient Egyptian god, Amen-Rah.  Not a peep.  Not a peep.  


Also, recently, an innocent video by Gwen Stefani, Singer and Actress, wherein Mrs. Stefani, as a singer and an actress, portrayed, in a possibly historic scene, a Native-American captured and kidnapped by bandits.  Mrs. Stefani's Native-American Style dress was only Native-American Style.  Such was not the least bit racist, yet the accusations flew most carelessly and wildly via the aiders and abettors in the media called journalists and reporters.  What, Native-Americans have never, movie nor theatre, portrayed European-American roles?  Never?  Ever?  Never, ever?  Mrs. Stefani also wore a headband.  Except for Navajo men and some tribes' feather-headdresses, Native-Americans did not wear headbands.  Such fact is proof of Mrs. Stefani's wardrobe director's use of style, repeat the word, "style."  Of course, a leftist-liberal-racist can not let a fact prevent a fantasy inventing a r-a-a-a-cist.  


Also, if memory serves correctly, in said video, the bandits were allegedly portrayed as Hispanic.  The hate-crime, nazism-in-Hispanic-American, hypocrite-Hispanic-Americans neglected to complain, and cry "r-a-a-a-cism," about the bandits being Hispanic.  Of course, there were plenty of Hispanic bandits in the Old West, in the not so old West, and today, as in the many Hispanic gangs.  Yet the Hispanic-racists let an opportunity go.  Mrs. Stefani got a pass on such.  Such was close though.  Real close.  Phew.  


In comparison, obviously, the hate-crime, nazism-in-Hispanic-American, hypocrite-Hispanic-Americans neglected to complain, and cry "r-a-a-a-cism," about the catchy, Calypso song by Madonna, Singer and Actress, (who happens to be European-American), "La Isle Bonita."  Was not the song Calypso?  Did not Madonna wear a Hispanic dress?  Did not Madonna sing a couple lines in Spanish?  Did not Madonna "imperialistically 'invade'" the Hispanic ghetto in Los Angeles?  Oh my Lord.  

What an opportunity for the left to falsely accuse was missed.  Madonna was lucky.  Madonna was given a pass.  Such was close.  Phew.  

It sure is a good thing for Madonna, her, allegedly, favorite guitarist, is, according to media reports, Hispanic, and plays in said video.  


This citizen states, Miss Kloss and Mrs. Stefani had, and have, a free speech right to express such Native American Style themes whether the Native-American-racist-bigots like such or not.  it is to bad for free speech, corporate executives, believe they have to bow down to the Native-American-low-life-like-leftist-so-called-"leadership."  Native-Americans and European-Americans who desire to defend Miss Kloss and Mrs. Stefani do not, repeat the word "not." get support by the leftist-media-aiders-and-abettors.  Such leftists care only, repeat the word "only," about their own free speech, and not the free speech of others, especially, and of course, European-Americans.  


(And as per, if any, Egyptian in Egypt still worshiping Amen-Rah, not a word, repeat the words "not a word," will be heard from such Egyptians, because the Islamo-fascists will slit-their-throats or behead them, as freedom of religion and freedom of speech are not valued by the  Islamo-fascists/Islamo-nazies, in other words, nazism-in-Moslem-Islam.)  


(Credit where credit is due: This blogger first heard the term "Islamo-nazi" invented by talk radio show host, Dr. Savage.)  


This citizen states the theory, just maybe, repeat the word "maybe," the hate-crime, Native-American-racist-bigots are jealous?  Yes, maybe jealous?  Such jealousy about not being able to only have the handsomest and prettiest women on the television.  Such are used to having the  handsome and pretty lady. who happens to be Native American, in the Western Sky Financial commercials.  She surely is a handsome and pretty one.  Surely.  Yet, how dare them European-Americans also have handsome and pretty European-Americans such as Miss Kloss and Mrs. Stefani.  Maybe the Native-American bigots are jealous?  Just maybe?  


This report thus documents so-called journalists' and so-called reporters' use of certain red-racists' use of false accusations to stifle the free speech of European-Americans.  


Shame on the Native-American-racists.  Shame.  


(Credit where credit is due: The word "r-a-a-a-cism," seems to have been invented by Mrs. Michelle Malkin, Columnist.)  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E.

01 09 2013 C.E.

Re: Il-literacy By Erroneous "Educator"


In this citizen's opinion, while discussing the dumbing-down of public education, a "teacher," who claimed to be a "bi-lingual teacher," once tried to tell this citizen, "The language is changing."  Obviously, said "teacher" does not know what she is talking about.  This citizen questions if she even knows the subjects she is supposedly "teaching."  


Dumbing-down is not the changing of a language.  Unbelievable the leftist-liberalism of today.  Unbelievable.  One can not make these things up.  


Shame on the so-called teacher.  Shame.    


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E.

01 10 2013 C.E.

Re: This Citizen Notifies Jay Jochnowitz, T.U. Editor


On 01 17 2013 C. E., Mr. Jay Jochnowitz, of the Times Union Editorial Board quotes, 


"It's hypocritical for conservatives to invoke the Second Amendment for protection against government tyranny while allowing warrantless spying, indefinite detention and secret drone strikes on Americans, says Connor Friedoersdorf in 'The Atlantic.'"  


This citizen called to Miss/Mrs. Tina Tyler, Reader Representative, of the T.U., to be informed of "out of the office."  After re-calling, and transfer to Mr. Michael Spain's, Acting Reader Representative, voicemail, this citizen stated this citizen's opinion to Mr. Jochnowitz of the following, (paraphrased), 


"The leftist-reporters who reported the two incompetent investigators who wanted library records of library patrons never reported if the investigators were conservative nor liberal, Democrat nor Republican, yet other leftist-reporters thereafter presumed, repeat the word 'presumed,' them to be conservative."  "Thus conservatives are forever falsely-accused of wanting 'warrantless spying.'"


"The previous policy allowed indefinite detention of foreign nationals.  If the left did not like such all they had to do was get the policy changed, without all the false-accusation of conservatives.  Later, all Gitmo detainees were scheduled for hearings."  "One, repeat the word 'one.' was an American citizen, and a known Mohammadan terrorist."   "After release, the terrorist went to Yemen and continued practicing terrorism."  "He was subsequently eliminated by a drone."  "Mr. Jochnowitz, 'Were not Bonnie and Clyde eliminated by the police?'"  "Did not Bonnie and Clyde 'terrorize' banks and bank tellers and managers?"  "Thus, Mr. Jochnowitz defends terrorists."  "Thus, Mr. Jochnowitz opposes the United States military."  


"Mr. Jochnowitz, why defend the very terrorists who desire to 'slit your throat' or behead you?"  "Mr. Jochnowitz, please get your head out of your [because this is a family-values web site, the three-letter 'a'-word is censored out] and start doing your job."  "Such is just like the leftist-reporters supported the both the Viet Cong communists and the North Vietnamese communists."  "Such is just like the leftist-reporters hated the U.S. military."  


End of call to the reader representative.  


Shame on Mr. Jay Jochnowitz, T.U. Editor.  Shame.    


((Thanks to this citizen's (name-withheld) friend who tells ineffective and incompetent public school teachers and administrators to, "Get your head out of your (the three letter 'a'-word is censored out) and do your job."))  


(Thanks to Dr. Savage, Radio Talk Show Host, who says, "The fourth estate has become the fifth column.)   


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E.

01 10 2013 C.E.


Re: Pro-Life, John Paul 11, Mother Teresa, Abortion-Murder-of-a-Child, and Islamo-Crusaders, Moslem-Crusaders, Mohammadan-Crusaders



In this citizen's opinion, the leftist-socialist-Marxist-communist-feminist-liberals claim, "It's her body."  "It's her right to choose."  It's, rather, a-body-from-the-Lord-on-loan-to-her, (and temporarily, at that).  It's not, repeat the word "not," her "right" to choose-to-murder-her-child-by-abortion-murder-of-a-child."  It is not her "right" to choose aborticide.  It is her right to choose life.  


In the late 1990's, The media reported, many Orthodox Christian and Roman Catholic Christian women of Bosnian, Croatian, and/or Serbian ethnic descent were raped by Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian ethnic, Islamo-Crusaders, Moslem-Crusaders, and Mohammadan-Crusaders.  


No one should be surprised, the Mohammadan-Crusaders have years upon years of experience in such behavior.  


In case of rape, if the mother can not stand seeing the biological father's face in the baby/child, there is adoption.  As Mother Teresa, (a.k.a.: Blessed Teresa of Calcutta), said, "If you don't want your baby, give it to me."  Repeated is: As Mother Teresa said, "If you don't want your baby, give it to me."  


John Paul The Second said, (after the rapes in Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia), [in case of rape], "Do not make the baby pay for the father's crime."  Repeated is: John Paul The Second said, [in case of rape], "Don't make the baby pay for the father's crime."  


Mr. William Clinton, Leftist, who greatly and immensely disrespected the Orthodox Christians, saw fit to bring alleged "instigators" Serbian Orthodox Christians to the International So-Called "Court."  Did Mr. Clinton, Leftist, bring even one, repeat the words, "even one," of the Islamic-Moslem-Crusader-Rapists up on charges, or to trial, at the International Court?  Of course not.   Mr. Clinton, Leftist, was to busy defending the Islamic-Moslem-Crusaders.  (Islamic-Moslem-Crusader-Rapists consider such rapes, legal under Islamic law because the rape is called "Islamicizing-the-womb."  


Aborticide is homicide.  When the word "aborticide" is entered in the dictionaries and thesauruses,  the definition and synonym will be "homicide."  Legally, such aborticides/homicides were de-criminalized by vote of the New York State Legislature and the United States Supreme So-Called Court's Roe vs. Wade despicable, repeat the word "despicable," decision.  


Shame on the aborticidal/homicidal-maniacs.  Shame.  


Shame on the Islamic-Crusaders, Moslem-Crusaders, and Mohammadan-Crusaders.   Shame.  


Shame on Mr. Clinton, Leftist.  Shame.  



P.S.: If memory serves correctly, this citizen is the inventor of the phrase "aborticidal-maniacs."  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E. 

01 10 2013 C.E.


New Pro-Life Slogan


This citizen proposes the new slogan for the pro-life movement should be "Aborticide is homicide."  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E. 

01 10 2013 C.E.




Beware of the spoiled-rotten-sixties-brats and their trainees.  One knows who they are - the leftist-socialist-Marxist-communists, etc.: (feminist-maniacs, aborticidal-maniacs, homosexualism-maniacs, tax-and-spend-maniacs).  


Shame on the spoiled-rotten-sixties-brats.  Shame.  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E. 

01 12 2013 C.E.




In this citizen's opinion, the leftist-socialist-Marxist-communists want control of guns, which they call "gun control."  


The same, "gun-control" individuals do not, repeat the word 'not," want: 

radical-feminist "control," 

abortion-murder-of-a-child "control," 

aborticide "control,"  

aborticidal-maniacs "control,"  

homosexualism "control," (would surely cut down on the spread of HIV-AIDS), 

race-baiter "control," race-huckster "control," 

Jessee Jackson "control," 

Al Sharpton "control," 

La Raza "control," 

tax "control," 

government spending "control," 

public school spending "control,"

school budget-spending "control," 

teacher union "control," 

teacher "control," 

public employee union "control," 

S.E.I.U. "control," 

illegal-immigrant "control," 

leftist-socialist-Marxist-communist "control," 

casino-gambling "control," 

leftist-environmentalism "control," 

anti-fracking "control," 

sex (so-called "gender") "control," 

medical-mercury "control," 

Obama-care "control," 

occupy-Wall-Street "control," 

terrorist "control," also known as Moslem "control," Islam "control," and Mohammadan 


pit-bull "control," 

doberman pincher "control," 

and, especially, spoiled-rotten-sixties-brat(s) "control."  


The same leftist individuals want: 

gun "control," 

self-defense "control," 

firearms training "control," 

range location "control," 

European-American "control," 

men "control," 

Judeo-Christian "control," in other words, Christian "control," Evangelical "control," especially Catholic "control," 

Mormon "control,"  

heterosexual "control," 

family-values "control," 

free-speech-critical-of-homosexualism "control," 

family-values "control," 

balanced budget "control," 

surplus-budget "control," 

conservative "control," 

school-choice-voucher "control," 

old-fashioned-conservationist "control," 

man-made synthetic-chemical deodorant "control," 

capitalist "control," 

free-market medical care "control," 

weight "control," 

soda-pop "control," 

even-to-this-day Bush "control," 

Bain Capital "control,"

wardrobe free-speech "control," 

Adidas sneaker "control," 

J.S. Roundhouse Mids sneaker "control," 

Jeremy Scott, Designer, "control," 

Karlie Kloss, Model, "control," 

Gwen Stefani, Singer, Actress "control," 

conservative news "control," 

Fox News "control," 

Bill O'Reilly, Talk Show Host, "control," 

Sean Hannity, Talk Show Host, "control," 

Ann Coulter, Columnist, Journalist, "control,"

Michelle Malkin, Columnist, Journalist, "control," 

in (England), United Kingdom, Dr. Michael Savage, Talk Show Host, "control."  

in Albany, N.Y., Melody Burns, Talk Show Host, "control," 

modesty "control," 

most especially, U.S. military, "control,"

and national defense "control," 


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E.

01 13 2013 C.E.

Re: St. Patrick's


In this citizen's opinion, and according to the media, the court of N.Y. State's the Supreme Court, Judge Katherine O'Connor stated the Citizens for St. Patrick's had no standing in the case (broadly) against the Pricechopper grocer, Nigro Realty with P.C.P. 

Watervliet, and The Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish.  

New York State obviously has not heard of Ireland's status and category valuing history, and in some buildings and sites cases, also valuing musical art's acoustics, called "controlled ruins."  Because of the outrageous tax and spend on highly overpaid federal and state salaries, (one knows what used to be called public service, which, for many government pigs at the taxpayer and fee payer trough, has become self-service.  According to the media, many federally-owned historic sites sit in dis-repair, and should now be officially called "controlled ruins."  Please notice ((In nearby, Cohoes, former Mayor Bob Signoracci, also seemed to have not heard of controlled ruins when he had the (Horace) Sillman Memorial Presbyterian Church demolished, - (now a park).))  Also, in not so nearby Albany, N.Y., it seems every issue raised with saving St. Joseph's, Ten Broeck Street, has had plenty of input from the neighborhood.  


This citizen repeats, from previous, If St. Patrick's was a synagogue, there would be such and outrageous uproar, seemingly equivalent to hundreds, if not thousands, of elephants trumpeting and monkeys and apes screaming, by reporters and editors, the Golub's, owners of the Pricechopper, certainly would not move to destroy.  


Shame on the Golub's/Pricechopper.  Shame.  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E.

01 21 2013 C.E.  


Anti-Christian Bigotry


In this citizen's opinion, the Times Union Editorial Board has for decades supported, Darwinism-evolutionism, Marxism (Marx was a cocaine addict), black-racism, Hispanic-racism, Asian-racism, Native-American-racism, feminist-mania, aborti-cide, euthanasia-suicide, the execrement-covered-homosexualism, tax-and-spend-robbery-of-the-taxpayers, and the Hitler-like-and-Stalin-like-"control"-of-Second-Amendment-Civil-Rights, and support-for-the Mohammadan-terrorists-by-the-fourth-estate-acting-as-the-fifth-column.  


On December 25th of 2013, the same Times Union Editorial Board wished their readers a "Merry Christmas."  They did say "Merry Christmas," which is better than Happy Holidays, yet after decades upon decades of the above listed aiding and abetting behaviors.  One can only say about the editors, "What poor 'Christians.'"  


All of the above listed behaviors are extreme forms of Anti-Christian Bigotry, yet the Times Union Editorial Board claims to be Christian.  


Such is a very poor form of Christianity indeed.  Very poor.  


(If memory serves correctly about the number of relatives), Mr. Rex Smith, Editor, Leftist, claims to have four relatives who happen to be Roman Catholic priests.  Said priests must be most ashamed their relative, Mr. Smith.)    


Shame on the Times Union Editorial Board.  Shame.  



P.S.: One or two members of the Times Union Editorial Board, may be of Judaism.  If so, the same applies as listed above.  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E.

01 21 2012 C.E.


Re: Dailies 


In this citizen's opinion, the editors of The Post Star, (Glens Falls, N.Y.), The Record, (Troy, N.Y.), The Saratogian, (Saratoga Springs, N.Y.), and The Gazette, (Schenectady, N.Y.), are essentially, philosophically, the same as, and like-minded to, the leftist Times Union Editorial Board.  


Shame on The Post Star, The Record, The Saratogian, and The Gazette editors.  Shame.  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E. 

01 21 2013 C.E.


Re: The Post Star


In this citizen's opinion, the Post Star's editors wrote an editorial, about controlling legal gun owners, with the line, "Let the Conversation Begin."  


Such words are, of course, bull excrement.  Just like the Soviet-Era Izvestia, and the Soviet-Era Pravda, what the editors of the Post Star really mean is let the leftist-lies and leftist-propaganda begin (until the readers are thoroughly brainwashed).  The editors will repeat the leftist-liberal fantasies until the public is fully conned and fully duped, as usual.  


Shame on the Post Star editors.  Shame.  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E.

01 22 2013 C.E.


Miss, Mrs. and/or Miss/Mrs.


In this citizen's opinion, the shared-secretary at the New York State Government Agency always changed this (now former) employee's "Miss," "Mrs." and/or "Miss/Mrs." to the hateful, repeat the word "hateful," "Ms."  When handed-down-personal-size-computers became available and the shared secretary was no longer typing for the unit, she was no longer able to dictate, repeat the word "dictate," the alleged and claimed "enlightening."  

This citizen uses Miss, Mrs. and/or Miss/Mrs., whether or not the feminist-dictators like it or not.  


This citizen uses "woman congressman," not the inappropriate, "congresswoman" - whether the feminist-dictators like it or not.  Also used is, "woman chairman," not the inappropriate "chairwoman."  And almost not to mention, used is "woman spokesman," not the inappropriate "spokeswoman."  


This citizen was told by a professional reporter, "It's "The Style.'"  "It's 'The Style.'"  Just because he's brainwashed, repeat the word "brainwashed" to feminism, does not mean this citizen is.  Of course, maybe as an ef-feminized-man, or  girly-man, he's too-hen-pecked-by-the-feminist-dictators to use the proper words.  


This citizen uses Miss, Mrs. and/or Miss/Mrs. whether or not any other like-minded leftist-liberal editors, nor leftist-liberal reporter, likes it or not.  


Approximately thirty percent of women are not foolish enough to be feminist, nor feminist-dictators.  


Shame on the feminist-dictators.  Shame.  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E.

01 22 2013 C.E.




In this citizen's opinion, as per the eleventh anniversary of the 2001 September Eleventh Attacks Against Judaism (Anti-Judaism Attacks) and Attacks Against Christianity (Anti-Christian Attacks), by the Mohammadan-Crusaders, the parishioner stated the Roman Catholic priest insisted the parishioners must "forgive."  


The parishioner stated to this citizen, "I can't forgive mass-murderers like the terrorists."  


This citizen stated the priest is extremely and immensely erroneous.  According to the "Second Covenant," as the New Testament has been called, Jesus of Nazareth taught to forgive (one's brother), seven times seventy.  


(And, of course, there is the huge debate about whether it's seven-times-seven or seven-times-seventy.  For the sake of erring on the greatest, largest and safest side, the seven-times-seventy amount will be used.)  


Maybe, repeat the word "maybe," Jesus of Nazareth meant forgive for the first seven-times-seventy, or, in the 09-11 case, such would be the first 490 victims.  Yet after forgiving for the murders of the first 490 victims, one has thus and therefore fully completed the required forgiving, and no longer has to forgive the murders for the remainder of the 2,500 plus victims of murder.  


The parishioner stated he "like[d]" this citizen's statement better than the priest's statement.  



P.S.: Mohammadanism began fourteen hundred years ago.  Maybe, repeat the word, 

"maybe," Jesus of Nazareth meant the first seven-times-seventy or 490 victims murdered by the Islamic-Crusaders where to be accounted for fourteen hundred years ago.  If fourteen hundred years ago, the first 490 are already counted.  Then no further forgiveness for fourteen hundred years of murder, which would be none of, nor any, of the 2,500 plus victims of the 09 11 murders.  


Also, Osama Bin Laden, Islamic-Crusader, Mass-Murderer, who claimed responsibility for the mass-murder, claimed to believe in the Koran, Islam, and Moslem.  In other words, he repeatedly upon repeatedly claimed to be a Mohammadan.  


Osama Bin Laden, Islamic Crusader, Mass-Murderer, was buried at sea by the United States Navy.  


The media reported, Osama Bin Laden, Islamic Crusader, having been buried at sea, seems to have no seventy-two virgins, yet rather has more like, seventy-two sturgeons.  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E.

01 22 2013 C.E.


Seventy-Two Virgins


In this citizens opinion, there are no seventy-two virgins stated anywhere in the Koran.  The seventy-two virgin theory seems to have been created by some Whahhabbi, Egyptian Brotherhood imam.  


This citizen is reminded of an addition to Christianity.  Somehow, (at Paschal time), an Easter Bunny was added to the Second Covenant/New Testament.  This citizen is unable to determine the source of, nor determine who invented, the Easter Bunny.  In fact, there is absolutely no mention of a hare in the Second Covenant/New Testament.  Yet, many know how famous is the Easter Bunny.  Said Easter Bunny seems to have a phenomenal relationship with the chocolate industry.  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E.

01 22 2013 C.E.


Re: Jenni Rivera


In this citizen's opinion, according to the media, on approximately December 11th, 2012 C.E., Jenni Rivera, Crooner, died in a airplane crash.  The plane was registered with the U.S. Federal Aeronautical Agency, (F.A.A.), as owned by a company located in the U.S., yet the plane was flying in the country of Mexico.  The plane was built in 1969.  For crying out loud, the plane is fourth-three years old.  Except for older classic/antique bi-planes billed as such, repeat the words "older classic/antique bi-planes billed as such," and except for older classic/antique bi-plane rides only, who would use an classic/antique plane for general commercial duty passenger purposes?  


This citizen, individually, called federal U.S. Senator from N.Y., Kirsten Gillibrand's office's aide to claim, this citizen would not fly, as a general duty commercial passenger, in a plane so old.  Who would trust wiring so old in such a plane?  Except for older classic/antique bi-plane passenger experience historical-style flights, maybe the F.A.A. should not approve planes so old for general commercial duty flights?  


This citizen also tried to individually call, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer's office, yet only the voicemail answered the phone.  Can one believe such?  Massive funding for offices and staff, and no one to answer the phone.  


I hope the Congress tells the F.A.A. to not approve planes so old for general duty commercial purposes.  


Poor Jenni Rivera and her co-passengers.  Shame on the U.S. Congress.  Shame on the F.A.A.  Shame on the plane company.  Shame.  



P.S.: Unlike the leftist-socialist reporters, this citizen states: This citizen does not fly in any planes, nor helicopters, period.  Flying is not absolutely safe.  


Internet statistics show the accident rate for automobiles is higher than the accident rate for planes.  In other words, in general, there is a greater chance of being in an accident in a car, than being in an accident in a plane.  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E. 

01 25 2013 C.E.




In this citizen's opinion, the media reports 50 years ago the Christian population of Bethlehem, under the Jordanian government, was seventy-five percent.  Today, under the Palestinian Authority, now really Hamas, Known Terrorists, the Christian population of Bethlehem is fifteen percent.  The Islamic-Crusaders, Muslem-Crusaders, Mohammadan-Crusaders have persecuted Christians, mostly Greek (Orthodox),  Russian (Orthodox), Armenian (Orthodox), Roman Catholic, and Egyptian (Copts), by attacking Christian churches, cemeteries, and businesses.  Christians are attacked while going to church, to the cemetery, to work or to their businesses, and to the market.  The  Mohammadans believe the land can only be owned by Mohammadans.  


So much for the leftist-liberals who claim to be "tolerant," who claim Christians' "Islamophobia" is the problem.  The situation is obviously Islamic-Christianityphobia.  The Mohammadans intolerance of Christians is obviously the problem.  


Shame on the leftist-liberals.  Shame.  

Shame on the Mohammadans.  Shame.  


Posted: 03 11 2013 C.E.

02 02 2013 C.E.




This citizen can, and does, tell alcoholics to go to an anti-alcoholism recovery program (of one's own choice).  

This citizen can, and does, tell drug addicts to go to a anti-drug recovery program (of one's own choice).  

This citizen can, and does, tell tobacco users to go to a anti-tobacco recovery program (of one's own choice).  

This citizen can, and does, tell problem-gamblers to go to a problem-gambling recovery program (of one'w own choice).  

This citizen can, and does, tell fingernail-biters to either, purchase anti-fingernail-biting polish and/or seek other help (of one's own choice).  

This citizen can, and does, tell homosexuals to go to a recovery-from-homosexualism-program (of one's own choice).  


Notice all are acts of tough-love, yet all of a sudden the hateful-homosexuals claim they are the victims of the Jews and Christians.  


All are tough-love choices.  Yet the hateful-of-hetersexuals, and hateful-of-Judeo-Christianity call such tough-love hate-and-bigotry.  Such is the upside down worldview of the leftist-liberal-Politically-Correct-progressive-"enlightened"-tolerant individual.  Such have brainwashed many well.  


The hateful-homosexuals, the intolerant-homosexuals, then file so-called "civil-rights" complaints against Observant Jews and Observant-Christians to control, repeat the word "control," such Observant Jews and Observant Christians.  How dare them Observant-Jews and Observant-Christians decide to exercise Judeo-Christian religious civil rights.  


The homosexuals, who claim to be the victims of bullying, are the real bullies against Observant-Jews and Observant-Christians.  The homosexuals are the hypocrites doing the bullying.  


it's the homosexuals who are doing the hating.  All homosexualism is a hate-crime.  


Shame on the hypocrite, homosexual bullies.  Shame.  


Posted: 03 18 2013 C.E. 06:09 Hrs.

03 18 2013 C.E.


Alleged Hate Crime: Feminist Devil And Henchman-Goon Attack White-Male 


In this citizen's opinion, this citizen is not, repeat the word "not," a fan of the leftist actor, Alec Baldwin, yet such actor's comments have landed him, according to the media, a N.Y. City Police Department, (N.Y.P.D.), investigation into his alleged hate-crime allegedly against Miss/Mrs. Tata Palmeri, N.Y. Post Reporter, and G.N. Miller, N.Y. Post Photographer.  


Mr. Baldwin, allegedly told the reportress, "I want you to choke to death."  He allegedly called the photographer, a "coon" and a "drug-dealer."  


Was this white male, not approached outside his home, by not one possible affirmative-action-special, but two possible affirmative-action-specials?  


Was not one of the possible affirmative-action-specials, a member of a "minority" which is actually a majority, fifty-one percent, which therefore lies and mis-represents to get it's so-called minority status?    


Was not the white-male in the situation, ganged-up on on the street, repeat the words "ganged-up on on the street," by two "minorities," one with a microphone and one with a camera?  Obviously, no appointment was made with the white-male.  


Was not the white-male asked a potentially loaded question?  In this citizen's opinion, any question about an ex-wife can be considered a potentially loaded question.  


According to the media, the N.Y.P.D. was conducting a hate-crime investigation into the incident.  If so, where are the hate-crime investigations into the hostile behavior and hostile conduct of the two perpetrators?  Is not hostile feminist-hatred-of-men hateful?  Is not African-American hostile racism, a.k.a. black-racism, hateful?  In this citizen's opinion, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander."  And let us see just how much the hypocrites, repeat the word "hypocrites," rant, rave, scream, holler, and nash their teeth, repeat the words, "nash their teeth," when held to their claimed, repeat the word "claimed" standard.  


In the early days of the internet, a group of law professors had made a website, (which this citizen can no longer find on the web), which stated individuals should be granted their First Amendment Free Speech Rights by being allowed to say certain racially charged words up to twenty-seven, (or was it "twenty-eight" times), then on the twenty-eighth, (twenty-ninth, respectively), time, have the federal marshals arrest, and charge, the perpetrators for "attempted inciting a riot."  


Of course, and obviously, the hostile, hypocritical left does not allow such rights to free speech.  In other words, the left would not let one call an African-American a "Black-whip-cracker" or "black-cracker" once, more or less, twenty-eight times.  No such free speech is allowed, though such should be.  And in contrast to the left, there have historically been, thousands upon thousands of "black-whip-crackers," whether or not the left wants to hear such.  Like this citizen said, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander."  



Source: This citizen invented the phrase "affirmative-action-special" to define those individuals selected for a job because of their so-called, repeat the word "so-called," minority status, and, repeat the word "and," such individuals then prove to be incompetent, and derelict in duty.  


Also, fifty-one percent is not a minority and the big lie, "I was born this way," do not qualify one for racial-minority status, no matter how much their evil, repeat the word "evil," supporter say so.  Such is stated weather such individuals like it or not.  What's the matter, does the truth hurt?  Actually, it will not hurt because as a teaching in Judeo-Christianity says, "The truth will set one free."  


This citizen did use the word, "G" as in "go," "goon."  



Posted: 03 18 2013 C.E. 06:09 Hrs.

03 18 2013 C.E.


Washington Redskins


In this citizen's opinion, according to the media, the Washington Redskins are again subjected to a frivolous lawsuit from the left about their company name.  


The leftist-Native-American-racists, in other words, the red-racists are at it again with the so-called allegations of being offended and disparaged.  Lawsuits like such have been thrown out/dismissed as frivolous repeatedly previously.  The left hopes to get just one judge to decide it its favor, then will claim such decision is superior to all the other previous decisions.  


If this citizen owned the team, and if this citizen "lost" the lawsuit, (or, if this citizen was wealthy enough to buy a team), then this citizen would change the name of the team to the "Washington Whiteskins," (or, for example, the New York Whiteskins, respectively), and such would accomplish two purposes.  First, the so-called leftist-"minorities" would then have something to really five-letter-"b"-word about.  Second, the company name should really scare the 7-7-3-4 out of the leftists, not to mention the opposing team.  This citizen can almost hear them now, "O Lord, it's the Whiteskins."  "O Lord, what do we do now?"  "Oh Lord."  


Naming the team, the "Whiteskins" would surely fix the leftists now.  


P.S.: The double-pun is intended: red as in leftist-socialist-Marxist-communist type "red," and red as in Native-American so-called "red."

Posted: 03 21 2013 C.E.  08:23 Hrs.

03 21 2013 C.E.  07:53 Hrs.


The "Religion" Which Allows Stealing


The Orthodox Judaism Temple Mount, which was stolen, (first by Roman Catholic Christians), then stolen by Islamic Mohammadans has not been returned to Judaism.  


The Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Constantinople, which was stolen by Islamic Mohammadans, has not been returned.  


These are but only two of many properties stolen by such and never returned.  In other words, under their interpretation of Islamic Sharia law, stealing from, and mistreating, Orthodox Judaism and Orthodox Christianity is most allowable.  


There is no Judeo-Christian moral, or value, of others.  


Source: Michael Savage, Talk Show Host, has stated the status of these two properties.  



Posted: 03 25 2013 C.E.  10:37 Hrs.

03 25 2013 C.E.


30 Percent vs. 70 Percent


In this citizen's opinion, approximately thirty percent of women are not feminists and approximately seventy percent of women are feminists.  


Be very wary of said feminists, very wary.  Be very, very wary of said feminists.  Males must be very wary of said feminists.  In the media, such feminists claim conservative men were waging a "War On Women."  The actual truth of the matter is the feminist devils, have been waging a War On Men, for decades upon decades.  


One proof of the matter, is a women, referred to by the media as a "feminist," wrote a book  published on 08 20 2013 C.E. by Simon and Schuster, written by a college professor, Miss/Mrs. Christina Hoff Somers.  The title of the book is, "The War Against Boys: How Misguided Policies Are Harming Our Young Men."  The, before this revision, title of the book was, "The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men."  


Need this citizen say more?  


Miss/Mrs. Somers will hopefully be blessed for discussing such issues.  


Shame on the feminist devils.  Shame.  



Posted: 03 28 2013 C.E.  12:21 Hrs.

03 28 2013 C.E.


The Left


In this citizen's opinion, the car insurance rates and homeowner insurance rates increased in New York State for all car owners and all homeowners, due to the 2011 C.E. Hurricane Irene, the 2011 C.E. Tropical Storm Lee and the 2012 C.E. Hurricane Sandy.  


These two hurricanes and one tropical storm were a punishment from the Lord for New York State's embracing the feminist devil, the legalization and practice of aborticide, New York State's so-called "rights" for excrement-covered-homosexual-sodomite-pervertion, pushed by Governor Mario Cuomo (Dad Cuomo), and excrement-covered-homosexual-sodomite-perversion-so-called-"marriage," pushed by the N.Y. State Legislature majority and Andrew Cuomo (Son Cuomo), the embracing of the leftist-socialist-Marxist-communism, the embracing of the Darwinism-devil, the general private company C.E.O's and government service Commissioner's and other excessive salaries, the general alcoholism and drug addictions, the selfishness of allowing illegal-federal-felons-to-butt-in-the-legal-immigration-line, the general selfishness, and other sins.  


Obviously the left of New York State is extremely guilty.  


So much also for the left's claim to care so immensely for the poor.  


Shame on the left.  Shame.  


Posted: 04 11 2013 C.E.  15:35 Hrs.

04 11 2013 C.E.


The Left Will Have Conniptions Reading This



In this citizen's opinion, to protect the source, the name of the Vietnam Veteran has been changed to John Doe.    


This Citizen: "Hey John."  "How are you doing?"  "You look a little down today."  


John Doe: "O.K."  


This Citizen: "You look a little down today."  "Are you sure you're O.K.?"  


John Doe: "You wouldn't understand."  


This Citizen: "Well, maybe not."  "You do look exhausted."  


John Doe: "You wouldn't understand."  


This Citizen: (Starts to walk away, but comes back.): "Well, maybe I won't, but 'Try me.'"  


John Doe: "I'm feeling a bit sorry for all those guys I killed in Vietnam."  


This Citizen: "Vets feel that way when they get older."  "But in your case, the Lord will surely bless you for every communist you killed."  (This citizen paused.)  "The communists have killed many Jews and Christians throughout history."  (This citizen implied Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Pol Pot, and Fidel Castro.)  "The Lord will surely bless you."   


John Doe: (Silence.)  


This Citizen: "I'll catch you later."  "See you."  (Exits.)  


Shame on the leftist media which withholds the facts from its very own customers.  Shame.  




Posted: 04 11 2013 C.E.  15:35 Hrs.

04 11 2013 C.E.


The Left Will Have Further Conniptions Reading This



In this citizen's opinion, the name of the Vietnam Veteran has been changed to John Doe, Number Two.  


This Citizen: (Approaches protester of the Desert Storm Two/Second Persian Gulf War/Iraq War): "Sir."  "Why are you protesting this war?"  


John Doe, Number Two, Protester: "We're killing babies and children over there."  


This Citizen: "With today's precision bombing?"  "Sadam Hussain has killed the Kurdish babies and children with Sarin Gas."  


John Doe, Number Two, Protester: "We're killing babies and children over there."  


This Citizen: "O.K."  "Show me the pictures."  "Well, then."  "Show me the pictures."  "Where are the pictures?"  "Surely, there must be pictures?"  


John Doe, Number Two, Protester: "I burned a village in Vietnam."  "I burned a village in Vietnam."  


This Citizen: "Was the village occupied?"  


John Doe, Number Two, Protester:  (Silence.)  


This Citizen: "Was the village occupied?"  


John Doe, Number Two, Protester: "No."  


This Citizen: "Well then."  "That's too bad about the village, but you went through there after the Communists went through conscripting the young men, under threat of killing the village leaders, and raping the mothers and sisters."  "And upon a couple of the young men refusing, the killings and rapes occurred to ensure compliance."  


John Doe, Number Two, Protester:  (Silence.)  (Turns back to this citizen to face traffic to continue protesting.)  


This Citizen:  (Departs.)  


Further:  (The next weekend, the girl protester continued protesting at the corner, but John Doe, Number Two, Protester, and his buddy did not show.)  


Shame on the leftist media which withholds the facts from its very own customers.  Shame.  




Posted: 04 11 2013 C.E.  15:35 Hrs.

04 11 2013 C.E.





In this citizen's opinion, in the 1960's interest on savings accounts was at most all banks was five percent (.05).  


The annul interest paid by the bank (in this case, chosen by the landlord, the Bank of America), on a security deposit is .000125, which is essentially one thousandth of one percent, (0001).  


Obviously, the president and chief executive officer of the bank, and others of high rank, with their thousands of dollars per year salaries are stealing from their very own customers.  


Tenants in high-end apartments must be even more outraged than this citizen because their interest on their security deposit would be very much larger.  


The president and chief executive officer of the bank, (and other similar banks), needs to get up off his (the three letter "a" word is censored out) and do his job to start earning interest to pay the depositors, not to mention the need to cap, and even reduce, the excessive salaries to stop the stealing from the depositors and the customers.  


Shame on the president and chief executive officer.  Shame.  




Posted: 04 11 2013 C.E.  15:35 Hrs.

04 11 2013 C.E.


"Mr. Schumer, Don't Tell Me … ."  



In this citizen's opinion, a couple weeks back, Mr. Schumer was on the radio news saying, (paraphrased), "They have a right to work."  


This citizen's individual telephone call to Mr. Schumer's office to state, with a slightly raised voice, (paraphrased), "Don't tell me, federal-felons have a right to come here to work."  "Especially if they only have experience with a one hole-r or two hole-r with no running water, and come to pick vegetables without washing their hands, resulting in the death of the ten, eleven or twelve year old girl."  "How many state departments of agriculture had to institute hand washing/ water supply and/or alcohol wipes programs to educate such workers."  "Don't tell me they have a right to come here to manslaughter a citizen, a little girl."  "Don't tell me."  


This citizen continued, "This citizen has a right to have the Congress demand by law, the rocket scientists, doctors and medical researchers be allowed into this country."  "This citizen has a right to expect such right to be exercised by the Congress."  


This citizen further stated, "Allowing in federal-felons is not Judaism."  "This citizen repeats, 'Allowing in federal-felons is not Judaism.'"  "Like I said, 'I am a citizen and I have a right to expect rocket scientists, medical doctors and medical researchers.'"  


Then, this citizen stated, "Have a nice day."  "I'm not because of you."  Then this citizen stated name and address and "Goodbye."  




Posted: 04 11 2013 C.E.  15:35 Hrs.

04 11 2013 C.E.


Record Of Call To All Five Lawmakers



In this citizen's opinion, this is a record of this citizen's individual telephone call to N.Y. State Assemblyman McDonald, N.Y. State Senator Breslin, U.S. Senator Schumer, U.S. Senator Gillibrand and U.S. Representative Tonko, (paraphrased).  


This citizen stated (paraphrased), "This citizen noticed N.Y. State Thruway employees are slated for layoff, yet there was no mention in the news media of any reduction in salary for the many over one-hundred-thousand-dollars ($ 100T) per-year salaried individuals who were recently highlighted in the Times Union (Albany, N.Y.) just about five weeks back."  


(Continued): "This citizen believes no public servant should be making more than thirty-six-thousand ($ 36T) per year, and this citizen is being generous."  


(Continued): "If there is a so-called 'Property Tax Cap,' then there should be a Salary Cap at $ 36T."  "There is, generally, an equal number of administrators/supervisors and employees."  "Such is not efficient."  "There also should be, by law at both the federal and state levels, a Congressionally and Legislatively determined limited number of administrators and supervisors."  This citizen then left name and address and said, "Have a nice day."  


All government employees making over 36T per year are stealing from the taxpayers and fee payers to fatten their salaries.    


Thus, all five were contacted.  


Shame on the government commissioners, administrators and supervisors.  Shame.   


P.S.: The federal U.S. Attorney General, the New York State Attorney General, and the County District Attorney's could charge the administrators with grand larceny theft, yet this citizen is sure they won't because they too, are committing the grand larceny thefts.  


Shame on the federal U.S. Attorney General, the N.Y. State Attorney General, and the County District Attorney's.  Shame.  




Posted: 04 11 2013 C.E.  15:35 Hrs.

04 11 2013 C.E.


Men Are Not Allowed To Be Fully Developed Men



In this opinion, women were better off with the auxiliaries.  


The idea of women directly in with men was an idea implemented by The Left, Joseph Stalin.  


White women stole the civil rights movement from African-American (Hispanic-American, Asian-American and Native-American) men.  


Even in an auxiliary, the hand full of women who want to be in combat could be an all volunteer unit.  Them fourteen (or forty, or so) who demand such could go function as a cohesive unit, (or two, or so).  


(Until, common sense prevails, and even then such would be done secretly), even the female-excrement-covered-dangle-waggles-who-won't-go-to-a-recovery-from-having-an-execrement-covered-dangle-waggle-program could volunteer for the same unit, and could call themselves the "Amazon Brigade."  (Such would probably scare the 7734 out of some of Kim Il's henchmen.)  


Men are not allowed to be fully developed men.  


Shame on Josef Stalin, President Harry Truman who copied Stalin, the similarly like-minded men, and the female feminist devils.  Shame.  




Posted: 04 11 2013 C.E.  15:35 Hrs.

04 11 2013 C.E.


"Caroline Kennedy, Don't Tell Me … ."  



In this opinion, Mrs. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, said on the television, at a convention, the "values" of her party are the values of her father and her uncles.  


This citizen states, "Mrs. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, do not tell me Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. (Joe Kennedy Jr.), (killed in military service during World War Two), and John F. Kennedy, U.S.N., valued aborticide, agreed with men with an excrement-covered-dangle-waggle-who-won't-go-to-a-recovery-from-having-an-execrement-covered-dangle-waggle-program and tax-and-spend policies."  "Don't tell me Joseph P. and John F. would have agreed with the excrement-covered-dangle-waggles of the men-with-excrement-covered-dangle-waggles-(who-won't-go-to-a-recovery-from-having-an-execrement-covered-dangle-waggle-program) in the United States Military during World War Two."  "Don't tell me such revisionist history."  "This citizen is not ignorant enough, nor stupid enough, to believe such."  "Have a nice day."  


Shame on Mrs. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg.  Shame.  


Posted: 07 07 2013 C.E.

Written: 06 23 2013


Dear Food Network: 


In this opinion, the news media stated a black woman who worked at the A&E network who complained about Duane Chapman, and other complainers, got Duane fired. 

She obviously was a mean-woman, second definition of the five-letter-"B"- word. She obviously was one of the African-American racists who hate the First Amendment's Right to Free Speech. In such case, the African-American racist hated both European-Americans and Native-Americans, as the Dog is part European-American and part Native-American. 


The Dog had only been giving an example of his prison-life. In my opinion, he was showing how he had once talked in prison-life. 

Was it similar at the Food Network? African-American racist employees and outside African-American racists? 

Shame on the Food Network, for caving in to the politically-correct.

Shame on the Food Network, for caving in to the left. 

Would the Food Network executives punish a dog for something the dog did two hours earlier?  

Shame. Shame. Shame. 

The Food Network could have ignored her disgruntled employee, 

The leftist news media claims seventy percent of African-Americans are liberal. Thus, seventy percent of African-Americans are racists against European-Americans. 

The Lord will make the Food Network executives pay for the use of such unequal weights and measures. 

Good luck fools. 


Everett Green



Posted: July 07 2013 C.E. 09:58 Hrs.

Written: July 07 2013 C.E. 09:51 Hrs.


Beware of the spoiled rotten sixties brats, and all of their underlings (the seventies, eighties, nineties, single digits and teens brats).


Posted: 07 15 2013 C.E. 11:41 Hrs.

Written: 07 15 2013 C.E.




In this opinion, a CQD (Calling All Stations Danger), and a SOS (Save Our Ship) are entered on behalf of the economy.  Needed is a Berry Goldwater (pro-low taxes), (Republican), a John F. Kennedy, (pro-low taxes), (Democrat) and/or a Ronald (Ronnie) Reagan (pro-low taxes), (Republican) to lower the taxes.  


All the damage was accomplished by the James (Jimmy) Carter's (Democrat), the William (Bill) Clinton's (Democrat), the Barack Hussein Obama's (Democrat), and the Republicans-In-Name-Only's (R.I.N.O.'s).  At New York State, the damage was done by (Dad) Mario Cuomo (Democrat) and (Son) Andrew Cuomo (Democrat).   


The voters keep electing the same financially and economically ignorant and the same financially and economically incompetent Captain Edward Smith's of the world.  Captain Smith was the captain who went too fast, hit the iceberg and sank, repeat the word "sank," the Titanic.  


Strengthen the dollar please.  The federal government must stop the excessive taxing and spending.  The federal government must stop the excessive printing of money.  The federal government must stop the federal government from buying its own government securities.  


Shame on the tax and spend, and money printing fools.  Shame.  




Posted: 07 24 2013 C.E.  16:20 Hrs.

07 22 2013 C.E.


Directed Accounts


in this opinion, one can have a directed traditional I.R.A., Keogh I.R.A., S.E.P. I.R.A., Roth I.R.A., 401(k), or 403(b), but the leftist-socialist-Marxist-communist leadership of the American Association of Retired Persons (A.A.R.P.) demands absolutely no directed Social Security accounts.  


(As leftist-socialist-Marxist-communist Bill Maher, Television Talk Show Host, called the conservatives "stupid" first), the A.A.R.P. leadership is so smart they're stupid.  


Shame on the leftist-socialist-Marxist-communist A.A.R.P. leadership.  Shame.  



(Credit Where Credit Is Due): A Von Roll employee while on coffee break, stated, to this, (at said time, a sub-contractor's) employee, as per academic types, "They're so smart, they're stupid."  




Posted: 07 24 2013 C.E.  16:20 Hrs.

07 21 2013 C.E.


Mixed, Yet African-American (Black) Racist


In this opinion, Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States, is fifty percent European-American, twelve and one-half percent Arab-American, and thirty-seven and one-half percent African-American.  


Yet in the George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin case the president speaks as supporting the positions of other leftist-socialist-Marxist-commmunists like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder (Attorney General), and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's (NAACP) leadership, all known as prominent black racist hypocrites.  Mr. Zimmerman should sue all of the above parties and any others hating him for being a so-called "white Hispanic."  


Mr. Zimmerman is the victim of Trayvon Matin's, quote "cheesy assed cracker," hate crime.  And the African-American girl seemed to have Trayvon convinced Mr. Zimmermawas a homosexual-sodomite-perverted "rapist."  


Shame on the president and the other black recast hypocrite dastards (not the word one would rather use).  Shame.  



Posted: 07 24 2013 C.E.  16:20 Hrs.

07 24 2013 C.E. 16:15 Hrs.


Stockton, California and Detroit, Michigan


In this opinion, because of repeated upon repeated tax and spend, both cities are filing for federal bankruptcy: the Democrat Plantation of Stockton Is Bankrupt and the Democrat Plantation of Detroit is Bankrupt.  


Shame on the Democrat Plantations.  Shame.  


P.S.: The Republicans In Name Only (RINO's) are no help nor hope also.  



Posted: 09 29 C.E. 14:46 Hrs.

07 29 2013 C.E. 14:20 Hrs.


To: Defense Department's Human Resource Officers Of The Politically Correct Persuasion 


From: Everett Green, Alleged Bigot


Re: Leftist-Liberal Officers Hatred Of Christians, Be The Christians Chaplains, Officers, Or Enlisted


in this opinion, why don't little man-hating, little pro-abortion-murder-of-a-child haters-of-pro-life-Chrisitans, and little pro-excrement-covered-dangle-waggles-who-can't-tell-an-excrement-covered-dangle-waggle-possessor-to-go-to-a-recovery-program-from-having-an-excrement-covered-dangle-waggle haters-of-pro-heterosexualism, come to pick on this Christian?  Leftist-socialist-Marxist-communist-liberal coward dastards.  Maybe, if all the little hateful dastards would put a little love in their hearts for the Christians, the dastards may actually grow up, repeat the words "grow up."  


They won't come to get this one.  This one isn't in their little fiefdom.  


Shame on the haters-of-Christians.  Shame.  



Posted 09 29 2013 C.E. 14:46 Hrs.

07 29 2013 C.E. 14:25 Hrs. 


To: All Medical-Mercury Users


From: Everett Green, Forty-Three Years Of Clean-Time


Re: Medical-Mercury Upgrade


In this opinion, why don't medical-mercury users kick it up a notch by spraying plutonium on their medical-mercury?  Surly an upgrade to medical-mercury-plutonium would be considered desirable.  Medical-mercury users surly would not want to upset the Party Spirit.   

Posted: 08 07 2013 C.E. 20:19 Hrs.

08 01 2013 C.E.


One Way Rights Dastards


In this opinion, please beware of the one-way-rights-, ("d" as in David), -dastards, not the word one would rather use.  


For example, during the Fox News moderated, debates for the Democrat Nomination for President, Al Sharpton, Black Supremist, said, while turning his head to a European-American in the audience, (Paraphrased), "While we was building stone palaces in Egypt, you was still living in the caves of Europe."  


(As Bill Mahar on his Home Box Office show accused conservatives of being "stupid" first), Al is described well by the phrase, like Tom Hanks, Actor, as the character Forrest Gump, said, (Paraphrased), "Stupid is as stupid does."  Al Sharpton is obviously, extremely ignorant.  


Also, Spike Lee, Black Supremist, gave out what he thought was George Zimmerman's home address.  Imagine the double-standard, hypocrite crying, whining and stomping of feet in the leftist-news-media, if any European-American, (Hispanic-American, Asian-American or Native-American), give out Spike Lee's home address.  


Shame on the one-way-rights dastards.  Shame.  



Addendum: Everett Green is the, (please correct if in error), inventor of the phrase: "One-Way-Rights-Dastards."  



Posted: 08 07 2013 C.E. 20:19 Hrs.

08 01 2013 C.E.


Susan B. Anthony, Hater-Of-Men


In this opinion, Susan B. Anthony, Hater-Extraordinaire-of-Men, was the ugliest, repeat the word "ugliest," woman ever placed on an American coin.  in fact, she was homelier-than-a-hedgehog.  Need one say more?  



(Please correct if in error), Everett Green is the inventor of the phrase: "Hater-Extraordinaire-of-Men."  



Posted: 08 07 2013 C.E. 20:19 Hrs.

08 01 2013 C.E.


Amelia Earhart, Alleged Aviatrix


In this opinion, Amelia Earhart, Alleged Aviatrix, was the worst pilot ever.  Absolutely the worst.  Amelia Earhart, should be posthumously charged with the manslaughter of Fred Noonan, Navigator.  



Posted: 08 07 2013 C.E. 20:19 Hrs. 

08 01 2013 C.E.




In this opinion, the so-called "Affirmative-Action-Officers" of the Defense Department should be prosecuted by their superiors for the incompetence of pushing inadequately trained pilots to perform duties above their capabilities especially, for example, in the case of Lt. Kara Spears Hultgreen, Alleged Aviatrix.  They just had to have, repeat the words "had-to-have" a woman carrier pilot.  The hatred-of-men by such so-called "affirmative-action officers" knows no bounds.    


Shame on the so-called "Affirmative-Action-Officers."  "Shame."  



Posted: 08 07 2013 C.E. 20:19 Hrs.

08 04 2013 C.E.


Amelia Rose Earhart


In this opinion, Miss/Mrs. Ameiia Rose Earhart: The media states she wants to recreate her claimed distant relative's failed flight.  


Please spare us.  Please.  



Posted: 08 07 2013 C.E. 20:19 Hrs.

08 04 2013 C.E.


Church Is Better


In this opinion, the Orthodox Synagogue is better than the Conservative Synagogue.  The Conservative Synagogue is better than the Reformed Synagogue.  


In this opinion, the Orthodox Church, is better than the Catholic Church.  The Catholic Church is better than the (Mainline)-Protestant Church and the Evangelical-(Protestant)-Church.  


In this opinion, the Orthodox Church is better than the mosque.  The mosque, always claiming supremacy, generally steals, destroys and/or prevents, (synagogues and), churches from being built.  



Posted: 08 07 2013 C.E. 20:19 Hrs.

E-Mailed: 08 07 2013 C.E. 20:04 Hrs.

08 07 2013 C.E. 19:18 Hrs.


The Purple Heart


August 07, 1782 was the day General George Washington initiated the Purple Heart 231 years ago.  


Happy Purple Heart Day.



Posted: 08 07 2013 C.E. 20:19 Hrs.

E-Mailed: 08 07 2013 C.E. 20:04 Hrs.

08 07 2013 C.E. 19:37 Hrs.


Fred U. Dicker, Radio Show Host


In this opinion, Fred U. Dicker, "Live From the State Capital" Radio Show Host, stated today, (Paraphrased): Re: Obama closed the embassies.  "What a cowardly thing to do."  "He should beef them up."  "One thousand marines should be put in each embassy."  "Then play on the loudspeaker, Clint Eastwood, 'Make My Day,' over and over."  


May the Lord bless Fred U. Dicker, Radio Show Host, for such an excellent idea.  May the Lord bless.  


Posted: 09 08 2013 C.E. 20:33 Hrs.

09 08 2013 C.E. 19:25 Hrs.


Sodomite-Pervert Lies


For Execremnt-Covered-Dangle-Waggle-So-Called-"Marriage"-So-Called-"Justices"-of-the-U.S.-Federal-Supreme-So-Called-"Court: 


Mr. Stephen Breyer

Miss/Mrs. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Miss/Mrs. Elena Kagan 

Mr. Anthony Kennedy

Miss/Mrs. Sonia Sotomayor


In this opinion, the so-called-"judges" for the striking down of the Defense of Marriage Act are lying their carcasses-off.  The sodomite-perverts have claimed all during the seventies and eighties to be "like the Blacks."  Sodomite-perversion has nothing to do with race.  Don't tell me a man-shoving-his-excrement-covered-dangle-waggle-up-another-man's-carcass is equal to a marriage-between-a-man-and-a-woman.  The sodomite-perverts are like little-Hitlers.  


There are now no-rights for Judeo-Christians.  The sodomite-pervert-little-Hitlers have taken Judeo-Christian rights away with their sodomite-pervert-little-Hitler-lies.  


Like the blue-collar worker who said about academians, "They're so smart, they're stupid."  


This citizen spits on the U.S. Supreme Court.  


Shame on the U.S. Supreme Court majority.  Shame.   




Mr. Samuel Alito

Mr. John Roberts

Mr. Antonin Scalia

Mr. Clarence Thomas



Sodomite-Pervert's Again


In this opinion, are the above listed bigoted, anti-Christian so-called "judges," dastards to Christians, going to decide a Christian baker, a Christian photographer, and/or a Christian counselor-who-counsels-sodomite-perverts-to-liberate-themselves-from-sodomite-perversion-through-Christianity has no Christian religious-right, nor Christian right-to-free speech to refuse to bake a cake, nor take a photograph, nor counsel a sodomite-pervert-to-free-himself-from-sodomite-perversion-by-Christianity?  Lying-bull-excrement filled so-called judges.  Liberal-leftist-dastards.  


The Lord will repay the low-life values pro-sodomite-perversion liberal-leftist dastard so-called "judges."  


Selective, repeat the word "selective," civill-rights-dastards, repeat the word, dastards, not the word, this citizen would rather use.  


If it's anti-Christian, it is usually also anti-Judaism.  


Shame on the pro-sodomite-perversion dastard "judges."  Shame.  



Source: The "spit on" the court is borrowed from Michael Savage, Radio Talk Show Host.  

Posted: 10 08 2013 C.E. 14:52 Hrs.

N.Y. Gambling Proposition 
The Lord will surely bless Eric J. Snyder of Brooklyn, N.Y., Attorney, for Opposing (Son of Cuomo's) N.Y. Gambling Proposition as Written on the Fall 2013 C.E. Ballot in the N.Y. State Supreme Court. 


Posted: 10 16 2013 C.E. 14:06 Hrs.

10 16 2013 C.E.  14:06 Hrs.


"Just And Reasonable" 


In this opinion, the commissioners of the N.Y. S. Public Service Commissioners are: 

Audrey Zibelman, Chair, Commissioner,

Patricia L. Acampora, Commissioner,

Garry A. Brown, Commissioner,

Dianne X. Burrman, Commissioner and

Gregg C. Sayre, Commissioner.  


The P.S.C.'s website states the agency is to ensure "just and reasonable" rates.  


If Mrs. Aibelman, and the other commissioners think the current National Grid electric and gas basic service stay on fees are "fair and reasonable," they are out of their minds.  Of course, at their salaries, they have no trouble paying the fees.  At this citizen's income, the fees hurt.  Such is like a stab in the back to the ratepayers.  Such is like a hate crime against the ratepayers.   The commissioners need to get up off their bottoms, start doing their job, and reduce the so-called stay-on fees.  


Shame on the P.S.C. commissioners.  Shame.  





Posted: 10 27 2013 C.E.  18:20 Hrs.  

10 27 2013 C.E.  18:06 Hrs.  


Dear Mr. Obama, President, Dastard: 


Thanks Mr. Obama, President, Dastard for ruining this citizen's health care program.  The program is being brought to an end as of December 31, 2013 C.E.  December 31st is the day before the excrement Hillarycare/Billcare/Billarycare/Obamacare, the so-called Affordable, so-called Care, so-called Act, so-called "program" starts.  


Only a dastard of a president, not to mention the worst president this citizen has ever seen, would ruin his own citizens' health care program.  


Mr. Obama, President, Dastard, Capital "D" Democrats, (and Republicans-In-Name only - RINO's), are dastards.  Such are-so-smart-they're-stupid.  


For decades such have called me a bigot and related names.  In 2013 C.E., this citizen now returns, repeat the word "returns," the name calling.  


Shame on President Obama.  Shame on the Capital "D" Democrats.  Shame.  




P.S.: Dastard is not the word this citizen would rather use.  



Posted:  10 27 2013 C.E.  18:20 Hrs.

10 27 2013 C.E. 18:06 Hrs. 


Obama lied.  Healthcare died.  



Michelle Malkin, Columnist, said, "Obama lied."  "Healthcare died."  Thanks Michelle Malkin.  


Posted: 10 30 2013 C.E. 12:47 Hrs.

05 16 2013 C.E.


Bigotry Against Christianity


(Fact: The Cohoes-Public-School-From-Hell had a Cohoes-Public-School-Teacher-From-Hell who taught, "The problem with the Crusades was the Christians."  Such is a leftist-socialist-Marxist-communist excrement poor so-called "education" at the public, so-called "school.")  


10 30 2013 C.E.

In this opinion, the bigotry against Christians in the above statement obviously knows no bounds.  Such underscores the ignorance of the left.  An ignorance which also knows no bounds.  The left is Christ-phobic and Christian-phobic.  



Posted: 10 30 2013 C.E. 12:47 Hrs. 

10 30 2013 C.E.




In this opinion, one's right to clean air is robbed and thwarted by polluti-nazies.  


P.S.: This citizen is the inventor of the word "polluti-nazi."  



Posted: 11 13 2013 C.E. 15:05 Hrs.

11 10 2013 C.E. 20:55 Hrs.


Another Judge Is Bad



In this opinion, U.S. District Court Judge Mae D'Agustino, Judge, Excrement From The Bench, Affirma-Acti-nazi has decided leftist-socialist-marxist-communist in the decision in the Wandering Dago vs. N.Y.S. O.G.S. and New York Racing Association (N.Y.R.A.).  Joseph Rabido, New York State Office of General Services Deputy Commissioner, Affirma-Acti-nazi, Bennett Liebman, New York State Deputary Secretary for Gaming and Racing, Affirma-Acti-nazi, Christopher Kay, N.Y.R.A. President, Affirma-Acti-nazi, and Stephen Travers, N.Y. R. A. Vice President, Affima-Acti-nazi are the perpetrators of the offense against business owners, Brandon Snooks and Andrea Loguidice.  Henry Greenburg, Attorney, Affirma-Acti-nazi is representing N.Y.R.A.  The Affirma-Acti-nazies are reigning supreme.  


The Lord will surely bless Mr. Snooks and Miss/Mrs. Loguidice, and the attorney for the food business  "Wandering Dago," George Carpenillo.  


Same on the perpetrators and the judge.  Shame.  



Posted:  11 13 2013 C.E. 15:05 Hrs.

11 13 2013 C.E. 08:34 Hrs. 





In this opinion, the Be A Star so-called anti-bullying organization is terminally infected, repeat the word "infected," with the biggest bullies on earth.  The liberal-leftist-socialist-Marxist-communists, also known as sodomite-perverts pull out the big-victim-act, along with many legitimate victims of bullies.  As previously stated, the sodomite-perverts go so far as to dictate no one can have a religious right to disagree with, nor refuse to service, the every whim of the sodomite perverts's evil, repeat the word "evil," behavior.  Such sodomite-perverts, and their aiders and abettors, are some of the biggest hypocrites going.  


Shame on the sodomite-pervert Be A Star hypocrites.  Shame.  



Posted: 11 13 2013 C.E. 15:05 Hrs. 

11 13 2013 C.E.  08:46 Hrs.  


Just What New York Needed



In this opinion, wasn't liberal-leftist-socialist-Marxist-communist "Dad" Cuomo bad enough with the taxing and spending, and the sodomite perverts?  Also, was not Republican-In-Name-Only, (R.I.N.O.), social-liberal, Pataki with the"environmental fund" which was supposed to clean up brown grounds, when much of the money ended up buying land for, (growing-the-government), state parks.  

(Though this citizen tries to never judge a son by the father's ideology and behavior), the leftist-socialist-Marxist-communist "Son" Cuomo, has pushed through the constitutional amendment to add seven, non-Indian, casinos in New York State.  

Seven more roulette wheel game tables are what New York State needs?  Seven more dice game tables are what New York State needs?  Seven more blackjack game tables are what New York State needs?  Seven more banks of slot machines, better stated as, seven more banks of one-armed-bandits are what New York State needs?  Dr. Savage was right: "Liberalism is a mental disorder."  


"Son" Cuomo always says, "New York is open for business."  Stop lying.  The high taxes are not "open for business."  Accursed casinos.  


Cuomo lied.  Casino-free New York died.  


Shame on "Son" Cuomo and his aiders and abetters.  Shame.  



P.S.: This citizen is the inventor of the phrase, "Cuomo lied."  "Casino-free New York died."  



Posted: 11 13 2013 C.E. 15:05 Hrs.

11 13 2013 C.E. 09:29 Hrs. 


Betting/Gambling/Wagering Fairness To The Customer



In this opinion, this citizen states, there is no fairness to the customer, (F.T.T.C.), at the roulette wheel table, the dice board table, the blackjack board table.  There certainly is absolutely no fairness to the customer at the bank of slot machines, better know as the bank of one-armed-bandits.  


Can accursedness be greatly mitigated by the addition of regulations promoting much more fairness to the customer?  


This citizen notes the State of Florida allows a business which is only poker game tables, with supplemental sports betting/gambling/wagering.  


If betting/wagering must be, is not such more fair to the customer, if such is only poker and sports betting/gambling/wagering contests?  


Also, is not poker betting/gambling/wagering much more fair to the customer, if such is only two player poker contests?    


Also, is not sports betting/gambling/wagering much more fair to the customer, if such is only two player, or only two team, contests?    


Also, would not the the horse racing betting/gambling/wagering industry be much more fair to the customer, if such were only two horse contests?  


These industries need F.T.T.C. laws.  


Just like the stock market: Stop rescinding the Glass-Stegall Act.  Stop going to far to the leftist-socialist-Marxist-communist type excessively large government-pig sized overregulation and excessive fines with the Dodd-Frank Act.  



Posted: 11 13 2013 C.E. 15:05 Hrs.

11 13 2013 C.E. 10:18 Hrs. 


Norlite Is Bad



In this opinion, the newspaper media reports the Norlite claims to be no harm.  Citizens report otherwise.  


"Norlite lied."  "Clean air died."  


Shame on Norlite.  Shame.  



P.S.: This citizen is the inventor of the phrase, "Norlite lied."  "Clean air died."  



Posted: 11 17 2013 C.E. 12:05 Hrs.

11 17 2013 C.E.




In this opinion, "One may not ever see me again, Obamacare may kill me."



P.S.: This citizen is the inventor of the phrase, "One may not ever see me again, Obamacare may kill me."  



Posted: 11 17 2013 C.E. 18:37 Hrs.

11 17 2013 C.E.


The Crusades Were Defensive 



In this opinion:


"… the Crusades were primarily defensive, ... ."  


"For the Crusades, one must begin with the year 1008 when the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the most sacred of all Christian pilgrimage sites, was razed by Ali-alMansur Al Hakim (by 1014, thirty thousand other Christian churches had met a similar fate)."  


"In 1064, an unarmed group of German pilgrims numbering seven thousand was so fiercely set upon that less than a third lived to tell the story."  


"Omar ibn al-Khattab, Abu Bakr's successor in the Caliphate and the father of the Muslim calendar, spoke for all Islam when he declared, not long after the death of Mohammed: "It behooves us to devout the Christians and their descendants as long as any of them remain on earth."  


From "Think and Believe," by Frederick W. Marks, Ph. D., a Catholic historian, published by Emmaus Road.  



Posted: 11 27 2013 C.E. 19:55 Hrs.

11 27 2013 C.E. 07:58 Hrs.  


The Black Racism Of Knockout Perpetrators



African-American youths who happen to be Knockout Game perpetrators should be tried as So-Called-"Hate Crimes."  


Such hateful perpetrators, most likely, will not be charged with "Hate-Crime statues," because the liberal-leftist-Marxist-communist Affirma-Acti-nazi rules will be applied.  In other words, "Because 'All European-Americans are racist (against African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Native-Americans'), and because 'Only European-Americans are racist,' therefore, 'Only European-Americans can be charged with hate-crime motives.'"  


Such is why very liked by potential victims, (all of whom happen to be European-Americans), is the phrase, "Glock-out the Knockout."  


Shame on the hateful African-American youths and their liberal-leftist-Marxist-communist aiders and abettors.  Shame.  



Posted: 11 27 2013 C.E. 19:56 Hrs.

11 27 2013 C.E. 13:50 Hrs.


Democrats and R.I.N.O.'s Cut Food Stamps, Then Blame Republican Conservatives


The federal Democrats and R.I.N.O.'s cut the food stamp program, going to poor men, women and children, repeat the words, "poor men, women and children."  The food stamp program is now called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, (S.N.A.P.).  The Democrats and R.I.N.O.'s then blamed the Republicans and small "c" Conservatives.  


President Barak Hussein Obama, Worst President Ever, Worst President Since Nixon, raised the Federal Poverty Level.  Such added thousands upon thousands of people to the food stamp rolls.  Because such then became too many recipients on the program for the program's income to handle, the cuts were made by the Democrat president and the Democrat and R.I.N.O. controlled Congress.  


There was nothing wrong with the 2006 C.E. year Federal Poverty Level.  A return to the 2006 C.E. year level, (with an adjustment for inflation), could and would correct the matter.  


Shame on the Democrat and R.I.N.O. food stamp cutters to the poor and needy women and children.  Shame.  




Posted: 01 01 2014 C.E. 19:20 Hrs.

01 01 2014 C.E. 17:38 Hrs.


Who Pointed At This Citizen And Sent The Henchman?


In this opinion, and right to redress of grievance, the man pointed at this citizen, directing his henchman towards this citizen.  The henchman, who could not be bothered to greet this citizen, nor identify him-(henchman)-self.  He blurts out, "I'm not suing the Norlite, because my brother works there."  The henchman then stormed out.  


This citizen's response: "What is your name - Abel?"  "What's your brother's name - Cain?"  (This citizen is referencing the Bible story.)  


((Since so many leftist-lowlives, who didn't want Saddam Hussein deposed, claimed, "I have a nephew {serving} in Iraq,'" when, in fact, such did not have a nephew serving in Iraq, this citizen considers, the henchman may have no brother working at the Norlite.))  


Also the switch from burning natural gas as fuel to burning dangerous, toxic, hazardous wastes as fuel, may have been over the head of the workers.  Anyone who applied to work there since the switch consciously chose to hurt people by pollution.  


Again, neither not-gentleman introduced himself.  Both need to stop acting like urine-ants and need to stop acting like Richard's-nickname-heads.  


All the Norlite hazardous waste burners are bullies, repeat the word "bullies."  


This citizen states the not-gentleman pointer most likely the director of the Norlite hazardous waste burning plant.  


This citizen states, "The Norlite is bad."   


Shame on the henchman-director-bully and the henchman-bully.  Shame.  



Posted: 03 19 2014 C.E. 19:28 Hrs. 

03 19 2014 C.E. 19:22 Hrs. 


In this opinion, under Obama and Andrew Cuomo, the people of the nation, and of New York State, are Democrat-dammed and R.I.N.O.-dammed.   



Posted: 03 16 2014 C. R.  21:41 Hrs.

03 16 2014 C.E.  14:38 Hrs.


The White, Black and Arab President


Inaugurated as president January 2009 C.E., Barack Hussein Obama, as President of the United States, became the head colonialist as president of the Territory (colony) of Puerto Rico.  Mr. Obama was in the news for blaming Winston Churchill, a veteran of the British Army, for colonial abuses against Mr. Obama’s father of Kenya.  Mr. Obama sent the, on loan, bust of Mr. Winston Churchill, back to England.  First, Mr. Churchill’s assignment was more in the South Africa area.  How dare the White, Black and Arabic President oppress the Hispanic Puerto Ricans.  Imagine such.  Mr. Barack is the racist and the colonialist.  Barack Hussein’s behavior obviously makes Barack Hussein the Hypocrite-in-Chief.  

As stated in his book, Mr. Barack stated in college he chose to Be-Black.  How is the Being-Black working out, Mr. President?  

Shame on Mr. Obama.  Shame.  




Posted: 03 16 2014 C.E.  20:41 Hrs.

03 16 2014 C.E.  14:38 Hrs.


In this opinion, Mrs. Melody Burns, Radio Talk Show Host, (before she was released from her employer), repeatedly had discussed how come Mr. David Soares, District Attorney (Albany County, N.Y.) repeatedly refused to prosecute the leftist-socialist-Marxist-communist-progressive Occupy Wall Street (O.W.S.) protesters at the parks west of City Hall in Albany, N.Y.  Said parks are near the statue of Phillip Livingston, New York’s Delegate to the Continental Congress and signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Mentioned is the reported O.W.S. protesters urinating on the park’s Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial.  The New York City Police Department records of the N.Y.C. area O.W.S. Protesters arrested showed seventy percent of the protesters listed residential addresses of homes, the reporter then found were valued at $ 250,000 or more.  The Manhattan O.W.S. protest was such a mess of tents and related equipment, the city had to use a bulldozer to clean up the area.  Mr. David Soares, Albany County District Attorney, as stated by some of Mrs. Burns’ callers, is not going to prosecute his fellow leftist-socialist-Marxist-communist-progressive like-minded people.  In this opinion, Mr. Soares is also not willing to prosecute the spoiled-rotten-brat, repeat the words “spoiled-rotten-brat,” sons and daughters of his wealthy Democrat. and R.I.N.O. supporters and donors.  Mr. Soares knows where his bread is buttered.  Mr. Soares’s moral bankruptcy is showing.  

If such had been a crime of this citizen, this citizen would have been prosecuted and placed so far back in the penal system, a trebuchet would be needed to deliver this citizen’s lunch.  

Shame on Mr. Soares.  Shame.  




Posted: 03 16 2014 C.E.  21:41 Hrs.

03 16 2014 C.E.  14:38 Hrs.


What Almost Happened at the Norlite, Twice?


In this opinion, The Record, a daily newspaper in Troy, N.Y., reported the Norlite statement said, “an abundance of caution,” was used by Norlite as per an alleged electrical short.  The Cohoes Fire Chief, Joseph Fahd, was quoted by the paper as saying the short was “on a pump in the tank farm,” area.  This citizen reports a source states three fire department’s responded to the problem: the Cohoes City Fire Department, the Maplewood Volunteer Fire Department or the Watervliet City Fire Department, and the Green Island Village Fire Department.  According to the source, this is the second time, in recent months, three fire departments have simultaneously responded.  

The problem is obviously very sensitive because not one, nor two, but three fire departments responded.  

The fire authorities aren’t fooling around here.  The potential danger is extreme because of the hazardous wastes stored as fuel at the site.  The smoke is expelled from the fraken-stacks.  Instead of burning natural gas, the Norlite chooses to fool with hazardous wastes.  The potential danger is extreme.  Then the Norlite lies by claiming in a statement to The Record, the Norlite is extending “an abundance of caution.”  Possession of hazardous wastes is a lack of caution.  The Norlite’s moral bankruptcy and hypocrisy are showing.  

Shame on the Norlite.  Shame.  




Posted: 05 04 2014 C.E. 22:25 Hrs.  

05 04 2014 C.E. 20:57 Hrs.

Black, Hispanic, Asian and Native Racist Dastards

In this citizen’s opinion, may the Lord take out the black, Hispanic, Asian and Native Racist Hypocrite Dastards who framed, by the low-down, dirty-rotten set-up, Donald Sterling, Owner of the basketball team, the “Clippers.”  This includes Al Sharpton, Black Racist Dastard, the Los Angeles National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (N.A.A.C.P.), who is actually the National Association of African Racist Dastards, and Lew Alcindor, Black Racist Dastard.  Also, to be taken out, should be the many upon many black racist dastards who wrote the Black Racist e-mails to Adam Silver, National Basketball Association Commissioner.  

May Mr. Silver be taken out for his idiotic, unbalanced decision.  It is always said, “Actions speak louder than words.”  Obviously not so with Mr. Silver.  No true white racist donates a penny to the National Association of African Racist Dastards.  Donald Sterling donated so much to the Black Racist Dastards, they gave him the first Life Time Achievement Award, and were preparing to award a second such award.  No true white racist pays the intense salaries Donald Sterling paid to his African-American basketball players.  Mr. Silver should be impeached immediately.    

May especially be taken out the men who allowed their pictures to be posted on the social website by the alleged adulterer, and alleged $ 500.00 per tryst prostitute “girl friend,” V. Speviano, (allegedly formerly known as Maria Vanessa Perez).  All the men, especially the basketball players, should also be equally fired, also be equally barred, and also be equally excessively fined by their employers for such blatant, reckless, public display of such moral bankruptcy exhibited in such an extreme, depraved and indifferent way in clearly direct and purely clear view of the hundreds and hundreds of teenage fans of such players.  

The leftist-socialist-Marxist-communist-progressive reporters-of-the-left need to get up off their carcasses, start doing their jobs, and start practicing the equality they preach.  

Mr. Silver, N.B.A. Commissioner, needs to get up off of his carcass, start doing his job, and start practicing the inclusion he is preaching.  The same goes for the black Racist Dastards previously stated.  

Equal, repeat the word “equal,” treatment for Black Racism, Hispanic Racism, Asian Racism, and Native Racism.  

The leftist press loves to demean Donald Sterling because the story takes the attention away from the subject of impeaching Obama for Fast-snd-Furious, allowing federal felons to invade America, and the lies about the video to cover up the truth about the real reason for the attack on the American embassy at Benghazi.  Attention is also taken away from the subject of impeaching Mr. Eric Holder, the Federal Attorney General for Fast-and-Furious, and for not prosecuting the African-Americans who were threatening voters outside the polling place.  Attention is also taken away from the impeachment of Mr. Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York State, for implementing the alleged dire and alleged necessary need for roulette wheels, blackjack tables and dice tables in New York State.  

As is said, “What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.”  

All manner of shame on Mr. Sharpton, Black Racist Dastard.  Shame.  

All manner of shame on the National Association of Black Racism.  Shame.  

All manner of shame on Mr. Alcindor, Black Racist Dastard.  Shame.  

All manner of shame on Mr. Silver.  Shame.  

All manner of shame on the social website page picture-mates of Miss/Mrs. V. Seviano.  Shame.  

All manner of shame on Miss/Mrs. V. Seviano.  Shame.  



Posted: 06 29 2014 C.E.  19:35 Hrs.

06 29 2014 C.E.

The Left’s Hatred Against European-(White)-Americans

In this opinion, the Democrat-Fascist and R.I.N.O.-Fascist Congressman had nothing better to do than write to the President of the National Basketball League, Adam Silver, to stick, repeat the word “stick,” Donald Sterling, Owner of the basketball team, the Los Angeles (L.A.) Clippers with a One Million Dollar plus fine and an attempted forced sale of his team, over the false accusations of an alleged girlfriend, and the Black Racist Dastards, like Michael Jordan and Lew Alcindor.  

Shame on the Democrat-Fascist and R.I.N.O.-Fascist Congressman.  Shame.  

Shame on Michael Jordan and Lew Alcindor.  Shame.  

Shame on Adam Silver.  Shame.  

Since the above listed events, the media reports, possibly the same, Democrat-Fascist and R.I.N.O.-Fascist Congressman have written to the president of the National Football League requesting he be as ignorant as (the two of the three officials) of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, who, upon receiving such letters, pulled the six trademarks of the Washington Redskins’ name.  

These are probably many of the same individuals who wrote to the A&E Network president to ban Duane “The Dog” Chapman, Bail Bonds Hunter, for months from the airwaves.  Some of the same also may have written to the Food Network president to force the banning of Paula Dean, Cook, Author, from the airwaves.  

Shame on the e-mail letter writers.  Shame.  

Shame on the A & E Network executive.  Shame.  

Such are probably many of the same individuals who wrote to the recording company of Gwen Stefani, Singer, after false-accusations by Native-Americans-who-spoke-with-a-forked-tongue-claiming-the-singer-“hated”-Native-Americans because of a video produced.  The video was withdrawn from production.  

Shame on the Native-American-Haters-Against-European—(White)-Americans.  Shame.  

Shame on the recording company executive.  Shame.    

Such are probably many of the same individuals who wrote to the Mozilla company to ban fifteen-year-co-founder Brendan Eich, C.E.O., after false-accusations-of-alleged-bigotry against-the-homosexual-actually-haters-of-heterosexuality.  

Shame on the e-mail letter writers.  Shame.  

Shame on the successor Mozilla executive.  Shame.  

The owner of the above listed football team is Dan Snyder.  

Such e-mail letter writers are really Black Racist Dastards, (“dastard” is not the word, this citizen would rather use), Black-sticking-Racism, Black-Hatred-against-European-(White)-Males, and Black-Hatred-against-European-(White) Females.  

Such is the Left’s Hatred Against European-(White)-Americans.  (Such includes the Left’s Hatred Against Men, the Left’s Hatred Against Judaeo-Christianity, and the Left’s Hatred Against Heterosexuals.)     

Shame on the Democrat-Fascist and R.I.N.O.-Fascist, and all other, e-mail letter writers.  Shame.  

Shame on the majority two of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.  Shame.  

According to the media, Harry Reid, Senator, Senate Majority Leader, has made public comment against the team name.  Obviously, Harry Reid has nothing better to do.  Harry Reid, needs to get up off his carcass, and start doing his job.  

Shame on Harry Reid.  Shame.  

Please keep in mind, as is said, “What goes around, comes around.”  

Addendum: The Leftists will get even more of their own hatred returned upon themselves.  Some of such already has occurred as per the invasion by Islamic-Moslem Terrorists, their cohorts, and their aiders and abetters.  




Posted: 06 06 2014 C.E.  20:25 Hrs.

06 06 2014 C.E.

Sheila Jackson Lee’s War On Whites/White Males

In this opinion, Miss/Mrs. Sheila Jackson Lee, Congressman (from Texas), (not at present in an officially announced re-election), has been reported by the media as having stated deportation of federal-felon-illegal-immigrants, (especially the so-called, seventeen-year-old, gang-affiliated “children”), is “not humane.”  Miss/Mrs. Sheila Jackson Lee, who happens to be African-American, is a member of the Black Congressional Caucus.  Said caucus is self-named.  Black is not a reference to hair-color.  Such is a reference to skin-color.  Such use the words “people of color” repeatedly.  The word “black” is a short form of a reference to happen-to-have black-skin.  Thus the Black Congressional Caucus is a self-named, and a self-referenced, team of black-skinned congressman.  

Miss/Mrs. Sheila Jackson Lee’s pro-Affirmative-Action-Racism-Program is her and the Black-(skinned) Congressional Caucus,’ most inhumane, War On Whites and War On White Males.  

Shame on Miss/Mrs. Sheila Jackson Lee.  Shame.  

Shame on the Black—(skinned) Congressional Caucus.  

The National Association of Colored People (N.A.A.C.P.) uses the words “people of color.”  The N.A.A.C.P. is a team of African-Americans, some of whom self-reference as “black,” not as a reference to hair-color, but thus a reference to having a black-skin-color.  The media reports the N.A.A.C.P. as against the team name of the Washington Redskins Football Team, yet the N.A.A.C.P. is a team which references itself as of black-skin-color.  Such is most hypocritical: A black-skinned team of people calling the use of the team name “Redskins” discriminatory, disparaging, negative, racist and wrong.  Again, such an attitude by the N.A.A.C.P. is most hypocritical.  Such is the N.A.A.C.P.’s, most inhumane, War on Whites and War on White Males.  

The Race, (a.k.a. La Raza), many of who happen to reference being brown-skinned, also most hypocritically opposes the Washington Redskins name.  Such is The Race’s War on Whites and War on White Males.  

Shame on the N.A.A.C.P.  Shame.  

Shame on The Race, (a.k.a. La Raza).  Shame.   

Addendum: One: 

Miss/Mrs. Sheila Jackson Lee is unwilling to deport federal felon illegal immigrant teenagers with diseases such as TB (tuberculosis) and cholera.  Such behavior shows the Left is deranged because such is equal to, and the same as, and no different from when European-Americans deliberately and intentionally gave smallpox-laced blankets to Native-Americans.  

Shame on Miss/Mrs. Sheila Jackson Lee.  Shame.  

Shame on the Left.  Shame.      

Addendum: Two: 

May God bless Daniel M. Snyder, Owner Washington Redskins Football Team.  

May God Bless the Washington Redskins Team.  



Posted: October 28, 2014 C.E. 15:50 Hrs.

Written: October 28, 2014 C.E.

Obama-Not-Care Exemption No. 14 Other Hardship: Personal Spiritual Religious Moral Hardship

In this opinion, this citizen is the first citizen to apply for an Obama-Not-Care Exemption No. 14 Other Hardship: Personal Spiritual Religious Moral Hardship Exemption.  This citizen conscientiously objects to utilizing the benefit of three raised taxes to implement Obama-Not-Care/Not-Affordable-Care Act.  In the 1980’s/90’s the Federal Personal Income Tax rate was a whopping 28 percent.  Barak Hussein raised the Federal Poverty Level.  To pay for such, the Federal Personal Income Tax Rate for the 2013 C.E. year was raised from the 2012 C.E. year rate of 35 percent, to the 2013 C.E. year rate of 39.6 percent.  That was a staggering 4.6 percent raise in one year.  Such also represents the raise in the Personal Income Tax rate for Capital Gains.  The third tax the government-greedy raised was a new tax on the sale of certain medical devices at the rate of 2.3 percent.  This citizen conscientiously objects to utilizing the benefits offered via stolen monies.  Even if sometimes done “legally,” stealing is stealing.  If this citizen is coerced or forced to register, then the absolute minimal use of the services offered would be required.  

Shame on the supporters of the Obama-Not-Care/Not-Affordable-Care Act.  Shame.  


Posted: October 28, 2014 C.E. 15:50 Hrs.

Written: October 28, 2014 C.E.  

It Isn’t Good To Have A Rotten Boss

This citizen, except for the failed public school system, normally never comments on the City of Cohoes government.  This opinion is about the actions of one official who has gone  to far.  

With the owner’s of the Norlite in Spain, such has an absentee owner, repeat the word “absentee.”    

A City of Cohoes employee, Joseph Fahd, Chief of the Fire Department has for years been doing his duty, repeat the words “doing his duty,” to the citizens in his charge, by, upon being called to the Norlite, hazardous waste burning site, has used his alpha, beta, and/or gamma ray detector, in other words, a Gieger counter, to monitor if radiation and nuclear radiation is detected at the site.  Chief Fahd’s work behavior in this regard has been most, repeat the word “most,” exemplary in protecting the citizens of Cohoes.  

A source says the boss, George Primeau, Sr. the Mayor, has ordered, repeat the word “ordered,” Chief Fahd to cease and desist any monitoring of the Norlite site for any such radiation and nuclear radiation.  

What the 7734 is wrong with such a Scrooge-hearted official, as the so-called mayor.  Such is a blatant display of moral-bankruptcy and extreme rottenness.  Said decision shows no care, nor concern.  Such is a blatant disregard for the health of the citizenry of the city and the neighboring communities.  Such is a gross Dereliction of Duty.  Repeat the words, “gross Dereliction of Duty.  Such is Conduct Unbecoming of a Mayor.  Repeat the words, “Conduct Unbecoming of a Mayor.”  Impeachment seems to be in order.  

Shame on George Primeau Sr., So-Called Mayor.  Shame.

Posted: October 28, 2014 C.E. 15:50 Hrs.

Written: October 28, 2014 C.E.

May Be Last Entry

The above entry may be this citizen’s last, because it was very disheartening to have the last entry.  Very disheartening.  This citizen hopes to never, never have an entry about the City of Cohoes government again.  



January 06, 2016 C.E., 13:12 Hrs. (and Revised, January 11, 2016 C.E. 13:46 Hrs.) 


The Library Tax   


During the past City of Albany, New York, second vote abont setting up a City of Albany Library Authority, a man called a radio talk show.  As best as memory serves correctly, and may be slightly parapharased:


Caller: "About the library vote: I am an old, blue collar guy who worked my whole life."  "I can not afford a library tax."  "I am the last one on my block."  "They all either died, or moved to Florida,"  "Just before the beginning of the month, I have to sit down and figure out which I am going to pay for the month."  "Will it be my property tax?"  "Will it be my school tax?"  "Will it be my gas and electric bill?"  Will it be my house repairs?"  "Will it be my transportation?"  "Will it be my medication?"  "Or my food?"  


Talk Show Host: "How about cable?"  


Caller: "Oh."  "I got rid of that a long time ago."  


So one can see, this is the man, the taxpayer, the tax and spend D.I.N.O.s, (Democrats In Name Only), and R.I.N.O.s, (Republicans In Name Only), do not, repeat the word "not," care about.  it's essentially that simple.  They don't care about the man and haven't for fourty-seven years.  


Shame on the D.I.N.O.s and R.I.N.O.s.  Shame.




February 22, 2016 c.E. 15:13 Hrs.


Cohoes Public School Superintendent Spring's 2016 C.E. Salary


 In this opinion, Mr. Osnado's, Superintendent, salary was $102,000 per year.  Was this not legally stealing and squandering the taxpayers' taxes enough?  Was this not stealing enough from the students?  In 2016 C.E. Cohoes Public School Superintendent Spring's 2016 C.E. Salary is $ 148,000 Plus Benefit.  And this is in a city of only 18 thousand people.  Is this not legally stealing and squandering the taxpayers' taxes enough?  Is this not stealing enough from the students?


Shame on the majority voters on the school board.  Shame.  Shame on the superintendent.  Shame.



February 22, 2016 C.E.  15:31 Hrs.


As of August 2016 C.E., Cohoes Public High School No Longer Teaching Cursive


In this opinion, as heard from a resident of Cohoes in August of 2016 C.E., "My friend called me.  She said her son could not read his birthday card from his grandmother."  "She is very upset the high school does not teach cursive."  "I can't believe the school doesn't teach cursive anymore."  As heard from another resident of Cohoes in December 2016 C.E., "The school does not teach cursive."  In this opinion, I am shocked and appalled the school no longer teaches cursive.  This is evidence of the dumbing down of the educational system.  This is evidence of the legal stealing from the taxpayers.  This is evidence of the stealing from the students.  This is evidence of the squandering of the taxpayer's money by paying teachers for not teaching.  This is evidence of squandering the funds which were to be spent on providing the service of teaching the students.


Shame on the Cohoes Public School.  Shame.




February 22, 2016 C.E. 


In My Opinion, I Treat All Homosexuals As If They Are All Former Homosexuals, Recovered Homosexuals


In this opinion, this blogger is basically sick and tired of being falsely accused, and being called a "bigot" and a "homophobe," for treating all homosexuals as if they are all former homosexuals, in other words, former homosexuals.  


Shame on the hateful homosexual leadership.  Shame.



May 04, 2016 C.E. 13:06 Hrs.


Mr. Trump's Running Mate


In my opinion, in this opinion, Mr. Trump should chose for a running mate: The most qualified person for the Vice-President should be: 1) Mr. Clint Eastwood, 2) Mr. Kurt Russell, 3) Miss/Mrs. Condoleezza Rice, and 4) Mr. Lieutenant Colonel West.  


May the Lord bless Mr. Trump.



May 04, 2016 C.E. 13:10 Hrs.


Abuse Of Students, Abuse of Children


In my opinion, in this opinion, the Cohoes Public Schools, concerning Mrs. Hillary Clinton's visit to the school: A source reported, on 04-28-2016 C.E. the students were told, (Paraphrased). "You will stand and stay outside."  "If you leave the school grounds, you will be given a zero for the day."  The temperature was about 40 to 50, or colder, with additional wind chill.  The source stated, one mother stated her daughter had near "pneumonia symptoms."  


One can only hope Superintendent Spring may have published her vehement opposition to the abuse of the children and abusive treatment of the students?


Obviously, Hillary's well being is more important than the students well being.


Shame on the Cohoes Public Schools.  Shame.  



Wednesday, May 04, 2016 C.E. 13:23 Hrs.


The Fifth Of May, Also Known As: Cinco De Mayo


In my opinion, in this opinion, the matter should be stated, and pronounced, "Cinco de: Remember the Alamo."  "Cinco de: Remember the Alamo."  "Cinco de: Remember the Alamo."  



Tuesday July 03 2017 CE  19;30 Hrs


Michael Savage Barred From England  


In my opinion, Dr Savage should be immediately restored to full travel priviledges to the United Kingdom.  



Thursday July 06 2017 CE  15:39 Hrs


Wild Bird Food Tree Chain-Sawed


In my opinion though not wanting to write again about the department of public works city nor the department of environmental conservation state, the red-winged blackbirds were very upset when their mulberry tree was cut down and hauled off to prevent re-flooding of the stream.  This citizen hopes the department of public works replaces the tree a few feet westward, to avoid future cutting down, on the Norlite land.  A less costly Black Mulberry or Persian Mulberry may do.  



Thursday July 06 2017 CE  15:40 Hrs  Updated Monday July 10 2017 CE 13:11 Hrs


Tappan Zee Bridge  (Report Sub-Title Added 07 28 2017 CE  15:12 Hrs) 


In my opinion, (as part historian), (though this citizen does not want to oppose the governor state), the Tappan tribe was wiped out and devastated by disease.  In 1609 Hendrick Hudson honored the Tappan by naming the area of the river, the Tappan Zee. thus the bridge name today.  Now four hundred and eight years later the state governor, seems inadvertently wants to name the new bridge after his father, former Governor Mario Cuomo.  This citizen has great trouble with naming a bridge after the 3 term, 12 year, tax-and-spender fiscal commie communist, who did such great damage to New York State including driving companies, and some of the best and brightest individuals, out of New York.  The tax and spend damage done to this state does upset this citizen.  Now, seems inadvertently, four hundred and nine years later the name and memory of the Tappan must go also?  The name and memory of the Tappan must be further damaged also?  Removing the last vestige, the name and memory of the Tappan tribe is not right.  



Monday July 10 2017 CE 13:13 Hrs


Who Is Littering The Most In Albany, New York?  


In this citizen's opinion, at Washington Avenue And Lark Street Albany NY Armory Corner Three times I observed who lIttered the most.  Mostly Cigarette butts and gum/candy wrappers, the African Americans littered the most.  African-Americans being 70% Democrats In Name Only the area is fact.  Where is Iron Eyes Cody?  Try You Tube please.  The left did not teach their people not to litter.  This as the pollution runoff from the recent heavy rains hits the river then ocean.  This old fashioned conservationist works on this as the left claims to care more then the conservatives.  (This citizen does see alot of European-Americans litter also.)  Shame on the left.  Shame.  



Monday July 10 2017 CE 13:27 Hrs  


This Citizen Is Tired Of Being Falsely Accused Of Discriminating Against Homosexuals  


This citizen treats all homosexuals as if they are former recovered homosexuals.  Period.  End of story.  (Such as recovered by Courage Program Roman Catholic Church or the Parents And Friends Of Former Homosexuals.)  And who has said for years, if visiting Albany, New York, the Dykes On Bikes of New York City can visit Cohoes to have their picture taken at the (old fashioned spelling of Dyke) Dike Avenue street sign?  This citizen has said such.  (Please do be careful of the traffic there.)  Just opposite Spring Street.  Such is what I might do if I was a Dyke On A Bike is have my picture taken at the Dike Avenue street sign.  Such is how much of an alleged "bigot" this citizen is.  Shame on the false accusers.  Shame.  



Tuesday Autgust 01 2017 CE 14:52 Hrs

Update Monday August 14 2017 CE 13:33 Hrs & March 25,2018 CE  &  Wednesday April 24, 2019C.E.


The Quran/Koran Mentions The Torah


In this citizen's opinion, all Islam-Muslim priests, pastors and lay persons need to read the Quran/Koran which mentions the Torah so all must please allow Jews?  Such is simple to understand.  Any Islam-Muslim not allowing Jews is not following the Quran/Koran.  Rather si such not allowing hateful?  All hateful upon death do not got to Heaven.  Rather such go to Hell.  Sould ther be shame on the not-allowing?  Shame/  


Update to Thursday July 06 2017 CE

Friday August 11 2017 CE  14:29 Hrs


Update To "Wild Bird Food Tree Chain-Sawed"


In this citizen's opinion when the New York State Department Of Environmental Conservation ordered the trees cut down the two trees by far the largest and tallest were the two elm trees.  It was by accident the smaller shorter tree was the mulberry tree which was too early for the mulberries to be appear or be visable.  



Update to Thursday July 07 2017 CE 

August 11 2017 CE  14:29 Hrs


Update To "Tappan Zee Bridge"


In this citizen's opinion this citizen was so upset with Gov Andrew Cuomo asking for the re-naming of the Tappan Zee Bridge, on Friday July 07 2017, C.E., this citizen, having previously purchased Bigelow Tea, Earl Grey Decaffeinated made with Oil of Bergamot from Cambria Italy, (because Mario Cuomo claimed descent from Italy), took such tea, (and borrowing from the Boston Tea Party), threw the Bigelow Tea "overboard" in to the Salt Kill from the Salt Kill Cohoes Bridge which carried the tea to the Hudson River which carried the tea to the Tappan Zee.   (This citizen has no affiliation to the Bigelow Tea Company, nor any oil of bergamot companies in Cambria Italy.)



August 11 2017 CE  14:29 Hrs

Updated Monday August 14 2017 CE  16:35 Hrs   &  Wedmesday April 24, 2019C.E.  19:23 Hrs.


Tired Of The Three Gods False Accusation Against Christians And Catholics


In this citizen's opinion, H20 appears as a solid Ice, as a gas cloud or fog, and/or liquid water,.  God can do the same, thus the Trinity.  A source reports the first IslamMuslim/Moslem priests, pastors and lay persons met, or heard, of heretical-Christians?  Such heretical-Christians erroneoulsy thought there were three gods.  The first IslamMuslim/Moslem priests, pastors and lay persons correctly spoke there is only one God.  (Third, many, many Jews under freedom of religion, say Jesus was not God's son.  Under freedom of religion, the first IslamMuslim/Moslem priests, pastors and lay persons spoke Jesus is not God's son.)



August 11 2017 CE  14:29 Hrs


Cohoes Small-"T"-Tea Small-"P"-Party (Conscientious Objection To Obama-Not-Care-About-The-Taxpayers) 


In this citizen's opinion, to conscientiously object to the continued over-taxing tax and spend of Obama-Not-Care-About-the-Taxpayers Un-Affordable-Not-Care-Act, because in Upstate New York working poor are having to look for two jobs each because any employment over 20 hours per week risks the forty hours where the employer has to enroll the employee in Obama-Not-Car-About-The-Taxpayers.  Also Small Business can not grow beyond 49 Employees as such also will have to enroll all 50 employees in the conscientiously objectionable Obama-Not-Car-About-The-Taxpayers.  Congressional Democrats In Name Only - DINOs and Republicans In Name Only - RINOS need to (Warning) (Cliche) get up off their carcasses and release Obama-Not-Car-About-The-Taxpayers to the free market.  This citizen was so upset about the taxes, fees and fines not being lowered by the federal state county city town village and school officials, this citizen followed the example of the Boston Tea Party, and on Friday, August 11, 2017 C.E., this citizen held a Cohoes Small-"T"-Tea Small-"P"-Party by throwing tea (added August 11, 2017 C.E., at 14:46 Hrs) "overboard" in to the Salt Kill at the Salt Kill Cohoes Bridge.  (For another example. please see Michell Malkin's column, on internet, on such.)  



Monday August 14 2017 CE  13:42 Hrs


Andrew Cuomo's Affirmative Racism Mortgage Bankrupcy Prevention 


In this citizen's opinion, Mr. Cuomo's Mortgage Bankrupcy Prevention should not be based upon Slick Willy's nor Barak Hussein's affirmative racism mortgages of Countrywide which triggered the 2008 Recession.  any mortgage bankruptcy prevention should be based upon good credit rating.  Shame on affirmative racism bad credit check mortgages.  Shame.  



Monday August 14 2017 CE 13:42 Hrs  &  Wednesday April 24, 2019 C.E. 19:12 Hrs.



"Replaced On The Cross"  


"Replaced" can be defined as while on?  Why the presumption of before?  Should pastors and priests and lay persons end the bashing of Christians and end the bashing of Catholics?  Should shame be on the bashers of Christians and bashers Catholics?  Shame/     



Monday August 14 2017 CE 13:49 Hrs  7  Wednesday April 24, 201C.E.


Jesus Return


Was Jesus Jewish?  If one claims to believe in Jesus return, then why the dis-allowance of Jews?  For example should one want a synagogue in Amman and Riyadh, in case Jesus upon return would be such location first?



Monday August 14 2017 CE 12:01 Hrs & March 26, 2018 CE


Kim Sung Il


In this citizen's opinion, should Mr Kim Sung Il pay the most liberal South Korean lawyer for a contract with South Korean President and South Korean Congress Law guaranteeing security personnel and an Ambassadorship-At-Large for Korea (until retirement if any) in return for a re-united Korea (process to occur over 18 months) to arrange matters.  Such would secure Mr KIm Sung Il's place in history as the only world leader who was able to reunited the Koreas peaceably.  Mr Kim Sung Il has probably already considered such long before this report.    




Monday August 14  16:37Hrs  &  Wednesday April 24, 2019 C.E.


Three Years of War And Twenty Years of Peace


In this citizen's opinion, Are the facts reported as spoken by the first IslamMuslim priests, pastors and lay persons three years of war and twenty years of peace?  And as reported spoken by the first IslamMuslim/Moslem priests, pastors and lay persons is during the twenty years of peace, agreements and treaties were entered into with the Jews and the Christians?  



March 25, 2018CE 17:30 Hrs.  & Wednesday April 24, 2019 C.E.


In this citizen's opinion, all know Mohammad was a prophet.



March 25, 2018C.E.  &  Wednesday April 24, 2019C.E. 19:05 Hrs.  


In this citizen's opinion, is abrogation a man-made opinion of the scholars, muftis, ayotoolahs, mullahs and imams?  Should the muftis, ayotollahs, mullahs and imams need to (Sorry) (Clichee) think outside the box?  Is abrogation  when God would, if ever, send a fourth prophet?  Thus are the older Koran/Quran verses more important and to be valued more? 



May 2019 CE 

June 06 2019 CE

Updated June  07 2019  CE 


in this citizen's opinion, recent attacks on synagogues in Pennsylvania and California.  This citizen is not, repeat "not," in the past, nor at this time, affiliated with the Jewish Defense League.  I am told the founder stated, "Every Jew a twenty-two."  This citizen likes such statement.         


June 06  2019 CE  16:13  Hrs

Updated June 07 2019 CE 

& June 10 2019 CE 


In this citizen's opinion, New York State adds in 2018CE Wireless Communicatiions Surcharge thanks to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.  Such raised the salaries of NYS Legislatures and is paying fro the so-called "free collage."  Pre-paid is $ 0.90 per transaction plus $ 0.30 msost all countis but three upstate and New York City.  Already was free college called the the US Army, Air Force Navy Marines, and Coast Guard.  Shame on the New York State Legislature.  Shame.  Shame on the governor.  Shame. 


PS:  June 10 2019  CE in this citizen's opinion. (short of a what would be considered a felony crime of throwing cell phones into the tributary of the New York Habor), in protest to the surcharge-tax tea was thrown into the tributary of the Hudson River-New York Ciry harbor.  



June 06  2019 CE 16;15  Hrs

Updated July 07 2019 CE 


In this citizens opinion, would these certain weather men please stop stating "forcass" when the proper, correct pronunciation is "forcast."  Unbelievable the dumbed-down, incompetent public education teachers, the weatherpeople and, as this citizen called even company administrators in New York City offices to no avail.  Shame on these certain weatherman and bosses.  Shame.  



June 06 2019  CE 04:35  Hrs.

Updated July 07 2019 CE

Updated Mrch 11 2020 CE 15:39 Hrs. 


Sumpremist African-American 


In this citizen's opinion, he tells the younger man, African-American, "Oh that Gorge Washington went doown to the boat and messed with the women slaves."  (Repeated same.)  "And you heard of the Washington Monument."  "He built that monument to hisself"(Sic)  "George Washington built that Washington Monument all to hisself"(Sic)  This citizen can think of reasons George Washington most likely would not have behaved in such manner to his female slaves. 


About six weeks later, this citizen sees same African-American with a hat as either Black Israelite or Moslem, but an atheist could also believe such vile anti-European-American bigotry.  Shame on the hateful African-American.  Shame.



June 07 2019  CE  13:38-12:23  Hrs.  Friday  

Updated:Wednesday March 11, 2020 CE 15:32 Hrrs.


In this citizen's opinion, the two high school students female mean women (MW), the perpetrator met with th principal, claiming could not fast the whole month as Victim of the alleged unbelivevers scheduling the Prom during her month.  Of course because of pocitical correctness and/or ignorance the principal and superintendent inconvienence all, again "all," others with forced re-scheduling and great delay.  All ohhers had no rights for the so-called right of the claimed to be a victim.  The fast is broken each sunset.  Though a person would ideally want no break in the month sequence, because allowed to make up the day, the choices were to make up the month of individual days as starting the day after the prom or to simply make up the day later.  Sorry but the perpetrator msirepresented the situation.  The perpetrator had to hide the fact she could start the month later or make up the day later in order to claim being the Big Victim of the alleged Diminished, the alleged unbelievers.  What a crock of victimhood-excrement these two mean women put the entire school through.  Again crock of victimhood-excrement.   Obviously the two mean women did not practice any Do to others, except thier own group.  Nor did the mean women Love their neighbors, except their own group.  And the hiding of the truth.  Selfishness immense.  Shame on these mean women.  Shame. 


June 10 2019 CE  16:13 Hrs  Part Two  In this citizen's opinion, prom-goers usually go out to eat after the prom.  Such is usually well after sunset.  Another fact skipped over by the supremist.  Reported was the supremist's co-perpetrator student female, African-very possibly not so American, claimed to be a member of the high school group Roots.  The historical Arab writings claim Arabs owned slaves.  Same writings claim historically Arabs traded two-African slaves for one European slave.  And as news reports slavery still goes on in Mauritania,  Algeria and Sudan? 


June 10 2019 CE  16:19 Hrs  Part Three  In this opinion, news reported an imam from a Moslem country studied mosques in the United States.  He reported eighty-one percent of mosques teach and preach hatred of Christians and Jews. 


June 10 2019 CE  16: 23 Hrs  Part Four In this opinion, what does the High school girl want next?  Conversion, pay the protection money (protection from Moslems) (jizrah), or chose beheadding?  


June 10 2019 CE  16:27 Hrs. Part Five:  in this opinion, would the not Moslem students sue the perpetrators for the hate crime against all not-Moslem?


June 10 2019 CE  16:29 Hrs  Part Six  in this opinion, if Moslemism is a religion of peace, then how come the principal, and all not-Moslem students were shown absolutely no peace?   


June 10 2019 CE  16:44  Hrs.  Part Seven  in this opinion, the perpetrator, who will get great accolades for tricking the alleged unbelievers, but if continues to behave so Western, no head covering-bridle as in reigns, going to a prom dance, and mixing with the opposite sex thereat, this citizen suggests the school administration investigate and  likelyhood  of a family member feeling the family's honor was damaged, and according to Sharia law allows the honor-murder of the relative? 


June 10 2019 CE  16:56 Hrs.  Part Eight  And speaking of the lack of freedom, freedom.  (May be she should convert to Christian?)      




June 10  2019  CE  


In this citizen's opinion, a moment to remember pllease, Daniel Peral, Journalist (employer Wall Street Journal), beheaded-murdered by Moslem terrorists. 


And in May 2018 CE Fr Antonio Sanchez, a (Fr John Bosco) Salesian murdered in West Africa by Western Education is Bad AKA Boko Harum. 


And in June 2018 CE Sister Inez Ieves Sanchez beheaded-murdered by alleged Fulani tribesman-herders Nigeria.  



June 10 2019  CE 


In this citizen's opinion, I thought electronic cigarettes were invented to assist people who wanted to quit amoking tobacco.  Now addictions to electronic cigarettes.  Rather than outlaw the electronic cigarettes the New York State legislature and New York State governor ought to consider oulawing all the aftificial flavors.  At the least, would give a boost to the New York State apple growers, cherry growers, grape growers and the maple syrup producing industriy. 








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